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  • Giveaway Contest To Celebrate ANA Members
    Giveaway Contest To Celebrate ANA Members
    Between now and March 1, 2019, we will be running a contest to  celebrate ANA members who have joined Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation .   Winners will receive one of ten Avantek White Noise Sound Machines. This contest will run in conjunction with our  February Healthy Sleep Challenge . Eligible participants will be automatically entered in the drawing. ... more
  • ANA Member Only White Noise Machine Giveaway Contest
    ANA Member Only White Noise Machine Giveaway Contest
    Official Rules Summary of Contest:  The Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ (HNHN) Grand Challenge  features monthly health challenges to engage nurses and others, including a ten day sleep challenge which will begin on February 25, 2019. ANA will randomly select 10 participants who have joined both the American Nurses Association as a member and HNHN ... more
  • #EndNurseAbuse
    The past few months we have all seen the troubling headlines of nurse abuse. Do something to help end this behavior! Take the #EndNurseAbuse pledge!   more
  • The Importance Of Taking Vacation
    The Importance Of Taking Vacation
    Eight tips to make a restful vacation a reality.    more
  •  Fall Asleep Faster
    Fall Asleep Faster
    Lack of sleep can cause you to make mistakes while at work or in daily life in general. Are you having trouble falling asleep? Try these 12 tips  from Jackie Levin, board-certified holistic nurse and founder of  Leading Edge Nursing .   more
  • The Case For Taking A Break
    The Case For Taking A Break
    Jacklynn Lesniak MS BSN RN NEA-BC, Chief Nursing Officer and the Senior Vice President of Patient Care Services at Cancer Treatment Centers of America ® (CTCA) at Midwestern Regional Medical Center (Midwestern) shares the case for taking a break. CTCA has pioneered innovative practices around nurse rest and rejuvenation and has seen significant results.   more
  • Sick And Tired: The Case For More Sleep
    Sick And Tired: The Case For More Sleep
    Less than a third of nurses get 7-9 hours of the recommended sleep time per night. Demanding schedules contribute challenges to achieving a good night’s sleep, but it's important to recognize why we should make the case for more sleep. Read this blog to understand why. more

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Rest breaks and healthy sleep are not only restorative - but are key to your health and to providing safe patient care. This domain addresses strategies and guidelins for restorative sleep, workplace breaks and napping, and managing shift work.

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Vacation planned for end of August and I can't wait!! I will NOT be checking work emails either. 
I used to konk out and fall asleep before my head hit the pillow, and woke up feeling rushed and uncomfortable. Now I love my bedtime routine which includes asking myself the Four River questions from Angeles Arriens. They help me tie up loose ends and I go to sleep feeling complete: 
1. River of Inspiration . What and/or who inspired you today? In what way or h...
I love this! Another topic I think this should touch upon is being in touch with your feelings and emotions. Sometimes we need breaks because the patients we work with have taken a toll on our emotions. I once had a DNR-CC patient whom we were trying to get to hospice. I worked three days in a row with this patient, their family as well as other patients. On the la...
I agree with this article, when nursing staff does not get enough sleep, that is a patient safety issue. 12 hour shifts are great for nurses who want to have a several days off and get things done, but working multiple days in a row can result in even less sleep for staff. Sometimes even if you are able to sleep more than 8 hours of sleep, after a shift of work, that...
I can't say that I always get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, but I do usually. What I find is that it is not so much of getting to bed on time as it is staying asleep. Working on finding ways to deal with the middle of the night "to do" list review and just using old fashioned relaxation techniques to lull myself back to sleep. I think it is working.