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How Registered Dietitians And Nurses Are Collaborating To Fight Malnutrition 3826

Registered Dietitians (RDs) at Morrison Healthcare agree that nurses are their greatest ally in fighting malnutrition. To improve patient health, several RDs are taking creative steps to make it easier for nurses to help identify malnutrition and enlist RDs in this battle.  “Nurses are our partners, but they often have a lot on their plates, and ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 10/05/2020
Food & Nutrition Services And Nursing: Why Collaboration Is Key 3811

Food & Nutrition Services and Nursing might be considered separate departments, but both are more successful when they join forces. That’s because both have one goal in mind: patient well-being. Both want the patient to leave the hospital feeling good about their experience. Nutritious and delicious food is one way to create a positive experience ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 09/02/2020
Use The Latest Food Trends As A Model For Healthy Eating 3599

Eat  healthy. Sounds simple, right? For many people, it’s not that easy. With all of the sugary, fatty, processed foods lining grocery store aisles, it’s easy to give in to temptation. Some of us require more insight into what healthy eating looks like — and that’s OK! 81% of people try to eat healthy and pay attention to their nutrition, according to a ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 03/03/2020
Why Is It Hard To Eat Healthy? 3576

By Heather Moreno Nutrition is a key, controllable factor affecting our health. But sadly, the CDC reports that most Americans don’t eat a healthy diet. Allowing for barriers to education and access to nutritious food, there’s still an alarming number of well-informed adults who eat poorly. Why doesn’t information equal healthy eating? There’s no ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 02/10/2020

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Your safety matters. This domain covers a wide range of topics - from staying alert at the wheel to safe patient handling and mobility.

Rest breaks and healthy sleep are not only restorative - but are key to your health and to providing safe patient care. This domain addresses strategies and guidelines for restorative sleep, workplace breaks and napping, and managing shift work.

Quality of Life
Your work, home life, family, and other commitments frequently compete for your time and attention. This domain focuses on the elements that improve the quality and balance of your life including your physical, financial, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Physical Activity
Nurses are often on their feet all day but fall short of recommended national guidelines for physical exercise. This domain includes strategies for overcoming barriers for guidelines and meeting exercise guidelines.

It isn't easy to find time for healthy eating. On average, nurses consume less fruits, veggies, and whole grains than other Americans. This domain covers recommended guidelines for dietary health, managing diet at work, and overcoming barriers to nutrition.

Mental Health
The nature and stresses of the nursing profession can take a toll on your mental health. This domain deals with your psychological affect and health. Mental wellbeing practices, stress relief resources, and personal stories are just some of the assets included here.

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I've been doing the mini quiches and they are awesome and easy! I haven't frozen any yet but I hear big batches freeze easy too!

Thanks for this. I'm always looking for a quick protein rich option for a quick breakfast.


I have tried a cauliflower Mac and cheese recipe that used cauliflower in the cheese sauce to make it creamy. It was really good!
Cherryl ‍ Hi!  We usually run our Hydration Challenge in the summer.  If you want to join our current challenge, Mindful Movement here's the link:   Mindful Movement, powered by Humana - Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (
I like ice, but not really a fan of water. I put lemons or lemonade mixture in my water. It is the only way I can drink a glass of it. I would love to hear more about the 10 day water challenge.