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Keep Your Eyes And Ears Open

Welcome to day 1 of the Embracing Caregivers Challenge! 

Pay close attention to your patient’s support person(s). As a nurse, your job is to tend to your patient. But the success of your care depends on the quality of ongoing care after discharge.  

That means it’s never too early to try to identify the patient’s caregiver. As soon as the patient is admitted, observe their interactions with loved ones. Look and listen for the person who: 
  • Lives in the closest proximity to the patient  
  • Seems to be more knowledgeable about the patient and his/her condition  
  • Seems to have more capacity for care or care coordination 
  • Visits the loved one often and asks about medical status and medications 
  • Offers to help the loved one  
  • Discusses prior and future medical appointments, physical therapy, or medications 
  • Asks you questions about the patient’s current and ongoing care 

The faces of caregivers are different for each person. Sometimes it’s a spouse. Other times it’s a mother, father, daughter, son, sibling, or friend. Sometimes it’s a person who never visits the hospital, but is mentioned by the patient. Sometimes it’s several people. Take notice of any person who is acting in the role of a support person, even if they don’t call themselves a caregiver.

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