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Safety Resolution 1100

For the entire year of 2018, I will not text while driving.

Added by Carrie Jeffery Blog My Safety Commitment 12/31/2018
Safety 2273

I commit to increasing my awareness to my safety and the safety of my patients and their families.

Added by Deborah Mixon Blog My Safety Commitment 12/31/2018
driving safety 1026

I won't open a sparkling water can while driving ever this year.

Added by Catherine Lynn Martell Blog My Safety Commitment 12/31/2018
No more drinking 2841

Stop drinking more than 2 alcoholic beverages. 

Added by Pamela Gabbert Blog My Safety Commitment 12/27/2018
No Texting 2832

Pay full attention while driving!

Added by GoFatima Blog My Safety Commitment 12/27/2018
Driving Distractions 2815

I will eliminate driving distractions including but not limited to texting, searching for items and managing grandkids. 

Added by Maudie Blog My Safety Commitment 12/26/2018
Safety: Drowsy Driving 2671

I make a commitment to not drive while drowsy. I will find a safe spot to pull over, walk around, or rest in the car. I won't resume driving until I am more awake and alert.

Added by Jessica S. Blog My Safety Commitment 12/10/2018
Safety 2669

I commit to not driving if I’m tired and not being distracted by text/phone calls. I have placed a do not disturb while driving notification on my phone

Added by Lakisha Bryant Blog My Safety Commitment 12/09/2018
Stop smoking and Driving 2658

Smoking does distract me when I am driving, this is not only unsafe but not healthy.  In my attempt to wean myself off smoking I will stop smoking while driving!

Added by Irene Brown Blog My Safety Commitment 12/07/2018
Encourage peer support 2639

I commit to supporting my peers by lifting them up, being present and mindful

Added by Maureen Callahan Blog My Safety Commitment 12/06/2018

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I commit!
by RNGabby on Safety
I commit to this challenge.
by RNGabby on Safety
Even if it is more time consuming or requires grabbing more equipment I have to do it to keep myself injury free.
I will commit to turning off my phone while driving. There are many times that I think it is okay to send a quick reply. This is too dangerous especially when there are other passengers in the vehicle. Safety should be first hand commitment for the safety of myself and passengers alike.
My first goal for Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation.  Time to work on bad habits.