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Recent Discussions in Physical Activity

Participating in physical activities has proven to be an effective stress relief method during my time in nursing school. Although finding a balance between academic responsibilities and maintaining my physical fitness has been ...
sebas09 Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@sebas09  great commitment! You've got this!

I have always been very active, however immersion has definitely made it a challenge to workout everyday. Currently, I am in clinical from 9-9:30 3x a week, which it makes it difficult for me to go to the gym on those days. I have been doing ...
Paytonlknight Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Paytonlknight Definitely check out the October Challenge going on now! It could help make a plan for meeting your ...

@Paytonlknight this is awesome

I commit to making physical activity apart of my family's daily routine with activities like taking family walks or playing active games together. 
HCripp Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@HCripp awesome commitment!! I love that's it's good for you and the people who mean the most to you!

Nursing School has been one of the most difficult challenges I have had to overcome in my life. There is a lot of stress from clinicals to high stakes exams and everything in between. This stress will surely not change as I enter the career ...
JacobFroese Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@JacobFroese Great job filling your cup! Also great catch!

I commit to walking my dog as often as I can throughout the week. Sometimes it can be hard with a busy nursing school and clinical schedule. I do feel less stressed after I get some fresh air outside and my dog Cece is always very happy to go. 
argreer Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@argreer A great commitment for you and Cece! 

Nursing school is difficult, and so is making time for yourself and the activities you love. We get so caught up in taking care of other people that we forget about ourselves. I used to love going for hikes, especially with my dog. I love ...
BD778 Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@BD778 great commitment and beautiful pictures (and dog!!)

Nicole Urbina
Go Highlightmakers!!! I love sports and the outdoors! I find so much joy being outside and have really enjoyed being involved in my school's intramural co-ed sports teams. My favorite sport to play at my university is flag football. I ...
Nicole Urbina Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Nicole Urbina
That's awesome that you found such a fun activity with great people! Great commitment and plan!

Kenedee Bryant
I love being outdoors and staying active. However, I tore my ACL in December and got surgery this past summer. Between nursing school, recovery, and other commitments I have not been as active as I would like. My goal is to train for and ...
Kenedee Bryant Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Kenedee Bryant b You've got this!!!

Lindsey Howell
I have always been a fit and active person, but when life gets busy, it is so easy to stray from what I enjoy. Being in nursing school is time consuming and tiresome, which makes the motivation to be active and go to the gym be diminished. But ...
Lindsey Howell Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Lindsey Howell You've got this!! This is a great commitment!

Elissa Elliott
During the summer I got a dog! She is a Belgian Malinois and is extremely active and loves the outdoors. We got into a good routine of going on walks every evening, and it was very beneficial for her and for me. However, I have been slacking ...
Elissa Elliott Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Elissa Elliott You and your beautiful pup will feel and be so much happier when you get back into the swing of it!

Nurses in the Physical Activity Domain

Physical Activity Blogs

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - 10+ Adult Team Sports That Promote Movement And Socialization 4435

When you think of playing a team sport, do you have tunnel vision of your school-age days? Or do you associate organized athletics with cheering for your kids on the sidelines? Just because you’re an adult now doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy the camaraderie and physical benefits that come from team sports.

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - Core Strength: Fundamental For Nurses’ Health 4269

Nursing can have physical demands such as moving equipment, reaching, and hours-upon-hours on your feet. And at the center of it all (pun intended) is your core. 

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - Standing Desks: How Much Of An Impact Do They Have On Sedentary Nursing Jobs? 4052

(Pictured: Roni Adams) Are you among the 1 in 4 American adults who spend more than 8 hours a day sitting? If you have a sedentary or work-from-home job, the answer is probably “yes.” At Humana, many roles work from home, including their large population of nurses. When Joanie Howard, M.Ed., BSN, RN, CMCN, Director of Clinical Strategy & Practice at ...

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - Finding What Moves You: My Journey To Become A Runner 3987

By Alison Cuccia My dad was a runner. He ran cross country in high school and ran throughout his entire adult life. He was the dad who always brought sneakers on our family vacations so that he could sneak in a run here and there. He wasn’t necessarily competitive about it, he just purely enjoyed it.     As a kid this made absolutely no sense ...

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - NHNA's Healthy Nurse Scholarship 5K & Health Fair 2037

Last year was the first year we held NHNA's Healthy Nurse Scholarship 5K & Health Fair.  We had a goal to create a nursing scholarship fund and decided to integrate this goal with our plan to conduct a wellness event as part of our participation in HNHN.  This event was held on September 21, 2017 on the Rivier University campus.  We teamed with the Rivier ...

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