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Recent Discussions in Nutrition

Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
May 13th begins the 5 for 10 Fruit & Veggie Challenge !  We can't wait to see your recipes, food prep, and amazing salads!  Share your best tips and recipes in this discussion and don't forget to sign up for the challenge here .   For ...
Wash and prep your fruit & veggies. I am a lot more likely to eat fruit and veggies if they are already washed and ready ...
Debi Blank Debi Blank May '18
I have also been slacking on the veggies lately even though my school is very engaged in the "Farm-to-school" ...
This is my 3rd year of having a porch garden - oh it is heaven! All the yum right on the porch and seconds from picked to ...
Thanksgiving is always a struggle for me.  If I want to do better in my diet and have more good foods and less processed foods how do I say no at the Thanksgiving table?

@wreglchick I would suggest, if you want something at Thanksgiving, have some - just make it a small helping. Like ...

I have decided to host thanksgiving instead. I want to make new healthy recipes and see how the family likes them and ...

I just read the new blog post about Lataya De Jesus, BSN, DNPS and I keep seeing more and more people turning to plant based diets. For those of you who are plant based eaters - what were some good filling meals you enjoy. I feel like when I try ...
ChristiM Sep '21
ADunnRN ADunnRN Sep '21

Hi Christi, 

My fiance and I have been eating plant-based since early 2020. We cook at home most nights because ...

ChristiM ChristiM Sep '21

@ADunnRN Thank you! I will definitely check out Nora and Game Changers! 

Hi, so many good resources, including Forks over Knives, Rip Esseltyn(and family) Chef AJ. My husband and I have ...

Do you know how much water you should be drinking daily? Are you drinking that much? I know I am not making the cut - luckily, the upcoming Hydration Challenge will help me refocus! Are you signed up?
ChristiM Jul '21
I have really been focusing on what I am eating this year along with some of my friends and family. It has been so interesting to me though to see how "eating healthy" looks so different to each of us! I have really enjoyed seeing how our ...
ChristiM Jun '21
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '21

I'll say for me, I really focused on portion control and if I felt like snacking - switching to veggies and fruit. ...

Healthy eating for me comes when I am able to eat what I feel I need & want on my schedule. I find my own preference for a ...

ChristiM ChristiM Jul '21

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN So it's not the best solution, but to stay on track with the point-system/WW style diet I ...

Please join :) Lifestyle Nursing/Medicine and Nurse Coaching for Nurses️‍♀️ Lifestyle Medicine is the use of evidence-based lifestyle therapeutic ...
nsmithNP Jun '21
AZRNTammy AZRNTammy Jun '21
An awesome group to be a part of! So much valuable information shared. I highly recommend joining
Aieda Solomon
Hey everyone, I have a nurse friend who has had some stressful things happen in her work life recently and she notices that during these times she opts for unhealthy food choices, when compared to when things are going well. I'm ...
Aieda Solomon May '17
I love this!  Thanks for the reminder :)
I love the title Food is fuel not Therapy because it focuses our attention on purpose. God created everything for a ...
YES!!! This is so common.....Stressed - eat a donut, busy - eat a donut, sad - eat a donut, happy - eat a donut.
And ...
Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
Curious about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and what it actually looks like? Indiana State Nurses Association is sponsoring a 21 Day Vegan Kickstart program. March 24th is the date for the virtual kick-off event. There is a nominal ...
Sue 2080
Yes, I will shoot for 5 of fruit and and veggies a day.  Not going to easy, I don't really like veggies. 
Sue 2080 May '19
Veggies are a huge group not to like... which ones do you really hate? I’m lucky I love veggies... maybe I can give you ...
Sue 2080 ‍ I used to hate many types of veggies, notably green beans, cauliflower, kale, and brussell sprouts.  We ...
NicoleV93 NicoleV93 May '19
I am pretty excited about this challenge. I have loved fruits and vegetables since I was a young girl (maybe because ...
I am trying to eat healthier this year, but I feel like it's the time between lunch and dinner that always gets me! Right around 3/4pm I just want to snack!! In an attempt to cut back sugar (I can't wait for the Curb  Your Sweet Tooth ...
ChristiM Feb '21
Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your apple to get that "sweetness." Try Kombucha (fermented juice drink) which give a ...
There is so many health snacks, I get super hungry to around that time! I like to do homemade hummus with pita that I ...

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