I commit to rest and recuperate. Nursing school can be very demanding and stressful especially with night clinical. I vow to take one day a week to rest and reset for the coming week. I can watch a movie do some self care and prep meals for the busy week to come. 

Added by Catherine D. Blog Commitment to Rest 03/24/2024

I commit to reading books I enjoy other than only reading nursing textbooks. Often in nursing school I have forgotten to read books I enjoy rather than only reading for school. So I commit to reading one book I enjoy a month at least to give my brain a break. 

Added by Gillian Mascorro Blog Commitment to Rest 03/24/2024

I commit to resting my mind outside of nursing. I am used to reading textbooks frequently for studying but have forgotten about reading for fun. My commitment is to read for enjoyment at least one book a month. This is to give my brain a rest from nursing school and improve my overall mental health. Providing yourself with a mental break is just as important ...

Added by Gillian Mascorro Blog Commitment to Rest 03/24/2024

I commit to taking more time to read and relax before bedtime. Nursing school, my job and my social life have kept me very busy for the last few years, leading me to neglect adequate rest periods. Committing myself to reading more and developing a rest routine before bed will be overall beneficial for my life. 

Added by Brooke O Blog Commitment to Rest 03/19/2024

Like many here, nursing school takes a toll on the amount of rest I get. I am very fortunate to be on a strict 9 hour sleeping schedule, but of course resting is more than just sleeping! Outside of sleeping, I really enjoy reading and cuddling with my dog. At the start of this semester, I set a goal to read at least one book every week. Fortunately for me, my ...

Added by Maci C Blog Commitment to Rest 03/18/2024

Life has been hectic the last few years. My kids are young (6 & 9) but involved in all the sports under the sun. My partner and I both work full-time at the university. For the past three years, we've also been finishing our doctoral degrees together and finally get to walk across the stage in May. With my dissertation finished, I feel weird and almost guilty ...

Added by April Lovett Blog Commitment to Rest 02/20/2024

I commit to trying my best to get at least 6 hours of sleep. With the overstimulation of my phone, TV, and computer I usually try to unwind for bed by reading a book. I am reading through the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, it's enjoyably dense and usually does the trick to calm my brain. 

Added by Teletran1 Blog Commitment to Rest 10/15/2023

I am committed to investing in rest from school. I will do things outside of school that bring me mental rest such as finishing the book series called Red Queen. 

Added by Destiny L. Blog Commitment to Rest 10/15/2023

I am committed to getting 6-8 hours of sleep, since I have been averaging 4-5. 

Added by Kyah Wilson Blog Commitment to Rest 10/14/2023

I commit to resting at least 7-8 hours per night/day so I am well-rested and am able to give excellent patient care for clinical each shift.

Added by andreavazquez6 Blog Commitment to Rest 10/12/2023

I commit to not overworking myself by reserving a set amount of time of the day for a break to reduce mental and physical exhaustion.

Added by Rian R. Blog Commitment to Rest 10/10/2023

I commit to getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night so that I am able to be well-rested for work or my clinical shift the following day. 

Added by Savannah Gilbert Blog Commitment to Rest 10/10/2023

I have a health and wellness goal that I am currently working towards. My goal is to prioritize better sleep habits and ensure I get a sufficient amount of quality sleep each night. I have realized the impact that sleep has on my overall well-being, including my energy levels, mood, and cognitive functioning. To achieve this goal, I have committed to ...

Added by Sandra Torres Blog Commitment to Rest 07/16/2023

I know sleep is the foundation of all physical and mental health. I would even say it is a platform for spiritual health as well, if we count prayer and dreaming as sleep activities.  And I know  people should get 8 hrs or so of sleep ( which i usually do).  However, some of my activities prior to bed time are not allowing me to sleep through the night, ie sipping ...

Added by Nummie Blog Commitment to Rest 05/10/2023

My committement is to work on getting more rest than I'm getting now  

Added by Aimee K. Blog Commitment to Rest 04/09/2023

I commit to getting the necessary 8 hours of sleep each night in order for my mind and body to function properly 

Added by Abby Wilder Blog Commitment to Rest 03/27/2023

I  am committed to rest. I prioritize every aspect of my life over resting so I am committed to getting in bed no later than 10:00pm and taking a glass of water to bed to encourage me to drink more water. I am also committed to turning electronics off 1 hour before I am ready to go to bed which will hopefully improve the quality of my sleep.  

Added by Corinne Dundas Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I am choosing to commit to taking intentional time to rest every day. This time will be purposeful and will allow a daily reset. It could be taking a nap, listening to music, or just sitting in silence!

Added by brookeb224 Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I am committed to letting myself enjoy down time. While being in nursing school the feeling of not being “productive” can feel like I’m being lazy, when in reality I am allowed to have down time and enjoy it.

Added by Bianca Ramirez Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

My commitment is to sleep 8 hours every day. Too many days where I have gone into clinicals or class with 5 or less hours of sleep. I will do this by doing my homework and hanging out with friends and having everything done by 10 PM.

Added by pspismyname Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

My commitment is to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and spend time with the people and things I love to decompress after work. 

Added by Claylin.Carter Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I sleep when I can, nap when I can.

Added by umhb2023 Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I am committing to getting 8 hours of sleep every night by setting screen time limitations on my phone by 10 pm and scheduling downtime on my phone so I do not receive notifications between 10 pm and 7 am.  

Added by audreymos Blog Commitment to Rest 03/24/2023

Will try to target 8 hours of sleep and sleep early. When you have kids and when they're sleep earlier than you do, you kinda want that peace and time for yourself. But I will try to sleep the same time they sleep because when I get more sleep, I have more energy and my day becomes more productive.

Health and wellness cannot be fully realized until we embrace the idea of sleep

Added by Hope for greater health Blog Commitment to Rest 02/24/2023

After ten years of living on the edge in the fast lane every day, I will commit to feeling ok with a calm mind. My body has reached exhaustion, and I have managed to push past it; with three babies and nursing school, perseverance is all I know. It is now time not to feel guilty when I sit and relax but rather embrace the chaos little children bring and learn all is ...

Added by amandatrainer18 Blog Commitment to Rest 09/28/2022

I commit to getting 8 hours of sleep 5 days a week.

Added by Kpbarrera Blog Commitment to Rest 09/28/2022

I commit to leaving my phone off at least 1-2 hours before I fall asleep at night. I tend to scroll through social media, watch Netflix, or call people before I fall asleep. Putting my phone away will allow my body to rest from both blue light and stimulating activities. I will read, pray, or journal instead.

Added by Emily P. Blog Commitment to Rest 09/28/2022

I commit to setting aside time every day for meaningful rest. Not halfway-resting, where I sort-of work and sort-of relax, but even just 30 minutes of genuine relaxation either listening to music, stretching, taking a nap, or reading my Bible. Remembering that my body needs rest to function, and meaningful rest is productive!

Added by Annabelle Blog Commitment to Rest 09/27/2022

I am committing to a better work life balance professionally working on chart/log goals on the go and destressing activities to put my hamster wheel mind at ease in hopes to gain mroe quality time, sleep, and feel more energetic and fulfilled during my workdays of travel and patient and clinician visits. I imagine there are a few out there that can relate ...

I commit to one minute of meditation a day.

Added by Justina W. Blog Commitment to Rest 06/16/2022

I commit to go to bed by 10:30 Pm when I work the next day. And 11:30 Pm when I am off the next day. I will advocate for myself to my family to free me of any responsibilities late at night. I commit to complete simple self care routine before bed. 

Added by HeidiGiamis Blog Commitment to Rest 01/29/2022

I commit to establishing a consistent sleep schedule where I will be in bed by 10:30 every night for the next 30 days.

Added by ahiggs07 Blog Commitment to Rest 11/11/2021

I will commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. 

Added by AnnieG2 Blog Commitment to Rest 10/09/2021

I will develop and practice a sleep schedule that enables openness for healthier emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to improve my overall health

Added by nursehunter Blog Commitment to Rest 07/13/2021

I will increase my average nightly hours of sleep to at least 7 by starting a nightly sleep hygiene routine that will begin one hour before my self assigned bedtime.  

Added by Daphnepon Blog Commitment to Rest 04/12/2021

I will take 15 minutes each day to enjoy quiet meditation.

Added by Annie Stoddard Blog Commitment to Rest 12/02/2020

I wish to get 8 hours of sleep. I have not been able to easily drift into sleep lately. I am a nursing student and still trying to get used to online learning. I could cut down on screen time before bed. I could take a hot shower before bed and sip some tea. My goal is to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5 in the morning!

Added by Aliyah Mohammed Blog Commitment to Rest 11/14/2020

I just started nursing school and this year has not been easy. Sometimes I just end up staying up because after the busy day I wont feel satisfied if I dont get some time to play game or watch tv. I need to sleep and I'll prioritize other things. I commit to put an alarm at 10:00 to do a nighttime routine during the workweek. This way I can sleep better and function ...

Added by ethompsonruelas Blog Commitment to Rest 10/06/2020

I will sleep 7 or more hours daily. I will meditate and do deep breathing at least twice daily.

Added by Ijml1997 Blog Commitment to Rest 07/07/2020

While in school I did not get a lot of sleep, so I never felt fully rested while in class. For work, I strive to get a full night of sleep to provide the best patient care I can. Also so I can feel fresh, and fully rested. 

Added by jesmith8 Blog Commitment to Rest 06/27/2020

I will sleep for 8 hours continuously in every 24 hour period.

Added by Julissa Blog Commitment to Rest 06/22/2020

I am committed to creating a better sleep routine, with a regular wind down and bedtime. 

Added by Margaret C. Blog Commitment to Rest 05/31/2020

I'm pledging to take sleep more seriously. Sounds kind of funny, but I've always had trouble falling and staying asleep. I'm going to begin a nighttime routine where I'm off my phone at least one hour before bedtime, don't eat a big meal anytime close to bedtime and try to get to bed the same time each night for at least a week. 

Added by ErinAsh18 Blog Commitment to Rest 05/26/2020

I am committing to finding a way to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

Added by Meltom01 Blog Commitment to Rest 05/22/2020

I am making a commitment to get at least 7 hours of sleep in every night.

Added by Kathylarsen3120 Blog Commitment to Rest 03/28/2020

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