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Recent Discussions in Physical Activity

Elias Grandma
Hello everyone!  As a nurse I walk quickly and busy throughout my day.  I want to use walking to improve my health though.  How long, fast, and frequent should I begin to power walk.  Thank you,  

@Elias Grandma I feel like it will be different for everyone, but check out these articles:

7 Benefits of a 30 Minute ...

@Elias Grandma It varies depending on your goals and starting point but the American Heart Association has some ...

Hi, Is there a #HNHN for those of us with pelotons?  Do we have many nurses participating in HNHN that have Pelotons?  I'm interested in getting some momentum for our Nurses with Peoltons that are in this group! Be well, Amber
Nurseamber Jun '21
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '21
Hi Nurseamber  there is not an official #HNHN  group yet, but we are looking at putting one together! If you're ...
NurseAsh NurseAsh Jun '21

I don't have a Peloton - I have an Echelon - but I use the Peloton app! Add me - NurseAsh83 

Hi Amber,

I would be interested! Let us know if you get any more information on this.

Crystal, MSN, RN

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN
New challenge starts today and is at the perfect time. A 6 month project I've been working on has meant many more hours sitting at my computer and I had no idea the impact of that sedentary change on my physical and psychological health ...
ChristiM ChristiM Jul '21

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN This challenge looks like a lot of fun! I am really excited for the scavenger hunt aspect! ...

ChristiM ChristiM Aug '21

Mrs Sheena, what did you think of the challenge?

I have been a long-time member of ANA-Illinois and Sigma Theta Tau International. During my nursing career (40 years) I have been interested in the science of the mind-body awareness movement. I have studied Yoga Nidra, Reiki, ...
SheilaBurkeDNP Feb '21
ChristiM ChristiM Feb '21
SheilaBurkeDNP ‍ This is amazing!! I love your walking story and feel very inspired! In the past few weeks I've ...
Lavrisha Lavrisha Mar '21
I completely agree that walking with a goal (10,000 steps daily) keeps me motivated and being able to do so in nearby ...

You totally inspired me with your post.  I have just made a goal of walking 10,000 steps  a day.  Am doing my bests but ...

Jes R.
After getting Covid in December 2020 my life has changed, not only my personal life but my work life as an RN. I was diagnosed with two Pulmonary Emboli and post Covid Tachycardia. I had to take a leave of absence from my job because I worked ...
Jes R. Mar '21
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '21
We're pulling for you! Hope you start feeling better soon!! Make sure you keep taking care of you!
Darbs Darbs Mar '21
Hang in there Jes! I see you, and I too had a full cardiac work up post covid! Thankfully, I have a healthy heart! But ...
Hang in there.... Thank you for being such a great nurse!!! We are all behind you...
Charla B Johnson
On January 1, my husband made a declaration that he was going to either run 2 miles every day or bike 10 miles and do a 100 pushups. Recently, he has come face to face with a health crisis which may compromise his love for movement and ...
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '21
Charla B Johnson ‍ I hope your husband's health improves and he can regain some mobility! I love that you are taking ...
I just completed Boot Camp for 8 weeks in  park setting.  Two weeks ago we moved indoors using zoom due to cold weather.  These past weeks have been physically challenging especially with a tear in rotator cuff due to a fall at work.  But ...
Jeanj001 Dec '20
ChristiM ChristiM Dec '20
This is so great Jeanj001 ‍!! I've always done the best with my exercising when I've been in classes. It keeps me from ...
Jeanj001 Jeanj001 Dec '20
Hi ChristiM,

I am like you Christi I do better with class. Doing class via zoom has been great but challenging at ...
The new July  Possibilities Unlimited, powered by Humana  is coming up quick (are you signed up?)! I am so excited to get new tips on how to incorporate more exercise into my day during these "COVID times". I've been trying new You Tube ...
ChristiM Jul '20
During these "COVID times" I have tried very hard to limit my non-work contacts which has given me more free time now ...
ChristiM ChristiM Jul '20
I find waking very relaxing too! I need to get back into it. I live on a busy road so unfortunately I usually have to ...
In my area (and I think in a lot of areas) the gyms are currently closed.  While I hope to get out the local park to walk the trails when I can - what exercises/programs do you recommend from home? I want to keep active!
ChristiM Mar '20
Gyms are closed here, too! I have been YouTubing workouts and just using some 10lb - 12lb weights for some good home ...
I was told yesterday that Peloton is offering a free 90-day subscription on the app. 
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '20
Melissa Vitagliano ‍ I had heard something about that! I looked into it today and it looks like you don't even need ...
I'm so excited for the  Work (Out) From Home  Challenge (to join - click that link!) I can't wait to get the tips for working out from home. Lately I have just been taking walks around my yard and having dance parties with my toddler. How ...
ChristiM May '20
Mostly doing yoga poses, using the tread mill, and walking around our neighborhood while physical distancing of ...
Flynn0523 Flynn0523 May '20
Zoom workouts and a workout app for walking and running outside.
Ms Yvette Ms Yvette May '20
I was walking with my girls in the park for their PE credit, but am now reduced to "Row Row Row your boat" on the rowing ...

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