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Keep Stepping Up 3965

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana We hope after 10 days of this #healthynurse Step Up and Reconnect Challenge, you’re feeling energized and socialized. You’ve been incorporating movement and quality time with loved ones into your daily routine, and it’s bound to have positive effects on your health. Use today to segue into a new chapter ...

Plant Something 3964

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana It’s that time of year: The season of gardening! Spending time outside planting greenery is so good for your physical and mental health . It can: Boost mood Build strength in your bones and muscles Foster human connections Help fight disease Improve memory Lower stress Reduce anxiety Before you ...

Be Inefficient 3963

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana That’s right — you read that correctly. Today, we’re asking you to lower your efficiency when it comes to necessary activities like bringing in the groceries or taking out the trash. Instead of loading your arms with as many grocery bags or trash bags as you can hold, aim for multiple trips. Think about how ...

Start A Jumping Jack Challenge 3962

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana Want to quickly get some extra steps in? Set an alarm on your phone or watch for the top of the hour (each hour) and when it goes off, do jumping jacks for 30 seconds. This heart-pumping exercise works your glutes, adductors, and calves — and it’s easy to do almost anywhere. Follow these steps to ensure proper ...

Take Your Online Workout Class Outdoors 3960

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! Ever since the pandemic started and gyms closed, many people started doing online workouts at home. Even after gyms opened back up, some stayed home to exercise. If that’s you, keep yourself from getting stagnant by taking your online exercise outdoors. Take your laptop, tablet, or mobile device out ...

Try A Playout 3959

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! A playout is a unique (and entertaining) way to use the environment around you to meet your exercise goals. The purpose of a playout is to combine multiple movement patterns to overcome an obstacle, like a large hill, park bench, or playground slide. Playouts are fun because you decide what you make it — ...

Add intervals to your walking or running route 3958

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! Who says you should do the same ol’ thing every time you go for a walk or run? Today, let’s keep it interesting by adding some variety. Instead of simply walking or jogging (or a combination of the two), add some extra physical exertion into your routine. For example, if you normally only walk, add 30 seconds ...

Try Forest Bathing 3957

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! Did you know being in nature can   boost immunity while  lowering stress levels and improving mood ? Forest bathing , a type of outdoor meditation, is the perfect way to slow down while taking in the beauty nature offers. It’s good for both your body and mind. Grab a friend and find a good walking trail in the ...

Incorporate Mini Exercises Into Your Workday 3956

Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! Your breaks are valuable to you, so it’s important to use them wisely. Instead of scrolling through social media or eating a candy bar, spend one to two minutes doing one of these exercises: Standing push-ups at a desk or nurse’s station Calf raises Jogging in place Lunges or squats Standing ...

Explore Nature With A Hike/walk 3952

Welcome to the Step Up & Reconnect challenge, powered by Humana! No matter where you live, there’s bound to be a scenic place that exposes you to fresh air, sunshine, and maybe some nature. As we kick off Day 1 of this challenge, find a new hiking trail or place to go for a walk outside today. Not sure how to find a good trail? Use this search tool called All ...

Make Yourself A Priority 3950

When you think about your to-do list, are you on it? You might put yourself toward the bottom, or forget to add yourself completely. Sometimes it might seem as if everyone else is on your list except for you.   You deserve dedicated time to focus on yourself each day, especially during National Nurses Week!  Find a time that you know you ...

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Most Recent Comments

I did the standing calf raises, the push ups and took the stairs between documenting on patients. 

Taking care of self is not always easy, so today I challenge myself to indulge in Self Care. Be Well!

Really appreciated all of the tips, strategies and resources that were provided during this challenge. 

As nurses we are encouraged to advocate for our patient's wellbeing and safety, it is equally important that we advocate for our own wellbeing & safety also.

Wellbeing initiatives often take the form of incorporating self-care more effectively in...

@Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN When I had to leave late at night and walk through the dark lots or parking garage I always carried something to make me feel a little safer. I had pepper spray on a keychain that I knew how to use. My grandfather had always told me when he worked late night and had the same situation, he would grab a cup of hot coffee before heading out knowi...

Great steps suggested in the article and we definitely tried to avoid the second scenario on the Neuro-Trauma unit I worked on for many years. Our patients were often unpredictable so being prepared for anything and staying calm was key to getting through the shift.