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I will drink 3 L of water a day and at least 2 L during my clinical rotations. By the end of any given day I am typically dehydrated so hopefully this will serve as a reminder to drink throughout the day rather than waiting until I am incredibly thirsty. 

Added by Madisen K Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/26/2023

I will drink 2L of water a day and limit my intake of tea/soda to 1-2 times a week. I currently drink very little water, maybe none within a day, and instead live off of caffeine. I commit to drink water and improve my health in this way. 

I commit to take the time out of my day to relax and cook a nutrient dense meal in order to ensure I get the proper nutrition to sustain a health body.

I will commit to eating better by making homemade meals that consists of more vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and proteins. 

My goal is to consume more fruits and vegetables and eat out less than 3 times a week to decrease the amount of fast foods and greasy foods that I consume.  

Added by Ewellz Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/21/2023

I have been in a low/ no carb diet for years now. And it was quick to lose weight and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol all those years I've been doing this diet. But now that I'm in my 40s, I plateaud and my weight has been up and down. I realized that since I was not consuming carbs, my metabolism was compromised. Now I know there should always be a ...

Added by MrsChanRN Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/15/2023

Mindful and healthy eating. 

Added by Ellen Tran Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/06/2023

My goal is to eat 5 servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains per day. I will do this by making a grocery list with these items each week, meal prepping and including these food groups in ways and meals that I enjoy. 

Added by Annika Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/06/2023

I will try to reach a daily intake of 2L of water.

Refined sugar go away. Reducing and limiting intake of those tasty crystals everyones' brain craves 

Added by tcrc Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/31/2022

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Since August I have been committed to eating better and trying to exercise more. I have cut out all processed sugar, cut down on carbs, and have been eating more whole fruits and vegetables. I try not to eat anything processed from a box and have only eaten out twice in 3 months. When we did eat out we consciously made good decisions on our meal choices. When you...
For one of my residency sessions I have a dietitian who does a presentation about di stressing with diet. She identifies simple little habits to increase healthier food and nutrition choices that can ultimately have a positive impact on your stress management and overall health. As nurses we tend to wear our neglect as a badge of honor. Bragging about we w...
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