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Congratulations! You've taken on the challenge to better health. Now take it one step further & post a commitment about something you want to improve in your life. Share your commitment & why you are motivated to stick to it. Take it a step further and include a photo that inspires you! Want to challenge others to do the same? Click on the social media icon in your commitment and tag us and a #healthynurse.

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Instead of using food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress, I will try to use physical activity 4536

Instead of using food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress, I will try to use physical activity

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Blog Commitment to Nutrition
Walking for Wellness 4532

Hello, my name is Rhonda and I'm the CEO and Founder of The Health and Wellness Connection, a consortium of services to help the community, customers, and clients of health with coaching, consulting, and restorative health practices.  My commitment for 30 days will be to Walk for Wellness.  I started out by walking 3 miles in the morning with my husband ...

Life changer 4519

So enjoy these posts - they have changed my life and have helped me reach my goals 

Cut the junk 4512

I commit to eating at least two servings of fruits and vegetables daily. My goal is to increase quality foods and decrease high calorie foods with no nutritional value.

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Blog Commitment to Nutrition
Have a health and wellness goal you are working towards? 4490

I have a health and wellness goal that I am currently working towards. My goal is to prioritize better sleep habits and ensure I get a sufficient amount of quality sleep each night. I have realized the impact that sleep has on my overall well-being, including my energy levels, mood, and cognitive functioning. To achieve this goal, I have committed to ...

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Blog Commitment to Rest
Work-Life Balance 4489

I commit to not working on weekends and prioritizing self-care! 😊

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Blog Commitment to Quality of Life
Physical Activity 4472

I am making a commitment to myself to do at least 30 minutes of pilates and at least 10 minutes of yoga stretching for flexibility and relaxation at least 3 times per week to start.

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Blog Commitment to Physical Activity
Newly Diabetic 4471

So, I recently found out I am diabetic. It was very eye opening as this Nurse is about to become the people I care for. i am committed to doing the right thing and getting healthy and following my doctor's recommendations as I want to be healthy for myself and for my children as I am planning on terrorizing them for years to come!

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Blog Commitment to Nutrition
Physical Activity Commitment 4470

I am committing to working out 4 days a week for a minimum of 45 minutes per session. Workouts will include high intensity interval training, yoga, and taking my dog on walks. Please send all good core exercises my way!!

Added by heathk4
Blog Commitment to Physical Activity
Balanced diet 4469

I am committing to eat a pre-planned (as much as possible) balanced diet. I will return to counting my macros. This works best for me because once I see the numbers on paper, I am more likely to make the healthier choice. My daily intake will include at least 2 full meals. I will limit the consumption of unhealthy snacks. Please send budget friendly recipe ...

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Blog Commitment to Nutrition

1. I will lift weights 2 times per week for 15 minutes.  2. I will practice yoga 1-2 times per week for 15 minutes 3. I will do deep breathing 3-5 times per week. 

Added by T Bird
Blog Commitment to Physical Activity