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Recent Discussions in Quality of Life

Valerie Tiu
What kinds of things do people do for vacations to relax? Does anyone find it difficult to relax on vacations? Sometimes when I go on vacations, I worry about my unit hoping that they are staffed well or that they don't have patients that ...
Valerie Tiu Feb '17
It is very difficult sometimes to leave work at work espically when we are caring for patients 24/7. One thing I have ...
Hi Valerie,

​You're concern for your workplace, your patients, and your peers are a sincere sign of your ...
Thanks all, great thoughts. My resolution this year is to be more selfish, but it is very hard! I always tell my ...
Valerie Tiu
I used to work on a med/surg floor that took care of a lot of older patients who may not have had a lot of family nor did they have a large support system. These patients would end up staying in our care for months or maybe years. We had a ...
Valerie Tiu Jun '17
This can be so hard as so many patients occupy a special place in our hearts even as we maintain good professional ...
Ellen Martin ‍ I am glad the EAP program was helpful to you. 

Valerie Tiu ‍ The Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing ...
Ellen Martin ‍ I will have to check with the hospital to see if we have something like that. I'm glad it helped you. ...
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation (HNHN)
Have you seen our newest #HealthyNurse Spotlight:   Christian R. Schreckhise​ ? Previously,  Rochelle “Shelly” Anderson-Doyley   Swardiq “Q” Mayanja, RN ,  Daisy Molina, MSN-Ed, RNC-LRN, CLS, CIME ,   Julie David, MSN, ARNP, ...
Way to go Toni! I am always inspired and motivated when I see your yoga and cycling adventures with your friends! ...
Thanks Heidi Rye, BSN, RN ‍!   More indoor yoga and cycling on the way!!
You are awesome Toni L Scott‍!!
Hello,  I am a nursing student in my last semester of school! I am coming up on graduation and stress from taking my NCLEX, starting work etc. I have struggled through school with balancing school and being a mom. I have a two year old now ...
Kassy Mar '22
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '22

@Kassy Definitely give yourself grace! Remember that YOU don't have to do everything. When you need it, ask for ...

Lorena_06 Lorena_06 Mar '22

Kassy, I am also a nursing student and I currently struggle with finding time to exercise or even eat healthy. I ...

It doesn't get easier, so you have to let go of the idea of doing everything perfectly. As a parent, there will be days ...

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN
As we move into April, I am literally counting down the days to my flight to the UK. Nearly 3 years has gone by since I last visited. Instead we have been coming together sort of like the Brady Bunch TV show intro via Zoom for family ...
ChristiM ChristiM Apr '22

I have definitely learned to appreciate being able to go out in public much more. After having my first child, it was ...

Bev Nerenberg
If you haven't tried Tapping yet, I can't recommend it enough. This technique is life-changing! The upcoming 14th Annual Tapping World Summit starts on Monday, Feb. 28th - this is your last chance to register and discover how to use EFT ...
Bev Nerenberg Feb '22
Bev Nerenberg
EFT Tapping is a simple, free tool you can use that can help you shift your emotions, relieve stress, alleviate pain, and so much more. During the free 14th Annual Tapping World Summit the world's top EFT Tapping experts will teach you to ...
Bev Nerenberg Feb '22
Bev Nerenberg
Want free access to 3 Tapping Meditations that can help you relieve stress, release anxiety, and move from anger to peace. Tapping works by sending a calming signal to the amygdala of the brain. You can watch or download these ...
Bev Nerenberg Feb '22
Bev Nerenberg
Do you have any toxic emotions that are holding you back in your life?  Toxic emotions include things like resentment, bitterness, anger, hatred, guilt, shame, and fear... Then I want to share a powerful video with you, the 2nd one ...
Bev Nerenberg Feb '22
Bev Nerenberg
Watch this video from best-selling author Nick Ortner to discover exactly what is happening in your brain right now that is keeping you from creating the life that you want AND how Tapping can help you get past it. No matter what positive ...
Bev Nerenberg Feb '22

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Quality of Life Blogs

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Did you know workplace stress impacts nurses with nearly the same frequency as infectious disease agents, on-the-job falls, and workplace violence combined?  Alleviate your stress by trying out these easy-to-implement strategies shared by Nicole Vienneau, RN and board-certified integrative nurse coach at Blue Monarch.  

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Are You Depressed? Know The Signs 40

Nurses often work in high-stress environments and deal with life and death situations. This makes us almost twice as likely to experience depression as people in other professions. That's why it is important understand the signs and know how to get help. The good news is that since we’re in the health care industry, we have access to the treatment and ...

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How Employers Can Help Keep Nurses Healthy 41

When employers provide the right tools, employees can create and foster healthy habits both at work and at home. Whether an on-site fitness center, weight loss plan reimbursement, or free cancer screenings, wellness perks all contribute to the health and longevity of staff members. Take a peek at what hospitals and other employers nationwide are ...

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Not sure when to get what checked out? Use this blog and resources to help make sure you’re up to date with your preventive care.  

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Not sure when to get what checked out? Use this blog and its resources to help make sure you’re up to date with your preventative care.

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