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Katie Carroll, BSN, RN, CHC, CPT 4232

Nurse and wellness advocate prioritizes her own well-being so she can help others

Shaquita Starks, PhD, APRN, PMHNP-BC, FNP-BC 4213

Daily planning keeps nurse Shaquita Starks on track

Press Ganey 4212

Organization champions wellness through data, insights, and action

Aundrea Mills, RN, BSN, MHL 4211

Chief Nursing Officer practices what she preaches when it comes to wellness

Nurses Obesity Network (NON) 4208

Nurses Obesity Network aims to change the conversation about obesity, among nurses and across the nation

Help Your Patients Stay Vaccine Current During National Immunization Awareness Month 4207

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). This annual observance highlights the efforts of healthcare professionals  to protect patients of all ages against vaccine-preventable diseases through on-time vaccination.

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 07/21/2022
Debunking 4 Common Hydration Myths 4206

Let’s talk about water. You know it’s a vital nutrient for every cell in your body. You know hydration plays a crucial role in health, like helping to regulate internal body temperature and lubricating joints. But how much of what you know about hydration is the truth? And how much is misinformation that’s been spread around society through social media ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 07/07/2022
Jeff Doucette, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN 4204

For #healthynurse Jeff Doucette, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN, wellness is all about the 2 “M’s.”  

What You Can Do To Promote Antiracism At Work 4202

Racism is harming nurses, and it’s an ongoing problem. January results from a survey of over 5,600 nurses found that almost half of nurses say there’s a great deal of racism in nursing. Sixty-three percent of nurses surveyed have personally experienced an act of racism in the workplace, with the wrongdoers being either a peer (66%), a patient (63%), or a ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 06/16/2022
Melinda Taylor, DNP, BSN, CDP, AGNP-C 4184

Nurse creates a resiliency room as a resource for health care professionals With the right approach to self-care, nurses can buffer daily stress. That’s the idea #healthynurse Melinda Taylor pursued during her DNP project. Resilience is crucial for nurses who will inevitably face hardships and adversity on the job. However, it can be difficult for ...

R³ – The Renewal, Resilience, And Retention Of Maryland Nurses Initiative 4183

Organization boosts nurse resiliency with online learning lab We are pleased to shine the spotlight on R³ – the Resilient Nurses Initiative of Maryland . The R 3 team is providing a 3-part nursing faculty workshop series for its R 3 Faculty Champions from their partner schools of nursing. The goal is to prepare faculty to authentically deliver content ...

Try A New, Hydrating Recipe From Compass One Healthcare! 4181

You can hack your hydration in ways beyond drinking water. Experts recommend that 80% of fluid intake comes liquids.  However, the remaining amount may come from foods that you are already eating. Today, try one of these recipes loaded with refreshing, hydrating ingredients! Want to easily print these recipes? Download the recipes by clicking on the ...

Nurses Obesity Network Announcement Release: Leading Nursing Organizations Launch Coalition To Address  Challenges Of Obesity Within Nursing Community And Beyond 4165

 Date Issued: April 27 Nurses Obesity Network will engage, support, and activate nurses nationwide as patients living with obesity, caregivers, and advocates calling for better care across diverse communities. Washington, D.C. — In recognition of National Minority Health Month , members of the leading nurse advocacy organizations are joining ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 05/03/2022
ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee 4163

Committee encourages employees to take advantage of available wellness opportunities We are pleased to shine the spotlight on the ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee. The committee is made up of 14 members with one common goal: The well-being of their colleagues. Each of them attends monthly meetings with an open mind and heart — and a willingness to ...

Grant Pignatiello, PhD, RN 4162

Nurse scientist prioritizes self-compassion and mindfulness for well-being

A Look Back At 5 Years Of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ 4161

On May 1, 2017, ANA Enterprise launched a bold, new program — The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Grand Challenge, now simply known as Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN). The goal of HNHN is to transform the health of our nation by first improving the health of its 4 million RNs. In the first 5 years, we’ve accomplished much more than we ever thought ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 04/28/2022
Infection Control Training: An Ongoing Necessity For Health Care Workers 4160

For nurses, infection control practices are nothing new. Nurses first learn about these policies and procedures in nursing school. And they routinely follow the practices at work. But that doesn’t mean every nurse follows infection control procedures consistently and confidently. The COVID-19 pandemic raised the level of concern for i nfection ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 04/25/2022
Chanel Griffin, RN, BSN 4155

Nurse motivated by HNHN creates her own step challenge at her workplace. Chanel Griffin, RN, BSN, is a nurse at Atrium Health Anson in Wadesboro, NC.

MedStar Health 4146

Organization with 8,000 nurses launches wellness initiatives for work and home We are pleased to shine the spotlight on MedStar Health, an exceptional Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) Champion. What does it mean to prioritize your employees’ well-being? MedStar Health Center for Wellbeing (MCW) can answer that. The center launched in ...

Tammy Robertson RN, BSN 4138

Nurse-turned-business owner switches to whole food, vegan diet and never looks back

Trailing Thoughts? Expert Advice On How To Worry Less And Sleep More 4137

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” – Wendy Mass Not only are our “battles” challenging while we’re awake, but they can also disrupt our sleep. Americans continue to lose precious sleep due to daily struggles. The daily struggles of nurses across the country are compounded even further with the pandemic. They ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Rest 03/16/2022
Samantha Roecker, BSN, RN, MSC 4130

Nurse runs 12-17 miles each day, places 3rd at the 2018 USA National Marathon Championship.

Philippine Nurses Association Of Metro DC (PNAMDC) 4115

Organization provides Filipino-American nurses opportunities for increased resiliency

How Nursing Leadership Can Ease New Nurse Anxiety 4110

Entering the workforce as a new nurse and dealing with anxiety is nothing new. During a seemingly unending pandemic, however, new nurse anxiety has grown. New nurses have little time to adjust to an intense, high-pressure environment. Research shows that long-term exposure to high-pressure environments weakens nurse resiliency and increases ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 02/08/2022
Karen Laing, MS, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC, CHES, DipACLM 4105

Certified health and wellness nurse coach practices what she preaches. Karen Laing, MS, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC, CHES, DipACLM, is a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach for All Heart Coaching, Inc.

American Association Of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) 4103

Nursing organization creates monthly programming to promote nurse well-being We are pleased to shine the spotlight on the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN), an exceptional Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) Champion. Nursing has always been a field with high stress and burnout. But the past 2 years of the pandemic have taken ...

Pamela Mulligan BSN, RN, NBC-HWC 4102

Nurse integrates mindfulness and self-compassion techniques. Pamela Mulligan BSN, RN, NBC-HWC, is an integrative health coach, Founder of Replenish Mind Body Spirit, LLC., and Co-Founder of Replenish at Work.

How Do You Routinely Practice Self-Care? 4089

This was the question the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) team asked of nurses who attended the 2021 ANCC Magnet and Pathway to Excellence conferences. Our goal was simple: to spark a conversation. We wanted those who came by our booth to think about their own self-care practices and feel inspired and empowered by their peers. The HNHN team brought ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 01/19/2022
Wanda M. Williams, PhD, RN, WHNP-BC, CNE 4087

Nursing professor changes lifestyle for the better after breast cancer treatment Health is fragile. Sometimes a serious diagnosis, such as breast cancer, can work as motivation to change lifestyle habits for the better. That’s what happened to Wanda Williams, PhD, RN,WHNP-BC, CNE. Her breast cancer diagnosis was made in an early stage, and her ...

7 Ideas To Create An Environment Of Kindness At Work 4086

Daily habits focused on positivity are how nurses can contribute to a better working environment. But especially during a pandemic, keeping a positive attitude is challenging. As a nurse, you’re busy and stressed out. How do you find the time and energy to contribute to happiness at work? The key is kindness. Small, sustainable, daily acts of kindness ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 01/03/2022
How To Reset And Renew Yourself For The New Year 4074

Over the past two years, you’ve experienced unprecedented levels of stress and burnout. You’ve emptied your cup by filling others’ time and time again. The last thing you have time for right now is self-care. We see what you’re giving up to focus on others. We hear you. But by reading this blog, you’re making yourself a priority for at least a few minutes. ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 12/02/2021
Christine Pabico, PhD, RN, NE-BC, FAAN 4071

Nurse prioritizes her wellness through faith, gratitude, and social connection Faith, gratitude, and social connection. Those are 3 motivators that keep Christine Pabico, PhD, RN, NE-BC, FAAN, aiming for a healthy lifestyle. All 3 play a role in helping Christine prioritize her well-being, especially during times of stress. As Director of the ...

Ashley Johnson, MSN, AGPCNP-C, DNP(c) 4063

Nurse uses aromatherapy, meditation, and deep breathing to improve her own job satisfaction .  Ashley Johnson, MSN, AGPCNP-C, DNP(c), works in the Medical/Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF Health).  

Make Healthy Substitutions, Powered By Compass One Healthcare 4058

This holiday season, get more cauliflower into your diet by substituting it for starches in common recipes. Here are two holiday favorite recipes that incorporate cauliflower. What are your favorite healthy substitutions for ingredients in common recipes? Join us in a discussion in the Healthy Holidays challenge powered by Compass One Healthcare ...

Standing Desks: How Much Of An Impact Do They Have On Sedentary Nursing Jobs? 4052

(Pictured: Roni Adams) Are you among the 1 in 4 American adults who spend more than 8 hours a day sitting? If you have a sedentary or work-from-home job, the answer is probably “yes.” At Humana, many roles work from home, including their large population of nurses. When Joanie Howard, M.Ed., BSN, RN, CMCN, Director of Clinical Strategy & Practice at ...

Trey Bennett, MSN, BSN, RN, NP, DipACLM 4049

Nurse practitioner finds career fulfillment and health improvement in lifestyle medicine. Trey Bennett, NP, is the founder of Vitality Lifestyle Medicine and is double board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and Adult Gerontology.

Amy Madsen, BSN, RN, CCM 4048

Nurse’s daily run streak hits 1,258 days — and counting. Amy Madsen, BSN, RN, CCM, is the Associate Director of Market Development and Market Clinical Strategies for Clinical and Pharmacy Solutions at Humana.

Are You Up To Date On Your Shots? 4035

In the last couple of years, you’ve been busy. You’ve probably worked longer hours while juggling more tasks at home. Some routine tasks, like preventive medical appointments and immunizations, may have fallen to the bottom of your to-do list. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 4 in 10 American adults avoided ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 10/11/2021
Crothall Healthcare, A CompassOne Company 4034

Company creates program that improves nurses’ job satisfaction and well-being We are pleased to shine the spotlight on Crothall Healthcare of CompassOne, an exceptional Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) Champion. There’s much more to nurse burnout than working long hours during a pandemic. Stressful work environments, lack of ...

Fall Recipe And Meal Planning Ideas For Busy Nurses 4029

The COVID-19 pandemic creates upheaval for many nurses. Those who aren’t in patient care settings probably worked from home most of the past year. Children were also home doing virtual school. Now school is back in session for the fall. What better time to get organized with a meal planning strategy and new homecooked recipes? Your life is already busy — ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 09/23/2021
Marty Malloy-McCoy, MSN, APRN, CRNA, CNP, FNP-C 4028

Nutrition quality has a major impact on preventing disease. It also plays a role in reversing it.   That’s one of the life lessons Marty Malloy-McCoy has embraced not just as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (board certified in both anesthesia and family care), but as a human being. His journey to nutritional wellness began about 4 years ago when ...

Flu Shot Fridays:  New 2021-22 Flu Campaign! 4026


Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 09/17/2021
Lataya De Jesus, BSN, DNPS 4025

Nurse uses a plant-based diet and daily exercise to set an example. Lataya De Jesus, BSN, DNPS, is currently studying at the Ohio State University.

American College Of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) 4011

Organization promotes healthy living through lifestyle medicine events and resources We are pleased to shine the spotlight on the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) , an exceptional Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) Champion. If there is one organization that wholeheartedly supports healthy lifestyle behaviors as the number one ...

SEHA Nursing Staff Health And Well-being, Abu Dhabi Health Service Co. 4008

Using HNHN as its guide and inspiration, Corporate SEHA Nursing well-being committees improve the lives of its nurses every day. We are pleased to shine the spotlight on the SEHA Nursing Well-being Committee, a part of SEHA Corporate Nursing health and wellness program , an exceptional Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Champion. “Your health first.” ...

Is Your Hydration Lagging Behind This Summer? 4007

Did you know your muscles and kidneys are 79% water? Your skin is 64% water, and 83% of your lungs are made of water, says the USGS Water Science School . You are what you drink — or at least that’s kind of the case with water. But when the blazing hot summer months hit (like now), it can be difficult to drink enough fluids. Are you giving your body the hydration it ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Nutrition 08/16/2021
How To Prevent And Overcome New Nurse Anxiety 3990

It’s not unusual for any new employee to feel anxious in their first few months of work, and nurses are no exception. Becoming a nurse and starting your first official nursing job is thrilling, but also overwhelming. Starting your nursing career in the middle of a pandemic has made the experience even more complex. Fortunately, there are things all ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Quality of Life 07/12/2021
Finding What Moves You: My Journey To Become A Runner 3987

By Alison Cuccia My dad was a runner. He ran cross country in high school and ran throughout his entire adult life. He was the dad who always brought sneakers on our family vacations so that he could sneak in a run here and there. He wasn’t necessarily competitive about it, he just purely enjoyed it.     As a kid this made absolutely no sense ...

Catching Up On Healthcare Appointments Missed During (And After) The Pandemic 3986

Times are stressful (to say the least) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many routine tasks have gotten pushed to the backburner. Nurses are working even longer hours under excruciatingly stressful circumstances. At home, many nurses also have to deal with virtual schooling or daycare closings for their kids. Loved ones who once worked outside of ...

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 07/06/2021
Sue Ferguson, DNP, MBA, RN, CPHQ, NEA-BC 3985

How one nurse’s passion for wellness emphasizes immune health Health and wellness go beyond what’s seen on the surface. They’re about what’s happening on the inside, too. That’s one fact that Dr. Sue Ferguson prioritizes. Wellness is her passion, and she keeps in mind the importance of exercising regularly and eating healthy. But she considers both ...




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@Demonmutt74 I don't know if you already do this, but really try to make your commute time your own. When I had a long commute, I ended up loving that time for myself. I would get books on tape for the car (listened to all of Game of Thrones hah), made a bunch of different playlists for different moods/styles of music, or figured out which friends/family would b...

I did the standing calf raises, the push ups and took the stairs between documenting on patients. 

Accessible Healthcare

Cardiovascular Health for African Americans in Kent County, Maryland

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death around the world (WHO, 2021). The rates of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) are higher in the African American population throughout the United States, and this is reflected in Kent County, Maryland as well....

Taking care of self is not always easy, so today I challenge myself to indulge in Self Care. Be Well!

I've been doing the mini quiches and they are awesome and easy! I haven't frozen any yet but I hear big batches freeze easy too!