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Schedule A Mani-pedicure Or Massage

It's day 8 of the Stress Less challenge. Today's tip is schedule a mani-pedi or a massage.

You don’t have to drop everything and do it today, but schedule it. When we’re busy and overwhelmed, we tend to set little indulgences aside. A pedicure, in particular, is great since there are more nerve endings per square centimeter in the foot than in any other part of your body. Having your feet massaged is an effective way to relieve tension. Close your eyes and relax, bring a book or listen to music while you get your pedicure to make it a truly therapeutic experience.

Let us know how it goes in our challenge thread or post a photo in in our Facebook group or on Twitter or Instagram. Remember to mention @HealthyNurseUSA and tag us with #healthynurse.

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