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Quality of Life

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Your life is full and your work is often stressful. This domain focuses on the elements that improve the quality of your life: including resiliency and preventing burnout, financial health, restoring joy, and achieving a positive work/life balance.

Most Recent Comments

elle belle‍ Thanks for your service!  You are a hero and we very much appreciate what you do!  Best, Holly
I think my positivity is the only reason I can keep moving forward.  I have family and friends that are extremely concerned about me being on the front lines as an ER Nurse.  Keep my eyes looking ahead and don't dwell on the what ifs.
Great stuff! I have been working on being more mindful at work, taking an extra minute to try and connect and stay focused!
It's important to reach out and talk to someone if you feel moral distress.  Whether a colleague or professional.