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Recent Discussions in Quality of Life

Valerie Tiu 112
What kinds of things do people do for vacations to relax? Does anyone find it difficult to relax on vacations? Sometimes when I go on vacations, I worry about my unit hoping that they are staffed well or that they don't have patients that ...
Valerie Tiu Feb '17
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Feb '20
That is great advice ChristiM ‍! I've never thought to go on a vacation for a couple hours. That's really neat. I like ...
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Feb '20
abbyeed ‍ I am right there with you! I need a vacation, but we just can't afford one quite yet. What I try to do in the ...
abbyeed 40465 abbyeed Feb '20
I clicked on  this blog post  and it took me to this discussion! But I really clicked on it because I could use a ...
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN) 6130
Nurse J 44946 Nurse J Feb '20
Thank you for this info. I looked up SilverSneakers and am impressed with what it offers. Until I am eligible to ...
I am 66 years young and qualified for SilverSneakers when I retired last year. I joined the YMCA and curves. My ...
Are you a #HealthyNurse?  Would you like to be highlighted in our next #HealthyNurse Spotlight?  S hare your ...
Valerie Tiu 112
I used to work on a med/surg floor that took care of a lot of older patients who may not have had a lot of family nor did they have a large support system. These patients would end up staying in our care for months or maybe years. We had a ...
Valerie Tiu Jun '17
Sharing and debriefing are definitely essential to healthy coping and helps exponentially when it's a sustained ...
As a hospice nurse, this comes up on nearly a daily basis for us.  Yes, it is the expected outcome of our type of care, ...
Valerie, thank you for being so active on this forum. I believe there are many, like myself, who read your honest ...
DWhiteside 48703
I used to do a guided meditation every night before bed. I have gotten away from that. I purchased a spoonk mat and love it! It is like acupressure. When I lay on that and turn on the guided meditation, I will often times fall asleep. It is ...
DWhiteside ‍  Consider joining our Meditate and Recalibrate Challenge , starting June 8!
Cool, I will check out headspace. Yes the spoonk is awesome. I first saw it on Dr. Oz about 10 years ago. I just got a ...
DWhiteside ‍ I started with Headspace. You can get a free year membership with Headspace through HNHN. Use  this ...
Meltom01 48866
Are there any online gratitude journals that you know of?
Meltom01 ‍ I haven't tried it, but I've heard great things about an app call Presently: A Gratitude Journal. I have a ...
Bev Nerenberg 520
Can you imagine if there were something that could take you from the stress response to the relaxation response easily, effectively and quickly?? There is!! It's called EFT Tapping and my buddy Brad Yates put together a list of 93 ...
The link is still not working on "Tap with Brad"
I think she just forgot to add the ".com". If you click it and add that in before crisis it works. 
The link isn't working.
ChristiM 41790
Who has signed up for Headspace? What do you think of it so far? What are your favorite features?

If you haven't yet, all HNHN members can sign up for a year for free right now! Headspace offers guided mindfulness exercises, assistance ...

ChristiM Apr '20
I have only been using Headspace for about a week, but it's a great app. I love the 10 min meditation sessions. 
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Apr '20
KING ARMAH RN ‍ and EWGlover ‍ what are your favorite features in Headspace?
EWGlover 47427 EWGlover Apr '20
I already use Headspace and love it!  I highly recommend it!  
ChristiM 41790
A new blog was posted that I just love!  Mental Health Help For Nurses  You should definitely take a look! There are a lot of great tips to help de-stress and manage mental health during these difficult times. 

Have you had a chance to ...
ChristiM Apr '20
Thank you, this is a wonderful website!  Stay safe.
Bev Nerenberg 520
 "EFT Tapping" is SO good for self care! It will make you feel better in minutes -- almost hard to believe. So try it for yourself i- tap along with Brad Yates, who posted about 65 tap-a-longs focusing on the debilitating negative ...
Bev Nerenberg Apr '20
ChristiM 41790
What are you doing to keep yourself sane and to take care of yourself right now? Need some tips?
Self-Care For The Caregiver

Self Care - American Psychiatric Nurses Association

ChristiM Mar '20
ChristiM 41790 ChristiM Mar '20
Last night I did face masks with a friend over Zoom. It was very relaxing and so nice to "get together" with someone to ...

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  • 8 Ideas To Make Social Distancing More Social
    8 Ideas To Make Social Distancing More Social
    How long has it been since you hung out with a group of friends? Or hugged someone? Or sat down to eat at a restaurant? When not taking care of patients, you’re probably practicing the government’s recommendation of social distancing. Also called physical distancing, the purpose is to slow the spread of COVID-19. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control ... more
  • Self-Care And The Year Of The Nurse 2020
    Self-Care And The Year Of The Nurse 2020
    This year is special. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared 2020 the “Year of the Nurse and Midwife” in honor of the 200th birthday anniversary of Florence Nightingale. Yes, 2020 is a year of recognition and celebration for nurses, even in the midst of COVID-19. It’s also the perfect time to focus more on self-care and your own health and wellness ... more
  • How To Incorporate Meaningful Nurse Recognition
    How To Incorporate Meaningful Nurse Recognition
    Nurses are the heart of healthcare. While National Nurses Week runs from May 6–12 every year, it’s always a great time to recognize nurse contributions. Studies show that meaningful recognition can renew a nurse’s commitment to their profession. It inspires and motivates nurses to keep giving back to patients and colleagues. It deepens a nurse’s ... more
  • Mental Health Help For Nurses
    Mental Health Help For Nurses
    During this unprecedented time of fear and stress, nurses are at high risk for mental health issues like anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.  Help is available and you are NOT alone. Be proactive. If stress, anxiety, fear, rumination or depressed mood is interfering with your functioning: Contact your organization’s EAP (employee ... more
  • Six Tips For Nurses Coping With The COVID-19 Pandemic
    Six Tips For Nurses Coping With The COVID-19 Pandemic
    Developed by Dr. Bernadette Melnyk and ANA Enterprise’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ If you are feeling anxious and stressed about the COVID-19 pandemic, you are not alone – many nurses are experiencing higher than normal stress and anxiety levels right now. Here are six tips for coping with COVID-19.  Breathe deeply: Take five slow deep breaths ... more

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