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I have been dealing with depression with SI for 20+ years.  I love to read and sew, I must push myself to do something I enjoy hand stitching like appliqueing with wool. I also journal and write letters to family and friends.  I never send the letters, I either keep them or burn them.  For those that are dealing with depression how do you deal with the bad days?

Added by Rhonda Warner Blog Commitment to Mental Health 05/01/2023

My commitment is to set aside time for my family, friends and dog to alleviate stress, relax, and just have fun. I enjoy trying out new restaurants with my friends and taking my dog on car rides.

Added by Nicolemhr Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/26/2023

I am committing to writing in a journal for at least 30 minutes daily. I will jornal about my anxieties and worries as well as the good things going on in my life. In doing this, I will create a healthy outlet to release my stress and allow myself to express my emotions freely. I will also ensure that during these times I will have my phone off and put away to ...

Added by KennaRain23 Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/26/2023

I commit to reading for at least 30 minutes daily to reduce stress and relax. 

Added by MARIELA ZUNIGA Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/26/2023

Finding ways to relax 

Added by Rachel Bloom Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/26/2023

I commit to writing down what I am praying for. This will help to center my thoughts as I am praying, and be able to be more focused. I will then also be able to look back upon old prayers and see how they were answered before when I am going through a tough time, and they can be used for encouragement. 

Added by KathrynSmith Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/25/2023

I commit to reading every day for no less than 1 hour a day. This commitment allows me to take a break from the stressors going on in my life. Which in turn provides me with rest and improves my mental health.  

Added by Cassidy Yates Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/24/2023

I will commit to one 30-min session of yoga 4 times a week when I am feeling overwhelmed. I will use this time to center my thoughts and calm my state of mind. This will allow me to destress and find some time for myself. 

Added by Kaitlyn Carter Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/23/2023

I am committed to journal for 1-2 hours a day. This will help me relieve stress as well as reflect on the good days and bad days ahead of me. Sometimes I struggle with continuing to journal, but now I am more aware of what i need to improve my mental health.

Added by Emily Stuckly Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/22/2023

Nursing can be taxing on mental health if healthy outlets are not created to give it time to process and recover. It is important to create a unique task that will bring joy and give the brain a break from the burdens experienced during the day.  I am committed to playing a single person card game, 1-2 times, every day as a brain break & to increase my skills for ...

Added by Rachel Dvoracek Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/21/2023

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Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing @Rhonda Warner . I'm in the same boat with dealing with depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. My mom would always say I was “moody”. ? Thankfully as an adult, I've learned that my “moodiness” is ok and isolating into myself is also ok. 

I've also realized that the weather, sun specifically, is a real a...