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Keeping Safe working out and food prep 887

Run with a reflective belt or gear on during the hours of darkness. Research and work on new ways to ensure I keep food fresh and safe. My son has Celiac disease and sometimes we have cross contamination. 

Added by Melissa-Jo Nason Blog My Safety Commitment 12/26/2017
Take Stairs 823

I will commit to walking 15,000 steps aday

Added by Leslie Dubon-Acosta Blog My Safety Commitment 11/22/2017
RN 805

I will commit to putting my phone on silence and refrain from distractions while driving.

Added by Danielle Beckingham Blog My Safety Commitment 11/15/2017
Driving Distractions 804

I will commit to putting my phone on silent and away while driving. I will no longer text and drive. 

Added by Sharon Kay Quesenberry Blog My Safety Commitment 11/15/2017
Distracted driving 697

For the next month, I will put my phone on "do not disturb" while driving and avoid other distracting activities like brushing my hair and applying makeup.

Added by Joy Kiviat Blog My Safety Commitment 11/14/2017
Safety 772

I will place my pocketbood on the back seat of the car when driving to avoid temporary distractions.

Added by Lavaida J. Owens-White Blog My Safety Commitment 11/03/2017
Personal Safety- solo hiker 750

I commit to bringing my bear spray on my solo hikes for the 2 legged bears, and obtain conceal carry training/obtain permit so I can defend my self if needed.  I've been in uncomfortable situations on the trail (not just hikers use the woods), and I don't want to be an easy target.  Personal safety and self defense knowledge should be considered by ...

Added by Suzanne Woletz Blog My Safety Commitment 10/25/2017
Safety at Work 742

I will improve my safety at work by getting more people to help me lift heavy things, even if it takes longer to get help. 

Added by Lauren Cain Blog My Safety Commitment 10/23/2017
Stop Text/Drive 691

I'm continuously on a self-instigated rush...I'm going to stop putting myself, my family and my community at risk, and PUT THE PHONE DOWN (unless I'm the passenger).

Added by Jennifer Rasp-Vaughn Blog My Safety Commitment 10/12/2017
Bantan,Hanin 665

Hello, I have trouble in maintaining safety for myself more than the patient. I need to learn how to improve safety to myself, so I can protect the patient and myself properly. I used to take care of the patient holistically and give them the optimum care and not to wait others’ favor. Therefore, sometime I feel that my safety is not important in some points ...

Added by Hanin Bantan Blog My Safety Commitment 10/05/2017

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I commit!
by RNGabby on Safety
I commit to this challenge.
by RNGabby on Safety
Even if it is more time consuming or requires grabbing more equipment I have to do it to keep myself injury free.
I will commit to turning off my phone while driving. There are many times that I think it is okay to send a quick reply. This is too dangerous especially when there are other passengers in the vehicle. Safety should be first hand commitment for the safety of myself and passengers alike.
My first goal for Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation.  Time to work on bad habits.