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Congratulations! You've taken on the challenge to better health. Now take it one step further & post a commitment about something you want to improve in your life. Share your commitment & why you are motivated to stick to it. Take it a step further and include a photo that inspires you! Want to challenge others to do the same? Click on the social media icon in your commitment and tag us and a #healthynurse.

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Committed to increased activity 4281

Three days of activity each week in the gym or walking/rowing is the commitment I am making. For all those making similar commitments, I wish you much determination and success!

Upper body strength training 4229

Goal is to train until I can do 6-10 chin ups!

Commitment to Functional Fitness 4272

Joined a month long new athlete cohort at our local CrossFit Gym. Really enjoying the community of people and learning things that are little scary- like handstands and Olympic lifts!   All bodies can be strong!!  I'm committed to trying new things and putting in the work to be healthier and more functionally fit.

Fitness Commitment 4268

I plan to elevate my fitness routine since moving from Texas to the DMV. I purchased a Peloton bike yesterday to get moving on a regular basis. I commit to working out before work to prevent excuses after work. 

Down Time 4252

After ten years of living on the edge in the fast lane every day, I will commit to feeling ok with a calm mind. My body has reached exhaustion, and I have managed to push past it; with three babies and nursing school, perseverance is all I know. It is now time not to feel guilty when I sit and relax but rather embrace the chaos little children bring and learn all is ...

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Blog Community Rest Commitments
fitness commitment 4251

I want to commit to a healthy lifestyle that includes being active and going to the gym, whether that be weightlifting, cardio, yoga or a little bit of everything!

Rest 4250

I commit to getting 8 hours of sleep 5 days a week.

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Blog Community Rest Commitments
Reading 4249

I commit to reading at least 30 minutes a day to reduce stress and overthinking. 

My Commitment Statement 2022 4247

I plan to commit 45 minutes of my day (4 times a week) to physical activity through variation of exercises. By doing so, this will allow me to focus on different parts of the body and help lead me to a healthier and proactive life. 

Reading 4246

I commit to reading a book for 30 minutes daily to reduce stress and improve my mental health.