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I have a health and wellness goal that I am currently working towards. My goal is to prioritize better sleep habits and ensure I get a sufficient amount of quality sleep each night. I have realized the impact that sleep has on my overall well-being, including my energy levels, mood, and cognitive functioning. To achieve this goal, I have committed to ...

Added by Sandra Torres Blog Commitment to Rest 07/16/2023

I know sleep is the foundation of all physical and mental health. I would even say it is a platform for spiritual health as well, if we count prayer and dreaming as sleep activities.  And I know  people should get 8 hrs or so of sleep ( which i usually do).  However, some of my activities prior to bed time are not allowing me to sleep through the night, ie sipping ...

Added by Nummie Blog Commitment to Rest 05/10/2023

My committement is to work on getting more rest than I'm getting now  

Added by Aimee K. Blog Commitment to Rest 04/09/2023

I commit to getting the necessary 8 hours of sleep each night in order for my mind and body to function properly 

Added by Abby Wilder Blog Commitment to Rest 03/27/2023

I  am committed to rest. I prioritize every aspect of my life over resting so I am committed to getting in bed no later than 10:00pm and taking a glass of water to bed to encourage me to drink more water. I am also committed to turning electronics off 1 hour before I am ready to go to bed which will hopefully improve the quality of my sleep.  

Added by Corinne Dundas Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I am choosing to commit to taking intentional time to rest every day. This time will be purposeful and will allow a daily reset. It could be taking a nap, listening to music, or just sitting in silence!

Added by brookeb224 Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I am committed to letting myself enjoy down time. While being in nursing school the feeling of not being “productive” can feel like I’m being lazy, when in reality I am allowed to have down time and enjoy it.

Added by Bianca Ramirez Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

My commitment is to sleep 8 hours every day. Too many days where I have gone into clinicals or class with 5 or less hours of sleep. I will do this by doing my homework and hanging out with friends and having everything done by 10 PM.

Added by pspismyname Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

My commitment is to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and spend time with the people and things I love to decompress after work. 

Added by Claylin.Carter Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

I sleep when I can, nap when I can.

Added by umhb2023 Blog Commitment to Rest 03/26/2023

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@Sandra Torres Excellent commitment! You've definitely put in the planning effort! You've got this!!

@LifestyleDesignRN Great suggestions!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Absolutely!! There's a great divide between “knowing” and “doing”. I hear you there for sure. Us nurses pretty much “know” everything. IMO, LOL!! But we're also very human and “doing” is just as difficult for us to do as it is for other humans. I think we are just harder on ourselves about it because we “know” so much. We assume that if we know what we are suppos...

Good Job on your engagement I think this is something I need to do as well > You got this


I eat at my desk everyday. I am committing to eating away from my desk at least twice a week starting today.