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Quality of Life

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Your life is full and your work is often stressful. This domain focuses on the elements that improve the quality of your life: including resiliency and preventing burnout, financial health, restoring joy, and achieving a positive work/life balance.

Most Recent Comments

Fancy, graphic calendar now hyperlinked above!
Thanks for the reply Holly :)
NelsonB AlannaRNC ‍ Underneath the verbiage and the little 2019 calendar is the outline of the 2019 calendar and it is correct. We are waiting for our graphics designer to get us the more fancy, graphic calendar and we should have it soon.  Apologies for the delay.
When I click the 2019 challenge calendar link, I am led to the 2018 calendar. Can we have the correct link?
Where is the 2019 calendar? When you click on the 2019 link above, it downloads the 2018 calendar.