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Schedule Your Sips

Today is day 9 of the Hydration Challenge!  

We are at the tail-end of week 2. Have you made drinking water part of your routine yet? Schedule your sips. 

Just like you turn a patient every two hours or give them medication at a set time, create your own hydration timetable. Set your smartphone alarm for set sipping times during the day or use those Daily Water Free or Carbodroid apps to remind you. Choose to drink a glass at memorable times. For example, before you leave the house for the day, during or after each break or meal time, or at the end of the day (just be sure to leave enough time before bed so you won’t have to wake up to use the bathroom).
You also might want to find a buddy that wants to make hydration a priority. You can remind each other to drink more and support one another. Studies show having an accountability partner can help you reach your goals faster. 

Have you noticed a trend to when you are drinking water throughout the day? Over this weekend test this out and and let us know how it goes in our challenge updates section hereprivate Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram. Tag us with #HealthyNurse.

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