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Take Control Of Your Smartphone

Welcome to day 2 of the Mindfulness Challenge

Have you thought about how you use your smartphone? It’s the source of some of our biggest distractions. Consider practicing some of these tips:
Set parameters around how often you use it. If you find yourself mindlessly scrolling Twitter before bed every night, put your phone in another room and read a book or connect with your partner instead.
Take social media breaks. Give yourself a day away from social media once a week to forget what everyone else is doing — and instead, focus on you.
Turn off notifications you don’t need. Go into your phone’s settings and disable pop-ups or sounds that are unnecessary and distracting. Do you really need an alert every time you get an email? Or need to know about every piece of breaking news? Those messages take you out of the here and now.
Let us know how you set limitations to smartphone use in the challenge updates section here, our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram

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