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Know Where You Stand

704f371672ae709aae59c2466afdf7b5-huge-anToday is day 2 of the Celebrate Civility challenge. Today's tip is know where you stand.

Not only should you understand what bullying looks like, you should also understand your relationship to it. Bullying doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Often it involves groups of two or more people. “Nurses may identify themselves in three roles at some point in their career: They have been the person who has bullied someone, the recipient of bullying behaviors, and the majority talk about being bystanders,” says Edmonson.

To understand where you are in relation to this phenomenon, take the Civility Quotient Assessment, part of Edmonson’s Civility Toolkit or read the Reflections of Nursing Leadership blog post about bystanders of incivility by Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN and the author of Creating and Sustaining Civility.

Let us know where you stand and share your stories with us and tell us how you are doing in the challenge here or in our Facebook group.

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It is so easy to tolerate bullying instead of saying "stop" that is not appropriate behavior for you or me.  We teach our children about bullying and good communication, so we need to work on setting the example.  I have been bullied by a supervisor and was finally able to stand up to her and resign my position.  For my own physical and mental health it was a great decision.  I am now super sensitive to bullying in the workplace and it sure makes me a better leader in my current role when the staff know I have zero tolerance for the negative remarks.  
Honestly,  I have some work to do in this area.  I think most of us do.   I am learning to really think before I speak and to not just react, but to fully process before reacting....oh and my face....gotta learn to control those expressions!!!
ChristiM ChristiM Dec '19
At different times in my life, I have definitely found myself in all three roles mentioned above in the Day 2 Challenge Guide. But because of it and seeing how each role effects others around me, I feel like it is so important to instead be a fourth type of person who is speaking out against bully and incivility. Calling it out and making others see and truly acknowledge what is happening can make such a difference!