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Congratulations! You've taken on the challenge to better health by joining us in this movement. Now take it one step further and post a commitment on this page about something you want to improve in your life related to one of our five domains (Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quality of Life, Rest, Safety). Just click on one of the buttons below and share with us what you are committing to do and why you are motivated to stick to your commitment. Want to challenge others to do the same? Click on the social media icon in your commitment and tag a nurse and us (#healthynurse).

Member Commitments

Eat More Vegetables! 4088

This year I am commiting to actually eating the recommended amount of vegetables! By the end of the year I am hoping to have increased my veggie recipe repertoire and actively go to veggies as snacks!

Added by ChristiM
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Increase Quality of My Life 4066

I commit to increase my quality of life: Declutter my home to make my family's quality of life less stressful. Finding time and energy to cook healthy meals rather than going out to eat.  Take a daily walk.  Read something besides school textbooks daily.  Take a break from school work and studying to get out of the house at least once a week to do ...

Added by AndiRN2B4Me
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Consistent Sleep Schedule 4060

I commit to establishing a consistent sleep schedule where I will be in bed by 10:30 every night for the next 30 days.

Added by ahiggs07
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Eat out less 4053

I commit to only eating out for 2 meals a week and will make a point to make healthy choices while out to eat.

Added by Bowlin02
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Work Out More 4051

I am committing to working out vigorously 4xs/week for 25 minutes/day.  

Added by ReneeW
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Physical Activity 4043

I commit to walking 5x/week for 30+ minutes then increase as my strength increases. All my life I have exercised and stayed active. Menopause hit hard and I have not felt like doing anything for the past 5 years hence gained 25 pounds.

Added by VSchweg
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Rest 4033

I will commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. 

Added by AnnieG2
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Physical Activity 4032

This is a problem for me. Although I am not a lazy person nor am I someone who does not want to exercise, I have no motivation and stick-to-it ness. I will start with a plan that I have come up with, do it one or two days and then no more. Start again and the same thing happens. I NEED MOTIVATION, and do not know how to draw on it from any source. So here I will challenge ...

Added by AnnieG2
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Nutrition 4031

I challenge myself to continue and to improve my current nutrition status. I have started to eat more vegetables and fruits. I am committed to eating at least 3 meals a days, less snacking, although it's not a bunch of sweets. It is mostly something in the CHO family. I must say that I drink plenty of fluids and is a stickler for staying hydrated. I also have to ...

Added by AnnieG2
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3-month End Of Year Activity Level Up! 4030

This weekend marks my 58th birthday and leaves 3 months to the end of 2021. During the pandemic restrictions, I have really missed my external gym / studio class memberships and struggled to stay committed and consistent with home work-out routines on my own.  I am setting the goal to start this weekend with a new activity schedule. I will schedule 3 ...