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I NEED to make a change when it comes to my physical fitness/health. I need to exercise and do more physical activities more often. I know my way around a gym or weight room. I have been involved with sports since I was young through to my sophomore year of college. I know what it takes to see results and work through challenges. However, my biggest challenge is staying motivated. I will do great with working out for a few weeks and then I seem to drop off or become disinterested. I need to stop being lazy and making excuses for myself. My health is decent but there is definite room for major improvement. My hope is that by joining more groups, and websites with like-minded individuals, I can improve my motivational levels and keep up my health fitness journey and not fall to the wayside.  
Blog Community Physical Activity Commitments 10/21/2019 3:09pm CDT



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Physical Activity Commitments