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It isn't easy to find time for healthy eating. One average, nurses consume less fruits, veggies, and whole grains than other Americans. This domain covers recommended guidelines for dietary health, managing diet at work, and overcoming barriers to nutrition.

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Well said NursingStudentYH ‍! There are some great tips too in these discussions:  What kind of food works for you?  and   How do you make recipe's healthier? !
This was a great read and touched on a huge issue that we have in our country. It is widely known what a healthy diet is supposed to consist of; however, obesity still affects over 93 million American adults (CDC, 2018). With obesity putting individuals at risk for many other life threatening comorbidities, such as cardiovascular disease. For this reason...
humla‍ Check out the American Holistic Nurses Association and the International Nurse Coach Association.  I believe they both have nurse coach programs.
Is anyone a certified health and wellness nurse coach?  Could you tell us more about it? Thank you :)
Nice article! I am currently doing this diet because already eat low carb through the Paleo diet. It's beneficial have really caught the attention of many people, including myself, especially concerning weight loss. I do believe that it is not something long term and with any "diet", individuals should do what is best for them.