Instead of using food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress, I will try to use physical activity

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So enjoy these posts - they have changed my life and have helped me reach my goals 

I commit to eating at least two servings of fruits and vegetables daily. My goal is to increase quality foods and decrease high calorie foods with no nutritional value.

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So, I recently found out I am diabetic. It was very eye opening as this Nurse is about to become the people I care for. i am committed to doing the right thing and getting healthy and following my doctor's recommendations as I want to be healthy for myself and for my children as I am planning on terrorizing them for years to come!

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I am committing to eat a pre-planned (as much as possible) balanced diet. I will return to counting my macros. This works best for me because once I see the numbers on paper, I am more likely to make the healthier choice. My daily intake will include at least 2 full meals. I will limit the consumption of unhealthy snacks. Please send budget friendly recipe ...

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I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. I want to add one fruit and one vegetable to my daily diet . I think I can add one fruit in the morning as a snack and one more vegetable to either my lunch or my dinner. Another option is to add a vegetable as a mid afternoon snack cut that doesn’t sound very appealing! Open to suggestions!

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I commit to making healthier food choices consistently - Balance my macros more. 

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Increase protein, increase vegetables and fruit intake. Decrease carbohydrates especially breads, cookies, pasta and rice

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Love going to starbucks and love ordering iced drinks? There's always an option to go light and sugarfree. They can put splenda instead of syrup! I always try to ask for options too when ordering at restaurants. Like soda and fizz? Opt for diet sodas OR even better- soda water! Your body will thank you for it.

For lunch at work, we have challenged all our team members to eat healthy.   Everyday for lunch, everyone must show their meals. It must be focused on less  carbs, less sugar, less fat, more fiber! And more water!  Movement for nutrition!!! Here we go!

I lost 45lbs during the pandemic with diet alone. Now I am exercising regularly, but my diet has fallen back. Today I am making the commitment to get back on track so the rest of this weight can melt away!

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Just made cream of squash soup and used, fat free coconut milk and "no-salt seasoning" from costco. I blended the softened, boiled squash and it was tasty even without salt. Try it! Yummy and healthy!!

I’ve been going back and forth for months with trying to include more vegetables and healthy choices into my diet but finally decided I needed to make it a more serious commitment. So I joined a “Jumpstart your Health” program this month led by 3 MDs who live and teach a whole food plant based approach to nutrition. Hoping this educational group class and 3 ...

My commitment is to strengthen my immunity by being intentional with food choices, food preparation, and overall gut health. After recently going through 10 days, 10 DAYS!!!! of suffering from the worst gastritis I have ever experienced - I am committed to researching and changing my behavior towards strengthening my gut health. After a month of ...

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I will drink 3 L of water a day and at least 2 L during my clinical rotations. By the end of any given day I am typically dehydrated so hopefully this will serve as a reminder to drink throughout the day rather than waiting until I am incredibly thirsty. 

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I will drink 2L of water a day and limit my intake of tea/soda to 1-2 times a week. I currently drink very little water, maybe none within a day, and instead live off of caffeine. I commit to drink water and improve my health in this way. 

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I commit to take the time out of my day to relax and cook a nutrient dense meal in order to ensure I get the proper nutrition to sustain a health body.

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I will commit to eating better by making homemade meals that consists of more vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and proteins. 

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My goal is to consume more fruits and vegetables and eat out less than 3 times a week to decrease the amount of fast foods and greasy foods that I consume.  

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I have been in a low/ no carb diet for years now. And it was quick to lose weight and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol all those years I've been doing this diet. But now that I'm in my 40s, I plateaud and my weight has been up and down. I realized that since I was not consuming carbs, my metabolism was compromised. Now I know there should always be a ...

Mindful and healthy eating. 

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My goal is to eat 5 servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains per day. I will do this by making a grocery list with these items each week, meal prepping and including these food groups in ways and meals that I enjoy. 

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I will try to reach a daily intake of 2L of water.

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Refined sugar go away. Reducing and limiting intake of those tasty crystals everyones' brain craves 

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I commit to eating better and less fast food.  My goal is to eat more veggies, proteins and fruits daily.  My goal is to decrease sugar and carb intake.  

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Maintain a partial keto nutritional plan.    Meet with dietician once every 2 months over next year.   Lose 10 pounds. 

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I commit to increasing my water intake by 2mL/day, until I reach 64mL/day, starting at 24mL/day.

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I commit to eating 3-4  servings veggies/fruits daily over the next month to improve my overall  eating habits and improve my health. 🥬🥒🫑🥑🍓🫐🍌

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I have struggled with sticking to my nutrition plan strictly. We did traveling and birthday's in January. I am going to focus on sticking to my 30 day plan to decrease inflammation, increase my energy, balance out my hormones and in turn get clearer skin and feel like crazy from my PMDD. I am committed to feeling  better and being better for me. 

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I am committing to make every effort to avoid any and all foods that contain added sugar, in any form. I have already stopped adding salt to my food, and have stuck with that for several months now. Several family members, as well as myself, have hypertension. Diabetes has always been a big fear of mine, even though none of my family members have it; ...

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Maintain Healthy Relationships, Get a Good Night's Sleep. Find Meaning in Your Work. Make Time for Leisure

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This year I am commiting to actually eating the recommended amount of vegetables! By the end of the year I am hoping to have increased my veggie recipe repertoire and actively go to veggies as snacks!

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I commit to only eating out for 2 meals a week and will make a point to make healthy choices while out to eat.

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I challenge myself to continue and to improve my current nutrition status. I have started to eat more vegetables and fruits. I am committed to eating at least 3 meals a days, less snacking, although it's not a bunch of sweets. It is mostly something in the CHO family. I must say that I drink plenty of fluids and is a stickler for staying hydrated. I also have to ...

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I will have one more piece of fruit each day

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I commit to eating more whole foods, less candy, and drinking more water. I also commit to only drinking 5 or less alcoholic beverages per week.

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I’m committing to less snacks, sugary and processed foods.  I will eat more whole foods to better my health.

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I will be committed to being more mindful on my eating habits, tracking accurately on WW and moving my body more.  I will also challenge myself to push harder in activity and exercise because I know I can. 

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I commit to drink wine no more than two times/week for the next month. This feels challenging with the start of school looming. 

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I commit to eating healthier, well balanced foods, sleep for 8 or more hours 5 days of the week (at least), and 30 mins or more of moderate-intense physical activity at least 3 days each week. 

I will begin my low FODMAPdiet again. I will find a helpful phone app to help track my daily progress.

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I will commit to making healthy food choices and not feeling guilty if I slip at time as long as I maintain my goal. I will commit to at least two days of physical activity. I will commit to maintaining at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep on the nights that I am working and at least 7 to 8 when I am off. Commitment to my goal means I can feel physically and mentally well and ...

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I will eat fruits, veges and healthy proteins for every meal.  Cut down on red meat.   64 ounces of water a day. 

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I will add one fruit or vegetable to every meal eaten, and cutback to 2 meals eaten out a week. This includes dinning in or take out.

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I am going to RECOMMIT to the practices that I had implemented last March while under the care of a functional medicine doctor (in hindsight it was probably COVID that I had}.  This includes drinking at least half my body weight in ounces of water daily, including a Fat/Fiber/Protein with every meal, reducing (I had completely eliminated these before) ...

My goal for 2021 is to decrease sugar and caffeine consumed late in the evening. I have a habit of saving sweets for the end of the day - kind of a reward for myself I suppose, and a penchant for Diet Coke as a thirst quencher. I hope to have a sweet treat earlier in the day where I can enjoy it and be a bit more active after its consumption and eliminate any caffeine ...

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I will try to drink more water at home and when I am at work. I will start with at least 4 glasses of water a day and increase one glass of water a day the following week until I reach my goal of 8 glasses of water a day

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My Nutrition Commitment(s)

Instead of using food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress, I will try to use physical activity 4536

Instead of using food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress, I will try to use physical activity

Added by Fawn Personify Blog Commitment to Nutrition 09/26/2023
Life changer 4519

So enjoy these posts - they have changed my life and have helped me reach my goals 

Cut the junk 4512

I commit to eating at least two servings of fruits and vegetables daily. My goal is to increase quality foods and decrease high calorie foods with no nutritional value.

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@heathk4 My family does burritos/bowls frequently. We get the big bag of rice, cans of beans and bulk chicken from Costco. We add some salsa, onion and Greek yogurt ( as sour cream sub). Since we eat it a few times a week and just switch up the seasoning flavors, it's pretty cost effective and hits our macro goals.

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