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Tackle A Chore You’ve Been Putting Off


Welcome to day 7 of the Mindful Movement challenge, powered by Humana!

We’ve all got things to do around the house that we push to the bottom of our to-do lists. As we enter the height of fall and approach the start of winter, what better time to cross those must-do items off your list?

If it’s a chore that gets you moving, it’ll do your body good. And if you are mindful while doing it, it will do your mental health good, too. For example, maybe you need to:
  • Rake leaves or mow the lawn: As you complete this chore, remember that you’re marking something important off your to-do list while staying active and spending time outside.
  • Work on your landscaping: As winter approaches, now’s the time to clean up your landscaping by trimming bushes, pulling dead flowers, and removing fallen leaves. You are helping nature let go. Is there anything you need to let go of, too?
  • Wash your windows: Give the inside and outside of your windows a good scrubbing before the weather gets cooler. There’s something satisfying about watching the dirt disappear before your eyes. Then, store your window screens away for winter.
  • Clean your walls and baseboards: Baseboards get dirty and dusty throughout the year. Take some time to wash them — you’ll feel better knowing the task is done, and you’ll get some movement in, too.

Chores are not the most fun activity, but they’re essential. When it’s a to-do that requires movement, stay motivated by reminding yourself it’s good for your health. It’s a win-win!

Tell us about a chore you tackle! Share your experience with us in in the challenge update thread here. Better yet, show us! You can post a photo in our private Facebook group, or on Twitter, or Instagram. Tag us with #healthynurse.

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