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Recent Discussions in Rest

Heidi Marie Rye
We just finished an inservice at work about mindfulness. We talked about ways nurses can be mindfull during and outside of work. I like to do 10 minutes of gentle yoga with deep breathing before bed. One thing that I can work on is being ...
Heidi Marie Rye May '17
Hi Heidi Rye ‍ thats great that they are doing mindfulness inservices for you! I think sometimes people forget to ...
I'm enjoying the posts and suggestions. I do have a problem not looking at my phone before bed. Bedtime is when I read ...
Barbara Baumgardner ‍ I am curious if the communications you are catching up on right before bed is work related? ...
I love the subject of sleep and combining it with good nutrition!  Most people don't know that adding a bed-time snack can significantly improve the quality of sleep...this will stabilize blood sugars while sleeping + give your ...
Jessica_RD Jan '19
Wow, Jessica_RD ‍ I have not heard that having a bedtime snack could improve rest, very interesting. I'm curious if ...
Hi Jessica_RD ‍, As a young child I can remember having a bedtime snack! As an adult, I'd associated eating too close ...
Jessica_RD Jessica_RD Jan '19
No need to adjust the morning meal.  You ideally want to eat about 30-45 min. from waking to get your metabolism in ...
Paula Duncan
My resolution for 2018 is to concentrate on achieving quality sleep.  Yesterday, I went for a visit to the sleep lab for a 1 year follow up.  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year.  Although I have made huge strides, I am still not to ...
Paula Duncan Jan '18
Marty Spies
I know that this is more specific than the challenge, but I have had the most vivid and frequent dreams since working from home started in mid-March. Some are fairly positive but many have been disturbing. A few were so disturbing that ...
Marty Spies Jun '20
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '20
Marty Spies ‍ do you feel like you are more stressed since mid-March? I had been told that stress and anxiety can ...
It has been a challenge to learn to teach online but for the last 8 weeks, my workload has decreased and the vivid ...
Hey Marty Spies ‍ I'd be willing to bet you're getting more deep sleep than you were before. I'm sure that's the ...
Amy Ruff Everyone is doing more with less time, and our physiology and mental focus suffer from fatigue. Practicing the Transcendental ...
Amy Ruff Nov '18
Joanie R Joanie R Jan '19
Where can I learn this technique?
Amy Ruff
Check out TM Women's blog post "You Must Rest" blog post. It is worth reading. It speaks to the epidemic of fatigue, and the dangers to women when we don't get enough rest. And it offers a practical, evidence based solution, the ...
Amy Ruff Oct '17
I  value my rest as well as my activity/exercise time;  it is important to let your body and mind recuperate from the ...
Rest is definitely very important in every day life. We need to learn to listen to our bodies before it gets to the ...
Amy Ruff Amy Ruff Oct '17
Thank you for the comments re: rest, after I wrote my post. smiley

I wanted to post something that differentiates between ...
"Put the phone down for 5 minutes". I put it down for an entire day. Left it at home, turned off, gave it time to reset, and me to. That day was the most freeing day that I have had in a long time. I'm going to do that more often. That felt great!!!
Deb7 Feb '20
rnscholar rnscholar Feb '20
That's awesome Deb7 ‍ !  I don't know if I can quite leave my phone at home, but I can certainly do a better job of ...
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '20
Deb7 ‍ Great job! I have left my phone at home accidentally and also end up feeling freer not having the ...
Hey Deb7 ‍, 

In this modern world, ignoring your phone is actually considered a mindfulness practice. Studies ...
Valerie Tiu
Now that it is Autumn and the sun rises later and sets earlier, how are people getting their sun light? For those of us that work in the hospital, its hard to take a moment to step outside and enjoy the weather. I have been trying to take ...
Valerie Tiu Oct '17
The idea of taking walks outside during the work day is awesome but in reality, there is not always time. 
I try to ...
Hi All, Does anyone else find you are more tired at the beginning of your shift than the end of it? Then I cannot turn off my mind enough to fall asleep at a decent time. Tips? Am I alone! Thanks Robyn
RobynGG1 Jun '19
Turning your brain off at night is one of the most common complaints of my female patients (and myself).  The minute ...
Ladybug Ladybug Jun '19
No you are not alone. It is one of my struggles. I have tried doing focus breathing, thinking of some thing pleasant ...
Big B Big B Jun '19
Hi RobynGG1, JAWZ and LadyBug- I'm Big B!  I'm a new member affiliated with the largest hospital system in SE Texas, ...
i have found that sipping chamomile tea on the way home helps calm the nerves after a shift and i sleep well. 
ashsimmons8 Nov '18

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