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Recent Discussions in Rest

What are some suggestions for “turning the mind" off to fall asleep?  It's so frustrating to lay there awake when you know you need more rest. 
NCarey 23d

@NCarey Hi! For me, I think about either doing something I enjoy (I like decorating so I think about how I could ...

@NCarey I often imagine myself in a place where I know I'd get good sleep like a soft warm bed in a snowy cabin in the ...

Hi @NCarey Have you tried Headspace ? There are some great rest meditations and sound/sleepscapes that can help ...

I commit to correcting my sleep schedule by being in bed by 11:00 PM on weekday nights and 11:30 on weekend nights. 
KelcieMcC Sep '22
ChristiM ChristiM Sep '22

@KelcieMcC what changes will you make to ensure you get in bed at time?

What are your go to techniques for getting to sleep and staying asleep? Especially for nights that your mind is what's keeping you up?
ChristiM Aug '22
Sharon A Lyden
2 19
Listening to Rainstorm/Thunderstorm Sounds helps me relax and fall asleep in 15 minutes ( it is especially helpful if I had a rough day at work)
Sharon A Lyden Apr '22

@Sharon A Lyden That's great! There are great sleep casts and sounds on the Headspace app. Have you tried your free ...

ChristiM ChristiM Apr '22

@Sharon A Lyden @Aieda Solomon  

I had always slept with a noisy fan, but when we got to try out Headspace like Aieda ...

1 4
I decided to start taking small trips once per month were my family and i just go on a trip and enjoy life and just rest.
Little5088 Feb '22
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '22

@Little5088 That sounds wonderful and like a great bonding and relaxing experience for you and your family!

I vow to cut back on my cell phone usage, especially right before bed. 
KRourke Nov '21
ChristiM ChristiM Nov '21

@KRourke Nice! If you're looking to improve your sleep too, there are some great tips to click through from this ...

That a great choice. There is a setting on phones now where you can set app timers. so that once you reach a certain ...

Siagian Siagian Dec '21

I would like to get to those tips. Can you please help me navigate to that tag? 

Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
Good afternoon, healthy nurses! See some resources and suggestions from our colleagues from the American Holistic Nurses Association.  1. Invest in Your Sleep Environment: Most people underestimate the importance of their ...

I find that meditation helps me with sleep after my nightshift to fall asleep.

I had been sleeping pretty terribly lately. Between my brain going a mile a minute, my kids and dog waking up and needing me in the middle of the night, and honestly I think just being over tired, sleep was just not happening. I had tried a ...
ChristiM Nov '20
ChristiM ChristiM Nov '20
I forgot, I love the soundscapes too! Cabin Downpour is my favorite!
dhgodina dhgodina Mar '21
Thats a really good idea, I think I will look into it! Thanks
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '21
dhgodina ‍ Let me know what ones you like and what works for you! Rainy Day Antique is still my favorite.
Marty Spies
I know that this is more specific than the challenge, but I have had the most vivid and frequent dreams since working from home started in mid-March. Some are fairly positive but many have been disturbing. A few were so disturbing that ...
Marty Spies Jun '20
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '20
Marty Spies ‍ do you feel like you are more stressed since mid-March? I had been told that stress and anxiety can ...
It has been a challenge to learn to teach online but for the last 8 weeks, my workload has decreased and the vivid ...
Hey Marty Spies ‍ I'd be willing to bet you're getting more deep sleep than you were before. I'm sure that's the ...
Marisol Escuadra
4 36
I have made it my goal this past week to sleep 8 hours or more, if possible, to help boost my health. Plus, sleeping also helps burn calories!! #healthynurse #AHNA
ChristiM ChristiM May '20
Marisol Escuadra ‍ have you tried the Headspace app? I have been listening to the soothing meditation sounds to ...
rnscholar rnscholar May '20
I just signed up for Headspace!  It's free through the American Nurses Association and I love it!!  I listened to ...
Hi Marisol,
I have done the same to try to get 8 hours on my nights off and it really does help. I seem to need less ...

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