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Quit Being So Efficient

It's day 6 of the Move More! challenge, powered by support from Humana.

Today's tip is quit being so efficient. A perk of working from home is that you might have time to do some housekeeping or run a quick errand. As a nurse, you’re naturally efficient so this is counterintuitive, but by being less efficient, you’ll actually be more active. For example:
  • Climb steps each time you have something that belongs upstairs (instead of letting a pile collect at the bottom of the flight to bring up all in one trip).
  • Walk back and forth from the washer and dryer putting a few clothes away at a time, instead of the entire load.
  • When you unload groceries from the car, carry one bag at a time so you’ll have to go back and forth multiple times. 

How did you move more today? Share what you do today with us in our discussion.
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