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Recent Discussions in Rest

Marty Spies
I know that this is more specific than the challenge, but I have had the most vivid and frequent dreams since working from home started in mid-March. Some are fairly positive but many have been disturbing. A few were so disturbing that ...
Marty Spies Jun '20
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '20
Marty Spies ‍ do you feel like you are more stressed since mid-March? I had been told that stress and anxiety can ...
It has been a challenge to learn to teach online but for the last 8 weeks, my workload has decreased and the vivid ...
Hey Marty Spies ‍ I'd be willing to bet you're getting more deep sleep than you were before. I'm sure that's the ...
I find that several times a month, I go 1 to 2 nights without any sleep. I have tried meditation, reading a boring book, even a prescription sleeping pill and no sleep comes.  Any suggestions?
Meltom01 May '20
ChristiM ChristiM May '20
Meltom01 ‍ I have a new baby so when I have a chance to sleep, I have to try to fall asleep fast and sometimes at weird ...
Meltom01 Meltom01 May '20
Hi Christi,
I JUST signed up for Headspace! I will give it a try :)  Congrats on the new baby and thanks for replying 
Hey Meltom01 ‍ has your sleeping improved? 

I do have a few more suggestions for you to improve your sleep hygiene.

Marisol Escuadra
4 33
I have made it my goal this past week to sleep 8 hours or more, if possible, to help boost my health. Plus, sleeping also helps burn calories!! #healthynurse #AHNA
ChristiM ChristiM May '20
Marisol Escuadra ‍ have you tried the Headspace app? I have been listening to the soothing meditation sounds to ...
rnscholar rnscholar May '20
I just signed up for Headspace!  It's free through the American Nurses Association and I love it!!  I listened to ...
Hi Marisol,
I have done the same to try to get 8 hours on my nights off and it really does help. I seem to need less ...
"Put the phone down for 5 minutes". I put it down for an entire day. Left it at home, turned off, gave it time to reset, and me to. That day was the most freeing day that I have had in a long time. I'm going to do that more often. That felt great!!!
Deb7 Feb '20
rnscholar rnscholar Feb '20
That's awesome Deb7 ‍ !  I don't know if I can quite leave my phone at home, but I can certainly do a better job of ...
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '20
Deb7 ‍ Great job! I have left my phone at home accidentally and also end up feeling freer not having the ...
Hey Deb7 ‍, 

In this modern world, ignoring your phone is actually considered a mindfulness practice. Studies ...
Hi All,
Does anyone else find you are more tired at the beginning of your shift than the end of it? Then I cannot turn off my mind enough to fall asleep at a decent time. Tips? Am I alone!
Thanks Robyn
RobynGG1 Jun '19
Turning your brain off at night is one of the most common complaints of my female patients (and myself).  The minute ...
Ladybug Ladybug Jun '19
No you are not alone. It is one of my struggles. I have tried doing focus breathing, thinking of some thing pleasant ...
Big B Big B Jun '19
Hi RobynGG1, JAWZ and LadyBug- I'm Big B!  I'm a new member affiliated with the largest hospital system in SE Texas, ...
Do any of you have trouble sleeping? Is there anything you do to help you relax or any supplements you take that help you sleep?

I transitioned from nights in September, so getting more than 5 hours of sleep has been hard for me. Right now ...
nursekristy May '19
I have worked nights for 5 years. I have started taking Melatonin most days 1mg to help me get restful sleep. Hope all ...
I love forumula 303 homeopathic tablets.  Also, love my Nikken magnetic bed mattress!!
Lots of calming music ...
BOGAY536 BOGAY536 Jun '19
Amen to Melatonin! :)
4 3
I often encourage family to go home and rest while patients are in the ICU settings, when they feel comfortable with the care team providing for their loved one. I often remind them that this chance doesn’t happen often during a hospital ...
vbart76 Sep '19
I just underwent a 3-hour surgery to repair a cerebral aneurysm, for which I stayed overnight in the ICU. Let me tell ...
I wish you a speedy recovery! Sending healing energies.

Post op sleep is the best.

I am away at Sigma Convention in DC ...
rnscholar rnscholar Nov '19
Wow, that sounds really horrible  StephaniePW60 ‍!  I worked in a Neuro ICU on the night shift, and I wonder how many ...
Where is everyone from?
I'm from Southern Maryland and it's getting CHILLLLY over here. Our low today is 42 degrees and the high is 67. I wear a light long sleeve shirt when the sun is out but then I have to put on some layers when the sun goes ...
abbyeed Oct '19
ChristiM ChristiM Nov '19
I'm in Central Maryland. Its started to be VERY chilly out here. I have definitely started adding extra vitamin C to ...
Aieda Solomon


This discussion thread is to talk about the point raised in The Case for Taking a Break blog. Does the thought of you taking a break at work stress you out? Why? What are the challenges that make taking opportunities to rest so difficult in ...
Aieda Solomon May '17
I'd be interested in knowing if the presence of "Serenity Rooms" and staff coverage that allow nurses to take ...
I worked on a med/surg floor for three years. The thought of a break was an amazing thing, however, to actually get ...
I think I speak for a lot of nurses in saying that we are don't always take breaks because we don't want to add work to ...
I would love to see more tips on healthy sleep, how much we need and how to improve on it.
LisaT Oct '18
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation's Sleep Challenge is coming up - tentatively scheduled to begin 10/29!  Plus we ...
I have a pdf I share with clients titled "Sleep Better Naturally."  Attaching to share. 
Just saw an article earlier today talking about social media use and the fear of missing out on something ...

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