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Have You Tried Meditating?

It's day 3 of the Stress Less challenge. Today's tip is try meditating. Research suggests meditation may reduce stress and anxiety while boosting feelings of happiness and well-being. It’s surprisingly easy to do too. Use our Beginner’s Guide to Meditation to get started.

Let us know about your experience with meditation in our challenge thread. Don't forget to post a photo in in our Facebook group or on Twitter or Instagram. Remember to mention @HealthyNurseUSA and tag us with #healthynurse.

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Melevine Melevine Jan '20
I used to think I was bad at it before I heard that there is no wrong way. The article has great tips, especially setting a timer and it's ok to fall asleep! That is how I start all my meditations. I also use an app called Calm. Plenty of free easy listening and meditations. Namaste
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '20
I was able to get in a two minute meditation today. I concentrated on breathing through my nose and feeling the air passing by the tip of my nose. I thought it seemed weird to go from running around to just sitting and it did feel weird for maybe the first minute. I realized my body was still tensed up and I relaxed my shoulders and kept breathing. I did actually feel a lot calmer after. Really check what the sound will be that "wakes" you from your meditation. I thought my timer was on vibrate and it was not... it was very loud. Happy meditating!