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HNHN Domains

For ANA's Year of the Healthy Nurse, December's topics are Healthy Eating & Healthy Holidays.
Learn more about the work our Premier Partners are doing to support the health and wellbeing of heir nurses.
Physical Activity Commitments
Quality of Life Commitments
Safety Commitments
Rest Commitments
Nutrition Commitments
The #HealthyNurse Spotlight is a shoutout to nurses who are making changes in their lives to improve their health and wellness. You can too! 
Your safety matters. This domain covers a wide range of topics - from staying alert at the wheel to safe patient handling and mobility.
Rest breaks and healthy sleep are not only restorative - but are key to your health and to providing safe patient care. This domain addresses strategies and guidelins for restorative sleep, workplace breaks and napping, and managing shift work.
Your life is full and your work is often stressful. This domain focuses on the elements that improve the quality of your life: including resiliency and preventing burnout, financial health, restoring joy, and achieving a positive work/life balance.
Nurses are often on their feet all day but fall short of recommended national guidelines for physical exercise. This domain includes strategies for overcoming barriers for guidelines and meeting exercise guidelines.
It isn't easy to find time for healthy eating. One average, nurses consume less fruits, veggies, and whole grains than other Americans. This domain covers recommended guidelines for dietary health, managing diet at work, and overcoming barriers to nutrition.

Recent Comments

Its time, I'm going to do this!!!
I do the same and it has become a bad habit with nightly interupted sleep!  I am going to take on this commitment with you!
​Amen!!!  I'm with you.  I too have a similar story, foodie, love to eat, and told myself why should I deprive myself of food, I can always lose it tomorrow!!! 
Then I started to go to the gym 4-5 days a week in November but still the weight was not coming off.  A few weeks ago a fellow nurse told me that you can't out exercise a poor diet!!!  That hit home for...
Nicole Martin ‍ - I really worked on this last year and what a difference it makes! I turn off all electronics and read for about 30 minutes before I go to bed. I sleep better and feel more refreshed when I wake up! Let me know how it goes! 
Daisy Molina‍ You are an inspiration!  Thank you for sharing your story and way to go!  I appreciate the emphasis on choices and not letting your weight or a number define you as a person.

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