Banish Mindless Snacking. 2207

Banish Mindless Snacking.


It's day 12 of the Move More! challenge, powered by support from Humana.

Today's tip is be careful when snacking. Avoid eating out of boredom or procrastination when at home. It’s easy to find yourself heading to the fridge every time you’re stumped on a work project or feeling overwhelmed.  In a clinical setting a break after a rush can also lead to mindless snacking. Instead, retrain yourself to use that break to do something healthy like meditate, write in a journal, or take a walk. When you do grab a snack, put a portion on a plate. A full-sized bag can lead to mindless munching.

How are you making good use of your breaks? What are you snacking on during your breaks? Let us know in our discussion. Post a photo of your snacks in our Facebook group or on Twitter or Instagram. Remember to mention @HealthyNurseUSA and tag #healthynurse.

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