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Consistent Sleep Schedule 4060

I commit to establishing a consistent sleep schedule where I will be in bed by 10:30 every night for the next 30 days.

Added by ahiggs07 Blog My Rest Commitment 11/11/2021
Rest 4033

I will commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. 

Added by AnnieG2 Blog My Rest Commitment 10/09/2021

I will develop and practice a sleep schedule that enables openness for healthier emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to improve my overall health

Added by nursehunter Blog My Rest Commitment 07/13/2021
Increase rest/sleep 3935

I will increase my average nightly hours of sleep to at least 7 by starting a nightly sleep hygiene routine that will begin one hour before my self assigned bedtime.  

Added by Daphnepon Blog My Rest Commitment 04/12/2021
Meditation 3879

I will take 15 minutes each day to enjoy quiet meditation.

Added by Annie Stoddard Blog My Rest Commitment 12/02/2020
8 hr Sleep 3874

I wish to get 8 hours of sleep. I have not been able to easily drift into sleep lately. I am a nursing student and still trying to get used to online learning. I could cut down on screen time before bed. I could take a hot shower before bed and sip some tea. My goal is to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5 in the morning!

Added by Aliyah Mohammed Blog My Rest Commitment 11/14/2020
I need to sleep better for my health and mental health 3827

I just started nursing school and this year has not been easy. Sometimes I just end up staying up because after the busy day I wont feel satisfied if I dont get some time to play game or watch tv. I need to sleep and I'll prioritize other things. I commit to put an alarm at 10:00 to do a nighttime routine during the workweek. This way I can sleep better and function ...

Added by ethompsonruelas Blog My Rest Commitment 10/06/2020
Rest 3745

I will sleep 7 or more hours daily. I will meditate and do deep breathing at least twice daily.

Added by Ijml1997 Blog My Rest Commitment 07/07/2020
Importance of sleep 3741

While in school I did not get a lot of sleep, so I never felt fully rested while in class. For work, I strive to get a full night of sleep to provide the best patient care I can. Also so I can feel fresh, and fully rested. 

Added by jesmith8 Blog My Rest Commitment 06/27/2020

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I eat at my desk everyday. I am committing to eating away from my desk at least twice a week starting today.
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Keep up the good work!
Margaret C.‍ have you signed up for the June Sleep Challenge?
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