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Three days of activity each week in the gym or walking/rowing is the commitment I am making. For all those making similar commitments, I wish you much determination and success!

Goal is to train until I can do 6-10 chin ups!

Joined a month long new athlete cohort at our local CrossFit Gym. Really enjoying the community of people and learning things that are little scary- like handstands and Olympic lifts!   All bodies can be strong!!  I'm committed to trying new things and putting in the work to be healthier and more functionally fit.

I plan to elevate my fitness routine since moving from Texas to the DMV. I purchased a Peloton bike yesterday to get moving on a regular basis. I commit to working out before work to prevent excuses after work. 

I want to commit to a healthy lifestyle that includes being active and going to the gym, whether that be weightlifting, cardio, yoga or a little bit of everything!

I plan to commit 45 minutes of my day (4 times a week) to physical activity through variation of exercises. By doing so, this will allow me to focus on different parts of the body and help lead me to a healthier and proactive life. 

I commit to taking 3-4 times a week to get physical exercise whether it is walking, hiking, or running.

Health is about exercise, good food, and relaxation.

I commit to spending at least 30 minutes a day outside, getting fresh air and moving my body (be it by walking, running, or yoga). 

I commit to moving my body 4-5 times a week whether that is lifting weights, pilates, or cardio. 

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@amckaney A new challenge starts next week, the  Mental Well-Being Challenge , and we would love for you to join us! Hope you are having a great start to your year!

VSchweg ‍ I don't know if you saw the recent walking discussion, but there's some great info being shared that could help with your commitment!

@AnnieG2, I struggle with time as well. Commute to work, school, and then life. I bought a Peloton-ish bike this fall and loved riding it and using the Peloton app (which you can purchase independent of the bike itself) love the instructors for classes, so many options!   
I’m right there with you! I finally got so discouraged with beating myself up because I wasn’t exercising or eating the way I wanted to so it became a source of stress. I found a website that offered a way to be more mindful about my nutrition and they offered nutrition coaches and my coach shared an article the other day that focused on planning. It seems like s...
Hi Warren1 ‍ How has your commitment been going? You should check out the upcoming October  Mindful Movement, powered by Humana  Challenge! It will have great tips and motivation to keep us moving this fall! See you around!