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The past few months we have all seen the troubling headlines of nurse abuse. Do something to help end this behavior! Take the #EndNurseAbuse pledge!

The past few months we have all seen the troubling headlines of nurse abuse.  Our own Healthy Nurse Survey shows that 28% of respondents have been threatened physically or verbally by patients or their families; 31% have experienced aggression from a peer; and 24% have experienced aggression from a person in a higher-level of authority. 

This behavior must end.  Nurse safety is critical for quality healthcare and patient safety.  That’s why ANA asks you to stand with your fellow nurses and pledge to:

  • Support zero tolerance policies for violence against nurses.
  • Report abuse against nurses whenever you safely can.
  • Share this pledge and ask your friends and family to sign.
Over 5,300 individuals have taken the online pledge to end nurse abuse. Take the pledge today here!  For more information on incivility, bullying, and workplace violence, visit this link.

c987219becfc64baa8a999f8eee281c1-huge-anHave you joined the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) Grand Challenge yet? Join us today! 

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