My personal wellness commitment

I do not believe in New Year's "resolutions" however at the beginning of 2019, I did set an "intention" for a healthy reset. It started out as a diet reset...a purge of one too many holiday cookies and adult beverages. But is was also a reset of my daily routine and finding joy in my life. Going to bed and getting up at the same time. Engaging in a nighttime ritual for sleep. Being grateful and lifting the burdens from the day. Decluttering. Dealing with stressors and negativity in a more productive way. 

So back to my commitment. My personal goal for wellness, is to commit to making time and choices that positively contribute to my physical, psychological and spiritual health. More yoga. Less sugar. More water. Less reactivity. More meditation. Less negativity. More veggies. You get the picture! It's a work in progress...

How are you committing to a healthier you???
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