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Congratulations! You've taken on the challenge to better health by joining us in this movement. Now take it one step further & post a commitment about something you want to improve in your life related to one of our six domains (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, Rest, Safety, Mental Health). Just click on one of the domain buttons & share with us what you are committing to do & why you are motivated to stick to your commitment. Want to challenge others to do the same? Click on the social media icon in your commitment and tag a nurse and us (#healthynurse).

Member Commitments

Commitment to Yoga 4180

I commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of yoga each day for 30 consecutive days. My purpose in doing this challenge is to connect with my mind, body, and soul. My hope is that I fall back in love with being physically active and grounded in my body. I know that in challenging myself to do this I will begin to feel better and better manage my stress levels. 

Finding more Balance 4176

This year I would like to find balance between work and home. I commute for roughly two and a half hours for work 5 days a week and am also trying to do more on my farm and be present for my family. I also am finishing my BSN this year. My goal is to organize my time better so I can get the right amount of sleep so that I can tackle my commitments without feeling drained ...

Nutrition 4166

I commit to eating better and less fast food.  My goal is to eat more veggies, proteins and fruits daily.  My goal is to decrease sugar and carb intake.  

Added by Sneeley
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Being Present 4164

I will commit to being present during interactions with others, not checking my phone during conversations. Eating one meal a day without TV, phone, or reading emails.

Increase Physical Activity 4159

I will be more active during the week, increase exercise time to 30 minutes after work and 2 hours on the weekend. I have gained 20 lbs over the last 6 months. Check how my weight is affected by menopause, assess my hormone imbalance, and increase my exercise, and live a healthier life.

Regular Physical Activity 4153

I'm pushing for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week.

Nutrition 4142

Maintain a partial keto nutritional plan.    Meet with dietician once every 2 months over next year.   Lose 10 pounds. 

Added by Beth Good
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Increase My Physical Activity 4126

I am commited to increasing my physical activity levels. I am not happy with my current physical shape and also need to increase my physical activity to help health related concerns. I will exercise at least 3 times a week, including 20 minutes of aerobic activity. 

Physical Activity 4125

I will commit to going to the gym at least 5 days a week while working as a nurse. I also plan to make healthier food choices while working at the hospital. I will also keep track of my steps on my apple watch.