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Get more Zzz’s 894

I commit to getting to bed earlier. 

Added by Maria Laurenza Blog My Rest Commitment 12/29/2017
Write...write...write 889

Happy Holidays Everyone!!   I’m excited about the Resolution Challenge, in fact I’m breaking a yearly ritual to post my resolution. A few years ago I committed to staying off all things social media from December 18th - 31st. I call is my restoration time, and let me just say it works wonders! I prefer small mindful resolutions and this year I’m committing ...

Added by Toni L Scott Blog My Rest Commitment 12/28/2017

I will not take my Iphone or computer to bed. I will work on a more consistant bed routine. 

Added by Melissa-Jo Nason Blog My Rest Commitment 12/26/2017
Improved sleep 881

I am currently only getting 5-6 hrs of sleep per night, which makes it difficult for me to wake up at 445 to go to the gym by 5. I am setting a goal to be in bed by/before 10pm every night.

Added by Tonya Flynn Blog My Rest Commitment 12/26/2017
Rest 855

I plan to get more then six hours of sleep a night.

Added by Kathy Stilwell Blog My Rest Commitment 12/12/2017
Rest and Relaxation 840

I will try to make more "me" time! Whether it be an hour with a podcast or a bubble bath without my toddler knocking at the door. I work hard every day and deserve to unwind.

Added by Lauren Gaylord Blog My Rest Commitment 12/04/2017
Healthy BMI 833

I commit to losing weight and to return to a healthy BMI

Added by Lauren Hobbs Blog My Rest Commitment 12/01/2017
Sleep 803

I will commit to sleeping 7 hours a day. 

Added by Beverley Duong Blog My Rest Commitment 11/14/2017
Sleep 802

I will sleep at least six hours every day.

Added by Michael De La Cruz Blog My Rest Commitment 11/14/2017

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I eat at my desk everyday. I am committing to eating away from my desk at least twice a week starting today.
Aliyah Mohammed‍ You should check out the January #WeAreInThisTogether Student Challenge! Hope you can join us!
Keep up the good work!
Margaret C.‍ have you signed up for the June Sleep Challenge?
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