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Physical activity to a moderate degree is the place I need and want to be. With moderation  in mind it is something anyone can maintain on a regular basis if there is the desire and commitment to feel better and live a healthier life. Even if you hate exercise for the safe of exercise, if you can get your head around the fact that by moving more you burn calories and your body metabolizes nutrients more efficiently. And let us not forget the fact that our total body composition is largely water and needs constant replenishment. Yet most people go around dehydrated and malnourished because the neglect the bodies need for water and they consume foods that are not balanced nutritionally.  Our bodies need water and phytonutrients for cell maintenance on a regular basis. I too have been guilty of the very things I speak of, however; I have committed to make the necessary life style changes that will lead me to a healthier state of being. I believe that any minor change in behavior, balanced with time and consistency, the reward will be worth the commitment to achieve the change you want to see. Modification in behavior can be as simple as adding a 10 minute a day, doing 10 minutes of basic stretching every morning, drinking a full glass of water at the start of your day, or perhaps not taking that extra serving at the dinner table. I challenge anyone to take a self assessment, where do you see yourself health wise in 3 -5 years. Ask yourself, " Am I on the right path, are there things I need to change now? No one can do it for you, so if you want to see a change, be the change  - go ahead do you!
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