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Eat More Vegetables! 4088

This year I am commiting to actually eating the recommended amount of vegetables! By the end of the year I am hoping to have increased my veggie recipe repertoire and actively go to veggies as snacks!

Added by ChristiM Blog My Nutrition Commitment 01/05/2022
Eat out less 4053

I commit to only eating out for 2 meals a week and will make a point to make healthy choices while out to eat.

Added by Bowlin02 Blog My Nutrition Commitment 11/04/2021
Nutrition 4031

I challenge myself to continue and to improve my current nutrition status. I have started to eat more vegetables and fruits. I am committed to eating at least 3 meals a days, less snacking, although it's not a bunch of sweets. It is mostly something in the CHO family. I must say that I drink plenty of fluids and is a stickler for staying hydrated. I also have to ...

Added by AnnieG2 Blog My Nutrition Commitment 10/09/2021
Nutrition 4027

I will have one more piece of fruit each day

Added by Mary Lou Howard Blog My Nutrition Commitment 09/19/2021
More Whole Foods and Water; Less Alcohol 4006

I commit to eating more whole foods, less candy, and drinking more water. I also commit to only drinking 5 or less alcoholic beverages per week.

Added by Haley B. Blog My Nutrition Commitment 08/14/2021
Nutrition 4005

I’m committing to less snacks, sugary and processed foods.  I will eat more whole foods to better my health.

Added by PamB Blog My Nutrition Commitment 08/12/2021
Committed to my health 4004

I will be committed to being more mindful on my eating habits, tracking accurately on WW and moving my body more.  I will also challenge myself to push harder in activity and exercise because I know I can. 

Added by Rsanchez7 Blog My Nutrition Commitment 08/09/2021
Alcohol use 4003

I commit to drink wine no more than two times/week for the next month. This feels challenging with the start of school looming. 

Added by Debbi Giossi Blog My Nutrition Commitment 07/31/2021
MOTTO for health perspective 3944


Added by Kim, RN Blog My Nutrition Commitment 04/27/2021
Nutrition, Rest, and Physical Activity 3943

I commit to eating healthier, well balanced foods, sleep for 8 or more hours 5 days of the week (at least), and 30 mins or more of moderate-intense physical activity at least 3 days each week. 

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Since August I have been committed to eating better and trying to exercise more. I have cut out all processed sugar, cut down on carbs, and have been eating more whole fruits and vegetables. I try not to eat anything processed from a box and have only eaten out twice in 3 months. When we did eat out we consciously made good decisions on our meal choices. When you...
For one of my residency sessions I have a dietitian who does a presentation about di stressing with diet. She identifies simple little habits to increase healthier food and nutrition choices that can ultimately have a positive impact on your stress management and overall health. As nurses we tend to wear our neglect as a badge of honor. Bragging about we w...
Rsanchez7 ‍ How has your commitment been going? You should check out the upcoming October  Mindful Movement, powered by Humana  Challenge! It will have great tips and motivation to keep us moving this fall! See you around!
Hi Haley B. ‍ and welcome to the community! You should check out the upcoming  Hydration Challenge ! There will be great tips and motivation to keep us hydrated and healthy! Hope to see you on the message boards!