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Sue Packer

I am  56 years old and a registered nurse. My background includes over 37 years of specialized geriatric care. I am currently working as the Resident Care Management Director at Susqueview Home in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania and  my position as  an RN has been a rewarding experience. As healthcare continues to change, I feel it is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise has been an integral part of my life. I come from family of 10 children and my parents taught us that  healthy eating and exercise was to be a part of our daily routine, I chose running as my passion at 16 years old and I still at 56 continue to start each day with a morning run.  

At work, we have a memorial fund committee and we have fund raisers to purchase equipment and necessary items for our residents who are unable to afford them on their own. In 2017, I requested that we offer a  5 K run for our staff and community.  This suggestion received  the complete support of my administrator, community, and our residents. On October 28 2017 we held our very first 5 K called RUN FOR RESIDENTS and it continues to this day. We will be holding our annual 5 K this November 2nd 2019 at 9 AM and Falcon Race timing will be assisting us.  Prizes will be awarded. Our residents cheer everyone on and this year we are offering for runners/walkers to pick a  current or former resident and run in their honor/memory.  I am running in honor of my mother, Lela Packer, who was a former resident and discharged to her home.  She is my hero and sacrificed her own dream of being a nurse to care for her 10 children. She is highlighted in my photo. Last year, we raised over 3,700.00 and all the money goes to our residents.  This year our hope is to exceed that goal.

Because my parents taught me importance of healthy eating and exercise - it is instilled in me and will continue through my lifetime. I believe we are all created for a purpose and our experiences can inspire and my hope is to promote healthy living and  make a difference.

Sue Packer, RN, is the Resident Care Management Director at Susqueview Home in Lock Haven, PA.

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