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Recent Discussions in Safety

Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN
Had an important reminder today to make sure that safety gear is still in the car for all eventualities. We have heavy rain turning to snow here in the NE today and I had an early appointment about 25 miles from home so I set off just as it was ...
ChristiM ChristiM Mar '23

@Mrs Sheena D Pracyk, RN Thank you so much for the great reminder and I'm so glad you're safe! I have a big drive coming ...

Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
Hey healthy nurses!  What is your organization, workplace, or school doing to decrease waste and its carbon footprint?  Climate change affects all of us, particularly our physical and mental health.  Learn more here and share about ...
Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
Greetings healthy nurses!   ANA's Monkeypox webpage went live on August 8 providing information for nurses through this evolving public health emergency. 
Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
I got mine back in September, but it's not too late! The seasonal flu can be serious. On average, it can cause millions of illnesses, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands to tens of thousands of deaths from ...
Starting today I will turn my phone off and not be distracted while driving. I know the dangers of this, but find that it is a hard habit to break
Rachel100 Nov '21
ChristiM ChristiM Nov '21

@Rachel100 That's an amazing commitment! Make sure to check out the Commitment page under Take Action to see ...

great choice to commit to. Driving safe is so important. high five for making a great choice. This is why I'm glad ...

Siagian Siagian Dec '21

Thank you for the commitment and reminder. I‘ll put my phone away in my purse and connect to Bluetooth and be hands ...

My daughter lives in Astoria NY I live in Blacksburg Va and work as a nurse in long term care/ skilled rehab. Would it be safe for her to visit me. We both practice over the top safety precautions and awareness. Only going on limited ...
graystheway Jul '20
ChristiM ChristiM Jul '20
I think it would be fine. You both seem to be taking the proper precautions, and as long as she is comfortable with ...
Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN
ANA's own Ruth Francis ‍ will be keynoting at the 2020 ASPHP National SPHM Education Event in San Diego CA.  This event takes place form March 2-5, 2020.  Learn more here  !
ChristiM ChristiM Dec '19
Looks like a great event!
Edmond Bless
We as nurses are the front line, and because of that, we catch all of the patients' complain first hand.  Imagine a lot of them have shared their problems; it will all accumulate in our minds and mix with our own personal battles. What can ...
Edmond Bless Sep '19
StephANNIE StephANNIE Sep '19
Hi Edmund Bless, 

    Yes, I agree we as ‘frontline’ caregivers, we do hear and receive at times resistance from the ...
I have read your response  Miss Stephanie, thank you for your valuable insights. Well Appreciated. 
Surely, I ...
I am curious, I currently work on a cardiac step down unit / medical telemetry and recently have been faced with having to float to ICU. The staff on my unit is being told we would have the easy patients, none of the staff on my unit has had any ...
Whitedm72 Jun '19
I am faced with the same problem now. I work in a hospital with no step-down unit. The floor I work on is the stroke unit ...
rnscholar rnscholar Nov '19
Wow!  That sounds like an uncomfortable situation Whitedm72 ‍ .  Patients are in ICU because they have the very ...
rnscholar rnscholar Nov '19
Sonia Bailey, BSN, RN ‍ I really like your idea of using evidence to make our case.  It is hard to do sometimes, but it ...
wennau wennau Nov '19
I work in a Cardio/Pulmonary unit and we are not required to float to a higher level of care unit, which would be ICU.  ...
Victoria Grimes-Holsinger
Stress is felt but do you know your triggers?

Nurses in the Safety Domain

Safety Blogs

American Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Links and Resources 4728

The American Red Cross collaborates with Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation and the American Nurses Association on many issues that directly affect nurses and public health.  Take time to peruse the below resources that the American Red Cross currently provides on emergency preparedness.

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 04/03/2024
Help protect yourself and your family this holiday season 4615

The following blog is from our colleagues at the CDC

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 11/30/2023
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - Solutions to the Nurse Staffing Crisis 4591

It's challenging to find a nurse who hasn't been impacted by the nurse staffing crisis.  

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 10/23/2023
Capitol Beat Blog Post:  ANA's Position Statement On Climate Change 4533

Reprinted with permission from the American Nurses Association’s Policy and Government Affairs  

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 09/25/2023
Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ Blog - How are vaccine recommendations made? Understand ACIP’s Process For Making Vaccine Recommendations 4522

As we head into another cold and flu season, we’re also gearing up for immunizations — both for ourselves and our patients. As a nurse, you know you need a flu shot every year, but have you ever wondered where updated immunization recommendations come from?

Added by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN Blog Safety 09/13/2023