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Recent Discussions in Quality of Life

Hello all, I am currently back in nursing school to complete my BSN after being in the medical field for more than 20 years. I have come to the realization that I am not as happy as I think I should be with myself. Not sure if its the mental ...
MatildaL Jan '24
ChristiM ChristiM Jan '24

@MatildaL Congratulations on completing school!! I would definitely recommend taking a look through the ...


Hello all, I am currently back in nursing school to complete my BSN after being in the medical field ...

Spending time with those that you love the most is the best way to recharge and unwind. At the beginning of my final nursing semester, I committed to spending one full day away from my computer and just enjoy the people around me. I have ...
lizlemon91 Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

This is an amazing commitment! Keep it up!

Emily Byrnes
I struggle with acne so washing my face is important. However, it has been a blessing because it’s my chance to wash away the day or start the day anew. Having a routine skincare schedule has been a positive way to care for myself. There ...
Emily Byrnes Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Emily Byrnes Great commitment and I love the Tula stuff too!

Sydnie Wooten
It is hard in nursing school to make time for friends and family. When I get overwhelmed, one of the best things I can do for myself is spend some quality time with those who care about me. It gets my mind off of responsibilities and reminds ...
Sydnie Wooten Oct '23
ChristiM ChristiM Oct '23

@Sydnie Wooten I love this! Social connection really makes such a big impact on mental health and, I feel like, ...

Hello Everyone! Bone health is literally the foundation upon which we stand.  I am an orthopaedic nurse and I'm working with a group to investigate if our health practices for our own bone health impact our nursing practice with our ...
Nurseamber May '23
ChristiM ChristiM Jun '23

Thank you for the information Amber!!

Beth B Beth B Jun '23

I need a bone density checkup. Thank you for the reminder!!

Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
The American Nurses Association seeks public comment on the proposed position statement, The Nurse’s Role in Addressing Global Climate Change and Human Health. The deadline for comments is June 5, 2023, at 5 pm ET. Please use this ...
Bev Nerenberg
If you are not familiar with Tapping, it's a very effective healing technique, easy to do and quickly makes you feel better.  Try this 7 min. video tapping along with Brad Yates and you'll see how you feel.
Bev Nerenberg Apr '23

@Bev Nerenberg Thanks for sharing. I love tapping. I've used it several times with co-workers who were felling ...

Lacy Phillips
I am making a promise to myself that as I start my career and enter into the busy schedule, I will set aside time for my friends and family. I promise to keep enjoying life outside of the hospital by visiting friends, traveling, and ...
Lacy Phillips Mar '23
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '23

@Lacy Phillips Great commitment Lacy! Making sure you take good care of yourself is the best thing you can do!

@Lacy Phillips That's right girl. "You do you boo boo" . 

Work can sometimes feel like a major priority and you start ...

There are many times that I do not want to do my skin care. Sometimes I am just really tired and just want to go to sleep. However, I want to commit to completing my skin care routine every night before I go to sleep. I always feel more put ...
catloyd3 Mar '23
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '23

@catloyd3 I agree! Even when I'm exhausted, I do end up feeling better knowing I'm taking care of my skin! (I do have a ...

Olivia Whitfill
I am committing to spending at least two afternoons or evenings a week with people outside of the school or work environment. As an extrovert I find rest by being around friends that support and encourage me. 
Olivia Whitfill Mar '23

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