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Count Your Cups!

Welcome to our Hydration Challenge

Today's tip is to Count your cups. Do you know how much water you drink in a typical day? When you examine how much you sip, you might be surprised. 

Figure out how much you already drink and then over the course of the challenge strive to down a particular number of ounces each day to gradually increase it. You may need to use the restroom more frequently at first or feel fuller during the day, but making changes gradually will help your body adjust.
Consider downloading free apps like Daily Water Free or Carbodroid to track your intake. You can also use a water bottle with ounce markings to keep tabs on how much you drink.

Let us know how you are doing in the challenge. Post your number in ounces with us in our challenge updates section here or in our private Facebook group

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Join us on day 2! Get a sneak peek here.

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