More Me Time

I'm making a commitment to take more time for myself.  All day long, I take care of other people and put myself on the backburner.  I will make sure I take time out of the day for myself, whether that is reading a book for 30 minutes that I have been wanting to get to or zoning out to music while I get dinner ready. 
Posted by Valerie Tiu on May 20, 2017 6:09 AM America/Chicago

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Today I did 15 minutes of yoga outside. It was the perfect ending to my stressful day. 
Deanna Dusek‍ - did you accomplish your goal today? If not, it's not too late :) 
  • Posted Wed 21 Jun 2017 09:28 PM CDT
I am committing to taking care of myself - eating right, exercising, and doing something that *I* enjoy each day.
  • Posted Wed 21 Jun 2017 04:48 PM CDT
I commit to doing something for myself each week, and carve out 30 minutes for me time each day.
  • Posted Sun 18 Jun 2017 07:06 PM CDT
I need to make more me time instead of focusing on work or my husband. I will start with thinking of things I would like to do for myself.
  • Posted Sat 17 Jun 2017 06:34 AM CDT
I take 30 minutes a day to exercise during the day and read after my son goes to bed.  I read all sorts of books, history, non fiction, fiction.  Right now I am reading Paula Hawkins Into the Water.  So far so good, but I just started the book.
  • Posted Thu 15 Jun 2017 04:32 PM CDT
I need to makeore "Me" time
  • Posted Thu 15 Jun 2017 02:18 PM CDT
Heidi Rye I started reading The Simarillion by Tolkien. I love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings! 
  • Posted Wed 14 Jun 2017 08:13 AM CDT
Angela Richards‍ what book did you start? I just bought "when breath becomes air." I've heart it is really good!
  • Posted Tue 13 Jun 2017 03:38 PM CDT
I will spend 20 minutes a day relaxing and let go of the guilt I used to feel doing that- reading, decluttering, sorting photos- anything that I WANT.
  • Posted Thu 08 Jun 2017 09:01 AM CDT
I will meditate at least twice per week, and also stop and concentrate on just breathing when I start to feel stressed. 
  • Posted Thu 01 Jun 2017 04:18 PM CDT

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