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704f371672ae709aae59c2466afdf7b5-huge-anIt's day 6 of the Celebrate Civility challenge. Today's tip is to take action.

If someone is bullying you, or making your work life difficult, speak up! If you feel prepared and well equipped, discuss your concerns with the person one-on-one (but in a safe, private place away from others, and free from interruptions). Stay calm, explain how you feel, and make a request for how you wish to be addressed.

“Many people don’t realize they’re being offensive, often because they lack self-awareness or they think the way they’re treating you is acceptable,” says Clark.

Raising the issue may help the person understand there’s an issue. If the uncivil behavior or bullying doesn’t stop, enlist support from your supervisor to address the situation. 

Print out this respectful conversations pocket card from the Civility Toolkit to help you guide the conversation. 

Share your workplace stories with us in our discussion or in our Facebook group.

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