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Physical Activity 3548

I will walk 30 min/day at least 6 days/week

Close Doors 3480

I hope to improve my quality of life by allowing myself to close doors on toxic environments. 

Personal Commitment 3461

I am committing to improvement of my emotional and physical wellness.

Spiritual awakening and enlightenment 3460

I'm committing to a daily spiritual practice of meditation, mindfulness, and optimistic thinking. 

Quality of Life/Mental Health 3449

I am committing to focusing on my mental health/well being as much as I do on my physical and nutritional health. 

Gratitude 3447

I am going to set a side 5-15 minutes of my lunch break to start/keep a gratitude journal by either journaling a few sentences or using bullet journal format to list at least 3 things I am thankful for.  By taking a planned break at work and focusing on things I am thankful for, I hope to improve my mood and my work/life balance.

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Exhibiting positivity 3437

My commitment is to exhibit positivity through my thoughts, words, and deeds to whom I come in contact with during my day. I have major depression, which predisposes me to thinking and expressing my thoughts negatively in addition to adversely affecting my interactions at work. I work in a very fast-paced, high-stress recovery room in a busy ...

Finding Happiness and Satisfaction 3434

For most of my life, I've been an introverted, self-conscious mess of a person. Now that I'm in college, I'm an introverted, self-conscious mess, but I've increased my self-confidence and self-esteem, and I have several good friends that I work with, eat with, go out with, and suffer with in nursing school. However, having never been in a committed ...

Emotional Support 3433

Dealing with stress of critical care nursing

Quality of Life 3418

I am committed to actually taking some time caring for myself addressing/managing my own health.

Quality of Life 3402

I commit to taking some time to enjoy my life.

Quality of Life 3401

I commit to taking some time for myself. I spend a lot of time caring for strangers and my own family. I will take some time to do something that I like, even if it is just taking a nap. 

quality of life 3390

I will allow for an activity that makes me happy everyday. It could include taking a nap, watching a TV show, hanging out with friends, going out to dinner, etc. I spend a lot of time in school and studying, so I think I need to spend more time on myself.

Take Care of Myself 3388

I would like to prioritize my well-being and make healthy choices for myself. These include not over-committing, taking time to be active during the day, doing more leisure activities, and getting back into cooking.

Lose the Baby weight! 3381

I am 4 months PP and I want to lose the baby weight!!!

mindfulness 2427

I am committed to practicing breath and mindfulness everyday. I will recognize negative thoughts for what they are...just thoughts NOT reality

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quality of life 3237

I will take time for myself each week to do an activity that I enjoy. 

Work Life Balance 3222

I commit to leaving work at quitting time at least 3 days out of 5 days.

Quality of life 3217

I commit to drinking at least 5 bottles of water throughout my day.

quality of life 3202

I commit to adding meditation and mindfulness back into my daily routine in an effort to decrease daily stress and anxiety

Rehab 3201

I have had 3 work related injuries over the past five years. PT has become a permanent part of my life. I am making a commitment to increase the time I spend doing my PT exercised at home, between bi-weekly visits.

Breaks 3183

Take breaks at work and devote time to eating lunch.  I will not work during lunch and I will take two additional breaks a day to get up and walk.

Perspective 3174

I will make the most out of each day, knowing that I am enough and people depend on me.

Taking care of me 3165

I commit to taking better care of myself by engaging in mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction, and not trying to get it all done now or alone.

Take care of me 3141

My goal is to take better care of myself. Establish a PCP, do my annual health exams. Get active, eat better and do something for myself once a month.

FEAR- F**** Everything and Run, or Face Everything And Rise 3139

My goal is to take better care of Myself, which means making time to get to the gym, eating healthy throughout the day, quitting smoking (down to less than 1/2 a PPD from 1 PPD) but also meditation and holistic healing. I would like to educate myself and gain my certification as a Holistic Healing Nurse and join the Holistic Nursing Association. 

Me! Me! Me! 3136

I commit to begin to take care of ME!  I will workout regularly, eat better and take time for things I enjoy!!!

Self-care 3133

Resolving to take care of ME for a change!  Carve out personal time for monthly massages and spa treatment!

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Self Care 3122

1. Hang out more  2. get nails and feet done monthly 3. update my calendar  

Work isn't everything 3115

It took nearly 35 years of working as a nurse to learn (and believe) that work isn't the be all and end all. Better late than never!

more joy less stress 2774

I will be mindful during any moments that I can appreciate and relish more moments.

Taking Care of Myself 3095

I commit to getting back to normal after a couple of brutal years while in school for MSN. Have let self fall to the wayside. Committing to physical and mental wellbeing.

Taking care of myself 3092

This year I plan to commut to taking care of myself as a whole. With less stress and stress reducing activities, eating better, and restung more.

stress less 3077

I promise to try and reduce my stress levels as much as possible.

caring for self 3073

Taking care of myself more and taking more time for myself at work and at home.  Getting my hair done or nails done, something for myself to relax, every two weeks.  Letting work problems not go home with me. 

I commit to "unplug" at least 2 hrs a day and before falling asleep 3068

I spend too muh time on my cell phone and computer on my days off from work. I plan to turn my phone off in the evening when myself and my family are home safely. 

Do Less to Live More 3066

I commit to cut off all activity by 9pm. Anything not done by 9pm can wait until tomorrow. 

Balance Work and Personal Life 3065

Learn to say no to assignments if i feel overwhelmed Take breaks

Mental Health 3058

I would like to really focus on taking better care of myself in regards to my mental well being. Mental health is important and can have drastic and detrimental effects on a person if signs are ignored and general checkups are not cared out. The mind is a powerful thing and it certainly makes life much harder when one feels it is working against them.  Doing a ...

Meditation 3051

I commit to meditating at least 4 days a week.

HealthyNurse HealthyNation - Improving Quality of Life 3040

Setting aside time to enjoy the world around me!

time for me 3038

I commit to doing an activity that I find enjoyable two days per week

Overall healthier life 3017

I commit to enhancing my health for an overall happier and healthier life in the following ways: 1. Diet according to my weight loss goals 2. Vigorous exercise 5 times a week 3. Seatbelt use, no texting/driving, and following safety guidelines for activities I participate in.  4. Sharing my healthy lifestyle with others-encouraging them to follow.   ...

Being Nicer 3015

I commit to being nicer to everyone around me friends, family, and colleagues. 

hi 3008

Hello everyone! My name is Lexi and I am new here. I will be taking my NCLEX here in just a couple of weeks. Ready and excited to start working!

Become my best friend 3007

I commit to: everyday, before sleep, to say ‘ proud of you Connie, you did awesome today!’ Everyday, when I walk up, to say ’Thank you God for another wonderful opportunity to make you proud! Connie you got this!’p Everyday, a least twice a day to say: ’ You are enough’

Job change for better mental health and peace of mind, body and Soul 2998

My job is extremely tedious due to it's isolation and boredom. I rarely see or speak to anyone during my work day and the job itself is one that requires nothing from me for literally days or weeks on end. For someone like me, who has depression and anxiety, this lack of direction and involvement exacerbate the mental health issues and feelings of not ...

Mental Health Care 2995

I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after Thanksgiving. I have fought with depression-anxiety-OCD as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with PTSD d/t childhood trauma. I am also an addict in recovery from smoking and a former binge drinker. I am committed to taking my meds, walking more, incorporating yoga, cardio and strength training into my ...

Quality of Life 2988

I have committed to use aroma therapy in the office hours to stimulate pleasant olfactory sensory input. I have put cinnamon and northern pine candle and oil straws on my desk. I also am going to integrate music My favorite George Winston December and my favorite Third Day selections. I just started tapping from last month challenge and not very ...

Quality of Life 2987

I will use my days off to spend time doing things I enjoy with people who matter to me. I will try to read at least 3 days per week, and start doing crafts again.

Quality of Life 2984

I have recently listed goals that I have to improve my overall quality of life.  They include purge unneeded items from each room of our home and living more simply with the idea that less stuff to manage lends to more time for relationships.  Relationships improve quality of life and I want to make more time for family and friends to include my coworkers.  ...

Spend more time with friends 2946

This year I commit to spending more time with my friends.  I workout regularly and eat well.  I also work hard and I am a full-time student.  I have let my time be consumed by these things and have neglected my emotional needs.  Hanging with friends means time to get the love, support and laughter I need in my life.

Make more time to focus on my mental wellness 2944

One cannot pour from an empty cup. This year I choose to find and focus on activities, people, and things that make me happy and focus on my mental health. Just taking care of myself so I can take care of others. 

Commitment to better overall quality of life! 2915

With being in school my lifestyle habits have gone down the tubes regarding all of the areas: eating, exercising & sleeping!!! I will be graduating the end of March and plan to make 2019 my year to get back healthy again! Lose weight and regain better overall physical, mental and emotional health - which will lead to a better quality of life overall. Good ...

Work life 2909

I will strive to maintain healthy eating habits while at work. Graze eating, snacking and random candy treats when I get fatigue or stressed will be replaced with healthy snacks and better meals. Including taking my lunch break rather than skipping. Over improvement of health while at work. 

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