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Nutrition 4166

I commit to eating better and less fast food.  My goal is to eat more veggies, proteins and fruits daily.  My goal is to decrease sugar and carb intake.  

Added by Sneeley Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/10/2022
Nutrition 4142

Maintain a partial keto nutritional plan.    Meet with dietician once every 2 months over next year.   Lose 10 pounds. 

Added by Beth Good Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/20/2022
Nutrition/Water 4124

I commit to increasing my water intake by 2mL/day, until I reach 64mL/day, starting at 24mL/day.

Added by LaineyRN Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/06/2022
Vegetables And Fruits 4109

I commit to eating 3-4  servings veggies/fruits daily over the next month to improve my overall  eating habits and improve my health. 🥬🥒🫑🥑🍓🫐🍌

Commitment to myself for Whole Nutrition 4096

I have struggled with sticking to my nutrition plan strictly. We did traveling and birthday's in January. I am going to focus on sticking to my 30 day plan to decrease inflammation, increase my energy, balance out my hormones and in turn get clearer skin and feel like crazy from my PMDD. I am committed to feeling  better and being better for me. 

NoAddedSugar 4092

I am committing to make every effort to avoid any and all foods that contain added sugar, in any form. I have already stopped adding salt to my food, and have stuck with that for several months now. Several family members, as well as myself, have hypertension. Diabetes has always been a big fear of mine, even though none of my family members have it; ...

Added by LisaH,RN Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 01/24/2022
my Quality of life 4090

Maintain Healthy Relationships, Get a Good Night's Sleep. Find Meaning in Your Work. Make Time for Leisure

Eat More Vegetables! 4088

This year I am commiting to actually eating the recommended amount of vegetables! By the end of the year I am hoping to have increased my veggie recipe repertoire and actively go to veggies as snacks!

Added by ChristiM Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 01/05/2022
Eat out less 4053

I commit to only eating out for 2 meals a week and will make a point to make healthy choices while out to eat.

Added by Bowlin02 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/04/2021
Nutrition 4031

I challenge myself to continue and to improve my current nutrition status. I have started to eat more vegetables and fruits. I am committed to eating at least 3 meals a days, less snacking, although it's not a bunch of sweets. It is mostly something in the CHO family. I must say that I drink plenty of fluids and is a stickler for staying hydrated. I also have to ...

Added by AnnieG2 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/09/2021
Nutrition 4027

I will have one more piece of fruit each day

More Whole Foods and Water; Less Alcohol 4006

I commit to eating more whole foods, less candy, and drinking more water. I also commit to only drinking 5 or less alcoholic beverages per week.

Added by Haley B. Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/14/2021
Nutrition 4005

I’m committing to less snacks, sugary and processed foods.  I will eat more whole foods to better my health.

Added by PamB Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/12/2021
Committed to my health 4004

I will be committed to being more mindful on my eating habits, tracking accurately on WW and moving my body more.  I will also challenge myself to push harder in activity and exercise because I know I can. 

Added by Rsanchez7 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/09/2021
Alcohol use 4003

I commit to drink wine no more than two times/week for the next month. This feels challenging with the start of school looming. 

MOTTO for health perspective 3944


Added by Kim, RN Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 04/27/2021
Nutrition, Rest, and Physical Activity 3943

I commit to eating healthier, well balanced foods, sleep for 8 or more hours 5 days of the week (at least), and 30 mins or more of moderate-intense physical activity at least 3 days each week. 

resume my diet 3911

I will begin my low FODMAPdiet again. I will find a helpful phone app to help track my daily progress.

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Rest 3909

I will commit to making healthy food choices and not feeling guilty if I slip at time as long as I maintain my goal. I will commit to at least two days of physical activity. I will commit to maintaining at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep on the nights that I am working and at least 7 to 8 when I am off. Commitment to my goal means I can feel physically and mentally well and ...

Added by snodle2 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 02/02/2021
Eating healthier 3903

I will eat fruits, veges and healthy proteins for every meal.  Cut down on red meat.   64 ounces of water a day. 

Healthy Eating 3902

I will add one fruit or vegetable to every meal eaten, and cutback to 2 meals eaten out a week. This includes dinning in or take out.

Added by ardmoses Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 01/18/2021
New Year New You 3899

I am going to RECOMMIT to the practices that I had implemented last March while under the care of a functional medicine doctor (in hindsight it was probably COVID that I had}.  This includes drinking at least half my body weight in ounces of water daily, including a Fat/Fiber/Protein with every meal, reducing (I had completely eliminated these before) ...

Decrease sugar and caffeine in 2021 3896

My goal for 2021 is to decrease sugar and caffeine consumed late in the evening. I have a habit of saving sweets for the end of the day - kind of a reward for myself I suppose, and a penchant for Diet Coke as a thirst quencher. I hope to have a sweet treat earlier in the day where I can enjoy it and be a bit more active after its consumption and eliminate any caffeine ...

Drinking Water 3889

I will try to drink more water at home and when I am at work. I will start with at least 4 glasses of water a day and increase one glass of water a day the following week until I reach my goal of 8 glasses of water a day

Added by Marina J. B Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 12/18/2020
Nutrition 3884

I will eat dinners at home 6 nights a week (no take-out except for once/week).

Nutrition 3880

I will commit to eating healthy for the next 30 days until I get a habit of eating healthy.

Added by Rylee7 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 12/02/2020
Hydration! 3878

I live in a very dry climate and often make it to the end of the day realizing that I didn't get an adequate amount of water intake. I am going to try to drink at least 2 L a day!

Added by Sara P Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/29/2020
Hydration 3877

I struggle with being hydrated and drinking water throughout the day.  It is often a few hours before I realize I have had nothing to drink.  My goal is initially to get 48 oz of water. Vicki

Added by Vicki B Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/28/2020
Healthy Eating 3830

I am committed to sticking to healthy eating! When I eat bad, it drains me for days, and it prevents me from being my best self. 

Stop that Stress-eat! 3873

I am committed to mindful eating. I will listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. I will eat nutritious foods, specifically low-carb meals. I will invest in looking at recipes. Greek and Mediterranean are my favorite so far! I will also have to invest in stress management: Listen to music and try out some dance moves. Meditate Journaling  Arts n crafts

nutrition 3853

I will eat more whole foods less processed foods

Added by gailgreco Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/22/2020
Nutrition 3847

I want to decrease my sugar intake, eat smaller portions, and make healthier choices

Added by Lubner01 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/17/2020
Taking Control 3841

I am committed to eating less sugar, taking the time to eat, eating smaller portions and choosing carbs wisely.

Nutrition 3817

I am committed to focusing on my nutrition to become healthier. This is not only for myself, but for my family as well. 

Added by nurse_mkay Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/17/2020
Physical Activity, Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, and ........... 3813

For the last month I have been slacking on everything!  I have lacked motivation to complete most things! I’ve been dealing with a hip flare up and allowed that to be my excuse to quit being active. Prior to that I was working out at least 30 minutes a day 6-7 days a week.  My nutrition has not been my focus, well actually my focus has not been on me at all.  I need ...

Joining the challenge today! 3800

Hello everyone! Where do I start? LOL! So many things that I need to work on...sleep, physical activity, nutrition, weight loss, anxiety. That's just off the top of my head after a long week. Nursing is my third career; administrative assistant for the government, then a preschool teacher. Many life events led me to nursing and it's my last career! One of ...

Added by StayLynn Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/21/2020
Choosing to cook 3798

Eating out and/or ordering in pizza, Chinese or Mexican food is one of my weaknesses. I want to commit to cooking at least five suppers a week. 

Added by Alasia Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/16/2020
Rest 3792

Rest at least 8 hrs a night, wake up 10 mins earlier every week until up at 5:15 am.

Added by Sarah Cote Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/10/2020
Sweets and treats 3784

I have a major sweet tooth and I would love to stop it before my health gets involved. I would like to still enjoy the snack when I would like, but I think its important to really incorporate more fruits and vegetables in to your diet and  limit those treats to only a couple times a week and not a few times a day.

Added by StacieRN88 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 08/06/2020
Making better food choices 3749

My goal is to improve my overall nutrition and make better food choices daily. It can be very easy and convenient to pull through a drive-thru or grab something quick that may be unhealthier. My goal is to make healthier choices every day, incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet as well as lean proteins and try to limit refined sugars ...

Added by KelseyAF Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 07/10/2020
Staying hydrated 3740

I am going to work on staying hydrated and pack healthy snacks for work so I am not tempted by the vending machines or cafeteria.

Better Food Better Body 3738

I commit to eating a serving of fruits and veggies daily. 

Eating Heathy 3724

I will commit myself to plan my work meals and to take healthy snack to work. And not get home at 8pm and eat a whole meal.  Also to drink 64 oz of water /day

Heathy Food Choices 3706

I commit to eating only when I am hungry;  not because I am bored , anxious, stressed etc. 

Added by Judi S Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/23/2020
back on track 3705

Start with increasing my h20 intake. balancing the meals and following the fast metabolism program again. Was successful with it in the winter. kept of 10 of the 13 pounds I lost.

Added by April4970 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/23/2020
Im commited to lose the extra pounds 3686

I am committing to losing the extra 20 lbs I have put on in the last two years. I am in my mid forties now and the weight seems to add on so easily now but it is such a struggle to lose an ounce of it.

Added by BeckyFern Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/15/2020
Fruits and Vegetables 3677

I will eat the recommended 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Added by DRCRN Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/12/2020
Healthier choices 3675

I will make healthier choices including whole foods and by removing processed foods from my diet. 

Added by cburpee Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 05/11/2020
Commitment as a Healthy Nurse 3665

For the month of May I will commit to HIIT 3x per week, walking 2-3 miles daily, eliminate alcohol, and continue to eliminate refined sugar and processed foods from my diet as I transition to a primarily vegan diet. 

Nutrition 3661

I commit to making sound and healthy food choices throughout the month of May.  I commit to sticking to my strict eating habits, only indulging occasionally and minimally.  I am committing to maintaining healthy eating throughout the summer months, leading to a solid primarily Paleo diet.  

Healthy Foods 3641

I will choose healthy fruits and vegetables over chips and dip.... every day

Added by Joyce55 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 04/01/2020
Nutrition 3635

I have made it a goal to eat healthier while I'm at home more and able to cook instead of grabbing take-out. I also eat more greens and fruits and veggies. 

Nutrition 3624

I will limit myself to one 16 oz drink of pop a day for one month before completely eliminating those extra sugars in my diet. 

Water 3611

I really need to improve my daily water intake as a result improve my digestion.  That is my motivation.

Added by sundown529 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/16/2020
Eat healthier 3607

I want to commit to eat healthier to gain better control of my diabetes and cholesterol but also to feel better overall

Added by DeniseW Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/07/2020
Let's Do It! 3601

I am committing to eating lesser chips and sweets!

Added by MET Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 03/03/2020
Hydrating 3594

I'm making a commitment to drink at least 1.5 L of water each day.

Added by amylseeger Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 02/29/2020
Hydrating! 3592

I am committing to drinking and tracking my water in take for March. I want to drink 80oz of water daily. 

Added by ChristiM Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 02/28/2020
Following a low carb diet 3589

Using carb manager to follow a low carb diet to enhance weight loss

Added by ccampfor3 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 02/25/2020
Nutrition 3580

I commit to eating 2 servings of whole grains, 2 servings of fruits, 3 servings of vegetables, 8 glasses of water and 30 or lesser grams of carbohydrates each day starting today.

Refined sugars and simple carbs 3577

I’m committing to eating less refined sugars and simple carbs and increasing my daily intake of vegetables and fruits

Added by Lys Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 02/11/2020
Track Macros 3568

Track macros. Up protein and limit carb intake.

Added by omellor Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 01/23/2020
Improve nutrition 3564

Decrease fats and increase vegetables and fruits

Added by Donna S. Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 01/10/2020
Healthy Eating 3562

I will decrease the amount I eat out of the home by 2x.

Nutrition 3560

My goal is to eat healthier.  I plan to decrease my carb intake and eat more fruits, vegies and whole grains. The better I eat, the more energy I have and my weight loss goals become more of a reality.

Nutrition Goal 3556

My nutrition goal is to have two servings of whole grains and vegetables every day for the month of January.

Added by mpotoczek Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 12/25/2019
eat more vegetable 3553

I commit to eating 1 more serving of vegetable or fruit per day

Added by LizzyNH Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 12/24/2019
Unprocess my diet 3549

I'm going to commit to unprocessing my diet. I've learned that processed foods make me hungrier for more processed foods. I want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in my diet so I'm going to make the transition slowly.

Added by abbyeed Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 12/16/2019
Nutrition 3518

I ll start my keto plan the 12th.  I ve Lost almost 40 so far . Next goal on the get healthy list is down to onderland ! 

Added by Carelle Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/09/2019
Physical activity 3517

nov 11 I’m ready to move more!

Added by Carelle Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 11/09/2019
health/nutriiton 3505

I plan to eat fried food less starting today

Added by KaitlinD Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/30/2019
Nutrition 3501

I commit to maintaining my current diet change, increasing intake of fruits and vegetables, decreasing processed foods, and reducing the amount I eat out.

Added by lmrowe08 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/29/2019
Change My Diet 3499

I would like to consume less dairy, processed meats and poultry. Consume more fruits vegetables, fish and legumes/nuts. 

Added by Molly2Shoes Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/29/2019
Drinking More Water ! 3494

I want to drink at least 10 8oz glasses  of water through my day

Added by Kaylam2922 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/27/2019
Drink More Water 3492

I want to drink 94 ounces of water (not including tea) per day for 7 days beginning today, with the hopes of improving hydration, energy, and mental alertness. 

Added by Reneehs731 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/25/2019
Fast Food 3491

I will eat fast food less than three times a week for the next five weeks and then I will go down to two times a week for five weeks and then one time a week for five weeks and then every once in a while after that.

Added by ChelseaC Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/25/2019
Smart Goal 3485

As a commitment to a healthier lifestyle I would like to make a commitment that during the next month to increase the amount of water I drink.   I would like to make my Smart goal to start my increase of daily water by 16oz the first week and increasing by 16oz each week.

Added by Shannon0611 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/23/2019
Healthy Eating 3483

I want to reduce carb intake and eat more vegetables, fruit and healthy fats.

Added by DyVa82 Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/22/2019
Nutrition 3481

I want to reduce my intake of refined carbs 

Added by debulon Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/19/2019
Nutrition 3479

I will pursue healthier nutrition options

Added by Mollyv Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/18/2019
Nutrition 3462

Eat more fruits and vegetables- Try to eat a fruit and veggie with each meal.  Eat less white flours- white bread, white pasta and substitute for whole grain 

Added by Kaleigh Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/09/2019
My Commitment 3448

I will be committed to eating healthier for the rest of this year.

Added by lucidzealot Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/05/2019
Eating Out Less 3445

I will work to only eat out once a week. 

Added by mmitchem Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/05/2019
Better eating habits 3438

I am making a commitment to better eating habits including portion control.

Added by Doug Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/03/2019
Nutrition 3430

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in my diet, and less eating out.

Added by kkcips Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 10/01/2019
Wilgeena 3426

This week I will monitor what I eat.  I'm thinking about meal prepping.

Added by Wilgeena Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/30/2019
Going to the next level! 3423

I want to commit to an anti-inflammatory diet due to the aches and pains I have in my joints. This means removing sugar and all processed foods from my diet. 

Added by Scaldwell Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/28/2019
Nutrition Improvement 3420

I want to be better with my nutritional intake because I believe it affects my weight, emotional status, and overall self-esteem.

Added by Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/27/2019
Nutrition 3413

I will improve my food choices and return to eating scheduled meals

Added by Janet Gowan Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Eating Healthier 3410

I will eat more grains and vegetables.

Added by Chi Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Stop Snacking 3409

I will commit to stop eating treats and deserts that people bring into the breakroom.

Added by Unicornland Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Diet 3408

I will continue to celebrate my weight loss (40 pounds since January!) but I need more whole grains in my life!

Added by MicheleW Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Healthy RN For The Future 3407

A healthy nurse for a healthy nation starts with me! 👍🧘‍♀️🥭

Added by lanex joy Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Diet 3406

Though whole grain recommendations are not met on Keto diet; my weight is better managed on it. I commit to sticking to the diet which best matches the lifestyle changes to which I have already committed.

Added by m-says Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
getting healthier 3405

I commit to losing weight, getting off DM medicines and staying healthy to care for and enjoy my granddaughter who will be born next year!

Added by Idalis Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/26/2019
Not skipping meals 3399

I need to eat on a regular timeline and not skip any meals. Snacks will consist of fruits and vegetables.

Added by EFP Blog Community Nutrition Commitments 09/24/2019

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Since August I have been committed to eating better and trying to exercise more. I have cut out all processed sugar, cut down on carbs, and have been eating more whole fruits and vegetables. I try not to eat anything processed from a box and have only eaten out twice in 3 months. When we did eat out we consciously made good decisions on our meal choices. When you...
For one of my residency sessions I have a dietitian who does a presentation about di stressing with diet. She identifies simple little habits to increase healthier food and nutrition choices that can ultimately have a positive impact on your stress management and overall health. As nurses we tend to wear our neglect as a badge of honor. Bragging about we w...
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