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Swap Your Soda

7de12140a898ae44f4daaf2d30bad1b2-huge-anIt's day 5 of the Hydration Challenge! Today's tip is to swap your soda.

If you love pop, carbonated water or seltzer may be one way to sip more water. Look for a seltzer without added sugar or make your own. Consider substituting one can of soda per day with club soda or sparkling water instead.

Is there a brand or type of seltzer you prefer? How has the first week of the challenge been? Did you manage to up your water intake on day 4? Let us know which ones you try and how you did on day 3 in our challenge updates section here or in our private Facebook group. Don't forget to post your photos on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Tag us with #HealthyNurse.
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I don’t drink soda except if I’m having a rum and Pepsi or something, and even then it’s just a splash, of course that’s only after work:)
CatRN CatRN Aug '19
Soda has been a fixture on my night shifts for the caffeine to help keep me awake (if only the do not call registry kept all the spam calls from coming!) I have gone "cold turkey" on cola, on days off not drinking any and trying not to on work days. If my sleep gets too interrupted, I allow myself one cola and drink water the rest of the shift. I still crave the soda, but it is getting better.
trekteri trekteri Aug '19
Swapping soda is hard! Anyone know of a good tasting  seltzer water?