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Recent Discussions in Nutrition

Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN 5
May 13th begins the 5 for 10 Fruit & Veggie Challenge !  We can't wait to see your recipes, food prep, and amazing salads!  Share your best tips and recipes in this discussion and don't forget to sign up for the challenge here .  

For ...
Wash and prep your fruit & veggies. I am a lot more likely to eat fruit and veggies if they are already washed and ready ...
Debi Blank 3746 Debi Blank May '18
I have also been slacking on the veggies lately even though my school is very engaged in the "Farm-to-school" ...
This is my 3rd year of having a porch garden - oh it is heaven! All the yum right on the porch and seconds from picked to ...
Jeanj001 48283
As nurses we know that our immune system is imperative to good health. Although we try to eat all our vegetables and fruits according to serving requirements. However, we fail at best. I have started taking Juice Plus a product that has ...
Jeanj001 May '20
rnscholar 28595 rnscholar May '20
Jeanj001 ‍ I will have to check that out.  I used to take Juice Plus and maybe should think about it again.  I have been ...
rnscholar 28595
With all of the different types of diets and ways of eating out there (Paleo, plant-based, keto, starch) I am wondering what works for you?  What helps you stay healthy?
rnscholar Feb '20
Many years ago I heard Michael Pollan's short & sweet nutrition advice & love his 7 words of advice!

"Eat food, not ...

rnscholar 28595 rnscholar Feb '20
That is wonderful advice Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN ‍ !  I love it, and it seems to make so much sense.  I really need to ...
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Feb '20
I love those rules, Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN ‍.

I've been trying to clean up my eating habits and I've tried to eat clean ...
ChristiM 41790
The April Hydration Challenge  is coming up! How do you currently feel like you are doing with getting enough water everyday? Don't forget to sign up for the challenge!
ChristiM Apr '20
I drink alot of unsweetened ice tea.  I do need to drink more straight up water!
Renee G 47227 Renee G Apr '20
I think I do okay with the amount of water I drink.  Generally around 80 oz during the day and then I switch to seltzer ...
Kellybfnp 47204 Kellybfnp Apr '20
I'm lucky to get 40oz and I counsel patients on it EVERY day. Nurse heal thyself!!!
ChristiM 41790
I usually am pretty good about drinking enough water throughout the day, but lately I am realizing that I am really slacking. How much water do you drink a day and how do you get it done? I need some new ideas!
ChristiM Jan '20
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Feb '20
Hey  ChristiM ‍! So what I usually do is have a huge water bottle that is insulated because I don't really enjoy ...
Good morning to all, what  helped me with my water intake over the past couple of months, I started adding fresh ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Feb '20
abbyeed ‍ and Shannon Jackson ‍ thank you ladies! This weekend I started drinking out of a giant cup with a straw. ...
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) 6130
As we get ready for our March Healthy Toolbox Recipe challenge, powered by support from Compass One Health, we are curious what are your tips and tricks to make recipe's healthier? What do you like to substitute? What has worked and what ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Feb '20
I have been looking for recipes that incorporate more veggies into my diet. I love a mac and cheese recipe I found ...
rnscholar 28595 rnscholar Feb '20
When sautéing foods, I like to use a little broth or water instead of oil or butter.  You do have to watch the bottom of ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Feb '20
rnscholar ‍ I have found with my little one, when I steam veggies I have better luck with getting her to eat them if add ...
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) 6130
We know fast food is bad for us, and all the reasons why, but we all do it. Sometimes you get it because it's there... and fast and easy and sometimes you just crave it. The problem is when you're having it more than you would like to. How many ...
I have fallen into this fast food trap! About twice a week I stop at Starbucks and get a latte and a breakfast ...
I haven't eaten fast food in nearly two years.  If I were to do so now, I'd probably have a stomach ache!
Seriously?! TACO BELL?! Wow! I am shocked! My family has also fallen into the fast food trap. Between work and ...
Nurse J 44946
I made a starter of "Friendship Bread." The challenge for me is that it takes 10 days before I can complete the recipe and bake the bread. Today is the day I can bake it. This has required lots of self-discipline, but I know the end result ...
Nurse J Feb '20
rnscholar 28595 rnscholar Feb '20
I have not heard of Friendship bread for a number of years.  It is hard to wait so long to bake and eat!  Who will you ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Feb '20
Nurse J ‍ what a great idea for exercising self control! And its so wonderful that you can share your treat with ...
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Feb '20
That's awesome Nurse J ‍! I've never heard of it either but self-discipline is hard to train yourself or even face. I ...
CathyO 43436
I am currently working to include the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetable daily into my diet.  This is harder than I thought!
CathyO Oct '19
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Nov '19
I have been working on this too! I have a one year old and in trying to create healthy menus for her I have realized how ...
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Dec '19
Heck yeah it is!
I'm 27 years old and I'm still trying to figure out how to eat all my fruits and veggies in a day. It's ...
Nurse J 44946 Nurse J Feb '20
Getting in all the fruits & veggies. I know it is the best, Filling...there are some days I drink them in a smoothie ...
ChristiM 41790
Does anyone meal prep? I have been considering it a lot lately but don't really know where to start. Or at the least planning all my meals for the week so I'm not scrambling to get something together for my family by the end of the week. What ...
ChristiM Jan '20
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Jan '20
OMG yaaaas ChristiM ‍!
I love threads like this because everyone has awesome suggestions, tips, and ideas of how ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Jan '20
abbyeed ‍ thank you! I have looked at HelloFresh and thought about going back to food delivery service. My family ...
I love meal prepping! I find it so helpful, but I have such a hard time with consistency! I try to do what I can on Sunday ...

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