Stop that Stress-eat!

I am committed to mindful eating. I will listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I will eat nutritious foods, specifically low-carb meals. 😋
I will invest in looking at recipes. Greek and Mediterranean are my favorite so far!

I will also have to invest in stress management:
Listen to music and try out some dance moves.
Journaling 😌
Arts n crafts🎨
Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/14/2020 10:43am CST

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ChristiM ChristiM Feb '21
Hi Aliyah Mohammed‍ , great commitment! You should check out and sign up for the Curb Your Sweet Tooth challenge for motivation and extra tips on healthy eating! Hope to see you there!
Hi Aliyah,
I'm new to this organization and saw your post.  As a Life Wellness Coach and certified EFT/Tapping coach, I can help you reduce your stress levels which in turn, will reduce your emotional/stress eating.  I would invest in you with a free phone consultation before you invest in me.  What do you say we work together to manage your stress and stop the stress-eat?



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