Safety is very important, especially in the work setting I am in. My commitment to safety is to continue to engage in safe practices at work and to not rush through things that may impact my patients or myself negatively. For example, after giving a SQ injection, I should ensure that the needle is capped and put into the sharps container. 

Added by Jessica Hart Blog Commitment to Safety 12/30/2023

I will become a less distracted driver by NOT texting while I am driving. And not doing any other tasks while driving.  I will either set my phone on do not disturb or put my phone in the back of the car while I drive.  

Added by kiki.zambelli Blog Commitment to Safety 08/26/2021

I have spoken to our union representatives on the lack of small N95 masks, suspension of fit testing with subpar N 95 masks, use of "shared" respirators, and no clear FDA advisement of "cleaning" used  N95 masks for 5 uses.  I have emailed our union legal counsel,  i have asked for cleaned masks, i have purchased my own Honeywell N100 along with several ...

Added by pnorthbrown Blog Commitment to Safety 06/13/2020

Since I am no longer working outside the home, I have been able to keep my house cleaner. I have also been able to enforce washing hands for me and my kids on a regularly basis. 

Added by Kathylarsen3120 Blog Commitment to Safety 03/28/2020

I will commit to increasing my working knowledge of work place violence prevention recommendations from the EPA and actively instill these recomendations into my work place and share this resource with my fellow ASPAN colleagues.

Added by E Card Blog Commitment to Safety 10/19/2019

My goal is to be more present and less distracted while driving!

Added by EMWMenzel Blog Commitment to Safety 10/05/2019

I will use Safe Patient Handling equipment EVERY TIME it is necessary.

Added by hoffjessica Blog Commitment to Safety 10/01/2019

My commitment is focused on sleep hygiene.  I will get no less than 8 hours of sleep every day of the week for 3 months.  My hours will be 9pm to 6am.  I will journal my thoughts, feelings, goals, and ideas along the way.  Any takers? 

Added by Mike Goss Blog Commitment to Safety 04/01/2019

I will slow down and think "is this safe" before starting a task

Added by Shutchison Blog Commitment to Safety 03/22/2019

I commit to not texting while driving.  I will designate someone in my care if available to manage my phone.  I will identify 2 other ways I can improve driving safety in my habits.

Added by qcfirenurse Blog Commitment to Safety 03/13/2019

I commit to save texting until I am at a safe location - not in the car.

Added by DBopp Blog Commitment to Safety 03/08/2019

I resolve to put my phone in an unreachable spot while driving - unless it's my GPS then I have to figure something else out....

I will Turn my phone off wile i drive and cut my binge drinking to zero

Added by jflynt Blog Commitment to Safety 01/30/2019

I commit to not text and drive.  Sometimes I find myself being distracted and thinking that I have to multi task right away even if I am the wheel.  I commit to slow down and think before I pick up my phone to send my "important" text.  Nothing is as important as arriving safely to my destination and not risking anyone else's safety either.

Added by Cathi Champino Blog Commitment to Safety 01/29/2019

I commit to: No texting while driving at all

While I feel that I have good body mechanics when assisting patients, it has been quite a while since I have seen a education opportunity provided to staff at work.  I am committed to approach my director and manager and suggest a few sessions with our physical therapists to review good techniques in transferring patients and caring for our total care and ...

Added by mtngirl1969 Blog Commitment to Safety 01/16/2019

I would like to not be distracted while driving and focus on the road

Added by camille2121 Blog Commitment to Safety 01/11/2019

For the entire year of 2018, I will not text while driving.

Added by Carrie Jeffery Blog Commitment to Safety 12/31/2018

I commit to increasing my awareness to my safety and the safety of my patients and their families.

Added by Deborah Mixon Blog Commitment to Safety 12/31/2018

I won't open a sparkling water can while driving ever this year.

Added by Catherine Lynn Martell Blog Commitment to Safety 12/31/2018

Stop drinking more than 2 alcoholic beverages. 

Added by Pamela Gabbert Blog Commitment to Safety 12/27/2018

Pay full attention while driving!

Added by GoFatima Blog Commitment to Safety 12/27/2018

I will eliminate driving distractions including but not limited to texting, searching for items and managing grandkids. 

Added by Maudie Blog Commitment to Safety 12/26/2018

I make a commitment to not drive while drowsy. I will find a safe spot to pull over, walk around, or rest in the car. I won't resume driving until I am more awake and alert.

Added by Jessica S. Blog Commitment to Safety 12/10/2018

I commit to not driving if I’m tired and not being distracted by text/phone calls. I have placed a do not disturb while driving notification on my phone

Added by Lakisha Bryant Blog Commitment to Safety 12/09/2018

Smoking does distract me when I am driving, this is not only unsafe but not healthy.  In my attempt to wean myself off smoking I will stop smoking while driving!

Added by Irene Brown Blog Commitment to Safety 12/07/2018

I commit to supporting my peers by lifting them up, being present and mindful

Added by Maureen Callahan Blog Commitment to Safety 12/06/2018

I have changed jobs so this area is no longer an issues in my current position.  The incivility was in my previous position

Added by CarlaSW Blog Commitment to Safety 12/03/2018

I will not respond to my phone while driving. This includes text messages or telephone calls.

Added by Deb Haber Blog Commitment to Safety 11/29/2018

I will not respond to my phone or text messages while driving. 

Added by Carollbcraig Blog Commitment to Safety 11/28/2018

I will ask for help more to avoid injury to myself.

Added by Joanne Vogel Blog Commitment to Safety 11/26/2018

Since I spend so much time for work behind the wheel; I won’t try to use phone apps while I drive. If I need assistance from my phone I’ll pull over.

Added by Jo Marie Blog Commitment to Safety 11/21/2018

Educate employer on work place safety. Drivers safety.

Added by QueenCricket Blog Commitment to Safety 11/15/2018

I commit to drink less than what I do right now. Currently, I drink alcohol 1-4 days a week and drink anywhere from 1-7 drinks each time. I want to decrease this to 1-2 days a week and 1-4 cans each time.

Added by SarahCurley Blog Commitment to Safety 11/02/2018

I commit to consciously observing personal safety practices at work, at home, and while travelling.

Added by Prajnaparamita Blog Commitment to Safety 10/17/2018

I just wont do it anymore. I need to put my full attention on the drive.

Added by Kathleen21 Blog Commitment to Safety 10/03/2018

Working through breaks is not helping me or the patient.

Added by Elizabeth Ann Dawson Blog Commitment to Safety 09/29/2018

I'm a millennial, and of course that means I grew up when cell phones were just coming out. I texted in class, on the way home, while using the restroom, you name it. So it inevitably is difficult for me to put the phone down. I have grown up and comfortable with cell phones. Heck, I remember flip phones and blackberries! But this comfortability has allowed me ...

Added by Kiera Blog Commitment to Safety 09/26/2018

I commit to not texting and driving for the full length of my drive

Added by cmitzkat Blog Commitment to Safety 09/04/2018

I commit to not reading or writing texts while driving. I'll pull over to read text that I receive while driving. 

Added by Astrid Blog Commitment to Safety 08/31/2018

After taking this survey I was given a red score for a few areas. One of the areas was related to having verbal aggression towards myself by a professional who was higher than me as well as a patient. Some times in life no matter how much you try to be kind and accommodating someone can still be upset and treat you unkind. For this area I will continue to show ...

Added by M. Parlee Blog Commitment to Safety 08/28/2018

I will no longer use my phone to text, call or for music purposes through the full length of my drives. 

Added by Sabrod Blog Commitment to Safety 08/27/2018
Added by keymon6 Blog Commitment to Safety 08/20/2018

I commit to not texting and driving I commit to wearing sunscreen I commit to taking time for me - for my mental health/safety

Added by Ronda Decker Blog Commitment to Safety 07/20/2018

At work, I will remind myself to ask "why". Too many times, I find myself performing nursing skills simply because they're ordered and I'm not putting together the whole picture. I've never compromised patient safety, but I could be doing more in providing adequate care. 

I commit to active driving and not being distracted by objects or persons in the car with me.

I will continue to follow safety protocols at work and I will stay focused during my driving time.

Added by Katrina Goodrich Blog Commitment to Safety 05/20/2018

I pledge that I will not text and drive.

Be alert and be safe

Added by Mohammad Khan Blog Commitment to Safety 05/16/2018

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I commit to this challenge.
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Even if it is more time consuming or requires grabbing more equipment I have to do it to keep myself injury free.
I will commit to turning off my phone while driving. There are many times that I think it is okay to send a quick reply. This is too dangerous especially when there are other passengers in the vehicle. Safety should be first hand commitment for the safety of myself and passengers alike.
My first goal for Healthy Nurse Healthy Nation.  Time to work on bad habits.