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My Quality of Life Commitment

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Quality of Life Commitments

Most Recent Comments

I have joined a local gym and have committed to go at least 4 times per week
I am committed to recycling! I have never recycled and feel that it will help benefit not only myself but also the future. Making less waste is something easy that I can do if I put my mind to it. This is my goal using SMART I created for myself and as part of my class assignment. I am glad we had this assignment so that I could create an achievable goal and start maki...
I comment to increasing my physical activity.
Let me tell you 1 thing. You are me in my past life and let me tell you another thing. You will not die alone and you will find true love the first love you will experience is to love yourself. Get out of your head, it's a dangerous place. You must unlearn all the negative things you think of yourself and learn to say I LOVE YOU every day you wake up and every night you g...
This one’s for you, Padawan! It’s already evident at work as a couple of nurses have actually told “ you look so much better—you’re smiling, wearing makeup, and look terrific!”