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Your safety matters. This domain covers a wide range of topics - from staying alert at the wheel to safe patient handling and mobility.

Most Recent Comments   This website has information to help nurses navigate through the Board of Nursing discipline. It has a lot of resources for assistance and words of wisdom. 
‍   mental health discrimination ‍ I am so sorry that this happened, it sounds very difficult.  You may find this website on Nurse Suicide Prevention/Resilience helpful:  . If you have concerns that your rights are being or have been violated in the workplace, or that yo...
Because I asked for help for suicidal thoughts:

Suicide prevention in nursing.  One big problem is that nurses and other healthcare professionals cannot go the seek healthcare when they are feeling depressed and suicidal without risking their license, their job, their identity as a nurse or any other job.

I went though a very dark depression, a one time...
emdanuco ‍ Thank you for your kind comments.  Please see ANA's Nurse Suicide Prevention/Resilience website at and the Well-Being Initiative just for nurses at
I love the title healthy nurse healthy nation. I have been away from bedside since 2014 but I still remember the level of stress I felt taking care of the sick and the dying in Oncology. Now, I am on different level of stress in transplant. Since the pandemic I most worried for my friends and colleague in the frontlines. It is hard to do self care when you are too b...