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Sleep routine 4099

I commit to go to bed by 10:30 Pm when I work the next day. And 11:30 Pm when I am off the next day. I will advocate for myself to my family to free me of any responsibilities late at night. I commit to complete simple self care routine before bed. 

Added by HeidiGiamis Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/29/2022
Consistent Sleep Schedule 4060

I commit to establishing a consistent sleep schedule where I will be in bed by 10:30 every night for the next 30 days.

Added by ahiggs07 Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/11/2021
Rest 4033

I will commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep at night. 

Added by AnnieG2 Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/09/2021

I will develop and practice a sleep schedule that enables openness for healthier emotions, thoughts, and behaviors to improve my overall health

Added by nursehunter Blog Community Rest Commitments 07/13/2021
Increase rest/sleep 3935

I will increase my average nightly hours of sleep to at least 7 by starting a nightly sleep hygiene routine that will begin one hour before my self assigned bedtime.  

Added by Daphnepon Blog Community Rest Commitments 04/12/2021
Meditation 3879

I will take 15 minutes each day to enjoy quiet meditation.

Added by Annie Stoddard Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/02/2020
8 hr Sleep 3874

I wish to get 8 hours of sleep. I have not been able to easily drift into sleep lately. I am a nursing student and still trying to get used to online learning. I could cut down on screen time before bed. I could take a hot shower before bed and sip some tea. My goal is to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5 in the morning!

Added by Aliyah Mohammed Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/14/2020
I need to sleep better for my health and mental health 3827

I just started nursing school and this year has not been easy. Sometimes I just end up staying up because after the busy day I wont feel satisfied if I dont get some time to play game or watch tv. I need to sleep and I'll prioritize other things. I commit to put an alarm at 10:00 to do a nighttime routine during the workweek. This way I can sleep better and function ...

Added by ethompsonruelas Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/06/2020
Rest 3745

I will sleep 7 or more hours daily. I will meditate and do deep breathing at least twice daily.

Added by Ijml1997 Blog Community Rest Commitments 07/07/2020
Importance of sleep 3741

While in school I did not get a lot of sleep, so I never felt fully rested while in class. For work, I strive to get a full night of sleep to provide the best patient care I can. Also so I can feel fresh, and fully rested. 

Added by jesmith8 Blog Community Rest Commitments 06/27/2020
Prioritizing sleep 3739

I will sleep for 8 hours continuously in every 24 hour period.

Added by Julissa Blog Community Rest Commitments 06/22/2020
Sleep 3713

I am committed to creating a better sleep routine, with a regular wind down and bedtime. 

Added by Margaret C. Blog Community Rest Commitments 05/31/2020
Better Sleep 3710

I'm pledging to take sleep more seriously. Sounds kind of funny, but I've always had trouble falling and staying asleep. I'm going to begin a nighttime routine where I'm off my phone at least one hour before bedtime, don't eat a big meal anytime close to bedtime and try to get to bed the same time each night for at least a week. 

Added by ErinAsh18 Blog Community Rest Commitments 05/26/2020
Sleep 3700

I am committing to finding a way to get 8 hours of sleep each night.

Added by Meltom01 Blog Community Rest Commitments 05/22/2020
Rest 3633

I am making a commitment to get at least 7 hours of sleep in every night.

Added by Kathylarsen3120 Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/28/2020
Good Sleep 3595

I am making a commitment to start a bedtime routine. I am going to turn off electronics at 2145, take a hot shower, and go to bed by 2215 every night so I can get up at 0545 and sleep well.

Added by amylseeger Blog Community Rest Commitments 02/29/2020
REST 3561

I have a busy lifestyle with working 2 jobs, attending sports activities for my sons, working out etc. I need to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep per day.

Added by JamaicanRose Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/06/2020
Sleep/Rest Goal 3555

My smart goal is to go to bed everyday this week by 8:30 pm and wake up at the same time every morning for the month of January. I want to get a full 8 hours of sleep every night for four weeks.

Added by mpotoczek Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/25/2019
sleep 3554

I will turn off TV and electronics at 10 pm to go to sleep

Added by LizzyNH Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/24/2019
Sleep is NOT for the weak! 3506

I plan to sleep 8 hours every night (or day when I work a night shift) to keep my body healthy with sufficient rest.

Added by Regleedeg Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/30/2019
8 hours of sleep 3467

I commit to getting at least 8 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period for the next two weeks

Added by berezhnoyk Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/15/2019
Getting More Rest 3457

I plan to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

Added by Kaylam2922 Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/08/2019
Rest 3456

I commit to getting at least seven hours of sleep at least four times per week. 

Added by mcolravy Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/08/2019
REST 3442

As a nursing student, I find myself not taking the time to care for my mind, body, and spirit. I make too many commitments and spend hours and hours studying and preparing for classes and exams. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted.  As part of the commitment to Healthy Nurses Healthy Nation, I want to take more time to rest and recharge.  My goal is to ...

Added by mirandagoss Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/05/2019
Rest stops 3435

I am going to commit to getting at least 7 hours of sleep/night at least 5 days a week.  

Added by JennyS Blog Community Rest Commitments 10/02/2019
Sleep more 3425

I need to get to bed earlier and stay there more leisurely in the morning.

Added by Cathleen S Blog Community Rest Commitments 09/29/2019
Poor sleep habits 3146

For years I have lived with poor sleep: light sleep, snoring, waking up in the wee hours, sometimes struggling to get to sleep at the beginning of the night. I take herbal supplements to get myself to sleep. I am now using a CPAP machine to address the snoring. I have a night time routine. Still, the best I can manage on most nights is around 6 hours of sound ...

Added by nursegreen11 Blog Community Rest Commitments 08/01/2019
Getting more sleep 3214

I plan to make more time for myself to rest and go to bed at reasonable time- 10:30- 11pm

Added by Sue Zemanek Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/31/2019
I Deserve a Break 3246

I will go to bed when I am tired and try for 7-8 hours of sleep

Added by GAM Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/25/2019
rest 3234

I will go to bed 15 minutes early when I work the next day for the next 3 months 

Added by Shutchison Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/22/2019

I commit to 7 hours of sleep per day! I also would like to limit my naps to 30 minutes or less (3x/week max), as longer naps may disturb my ability to sleep throughout the night.  Ideally, I would like to have a sleep schedule that is consistent Sunday-Saturday, regardless if I'm working in the hospital that day or not (may fluctuate by an hour between bed ...

Added by vadamson Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/19/2019
REST 3173

I will start getting 6-8hrs asleep daily

Added by Spunky Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/05/2019
Rest 3169

I will rest at least 3 nights out of a week versus going some place.

Added by KitKat Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/05/2019
Sleep More Stress Less 3154

I am committing to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.  More sleep = healthier self!

Added by jlhuffman2 Blog Community Rest Commitments 02/26/2019
Bed time 3128

Resolve to get in bed to sleep. Not sleep on the couch.

Added by Orchid lover Blog Community Rest Commitments 02/20/2019
Quality/Quantity of Sleep 3109

I commit to getting atleast 7 hours of quality sleep during the work week and turning off any technology at bedtime to allow my mind to shut off.  If need to winddown, will pick up a book.

Added by Allenkb Blog Community Rest Commitments 02/18/2019
Rest 3097

Im going to try to make it a habit to go to bed earlier every night and increase the amount of hours I sleep at night from 6 to 9 hrs.

Added by Renna08 Blog Community Rest Commitments 02/08/2019
Rest 3086

I will extend my hours of sleep by 1 additional hours-totaling 6 hours a day.  I plan to make these changes by: * dimming the lights 45 minutes prior to sleep *eating dinner before 8pm for proper digestion before sleep * preparing things for the following day in earlier part of the evening to lower stress and increase rest.

Added by HeatherT Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/30/2019
Rest 3075

I promise to get more than 5 hours of sleep per 24 hour period.

Added by D. Newton Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/29/2019
Increase sleep 3067

I am making an asserted effort to increase the amount of sleep that I get on a daily basis to at least 6 hours a day.

Added by PCHAM Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/29/2019
No naps 3055

Take less naps, go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. 

Added by Carson Payne Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/28/2019
REST 3052

I will commit to going to bed at an earlier time, and sleeping for at least 8 hours a night.

Added by Rebecca Jackson Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/27/2019
Taking time to rest 3049

I will prioritize my sleep in order to get the recommended 7-9 hours a night so that I can give my best each day.  This will take better planning and staying on top of assignments so that I can go to sleep and wake up at decent hours.

Added by Taylor DeLucca Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/27/2019
Jenna 3044

I will try to adhere to a better and much needed sleep schedule. Adults need to have at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night. 

Added by Jenna05 Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/26/2019
Sleep time 3042

I will commit to setting a bedtime and sticking to it, so that I can get 7-8 hrs of sleep per night. 

sleep 3036

I commit to getting a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night!

Added by wagnerpartyof4 Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/25/2019
Commitment to rest 3034

I have always been a workaholic and I do an average of 60-70 hours of work every week. I plan to devote balance my time properly  so my body and mind can have adequate rest. #healthynurse

Added by Jeld Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/24/2019
Sleep 3030

As a mom, nursing student, and PCT, there is always something to do before bed.  I would like to work on a better sleep schedule.  Go up to bed at 9pm, read until 10pm, and get up at either 5am or 6am everyday.  

Added by Jennifer K Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/24/2019
Sleep 3027

I will commit to a more regular evening routine and morning wake up routine. 

Added by Kathie Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/24/2019
Sleep 3022

As a college student, it is often hard to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I want to focus on getting to bed between 10-11:30 pm and waking up around 6:30-7 am everyday to establish a normal sleep routine. 

Added by kmart721 Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/23/2019
Increased sleep 3001

I commit to adding one hour of sleep to my life. I will allow a full 6 hours of rest without the feeling of guilt as a start to regaining a healthier me.  Vanessa N.

Added by Vanessa Nunez Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/19/2019
Rest 2986

Working night shift, it is often hard to fall asleep and hard to stay asleep in the morning. I will attempt measures to help me fall asleep faster, and measures that will help me sleep better/longer. Things I can change to help my sleep include: things I eat, activities I do before bed, de-stressing after work, and comfort measures. I can't wait to see if ...

Added by Miranda Burbey Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/16/2019
Sleep 2981

My current sleep patterns are erratic.  I have no difficulty falling asleep, it is a struggle for me to get to bed.  My husband and I enjoy cooking, cleaning, conversation, listening to our adult children's days have gone, etc. which is wonderful but on days that I work, our evening at home often begins at 8pm.  It is not uncommon for us to be walking our dog ...

Added by mtngirl1969 Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/16/2019
REST 2968

I commit to getting better rest and making a regular rest schedule. I plan to go to bed and wake up at a similar time each day and not take naps longer than 1 hour. 

Added by amyaz Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/14/2019
Rest 2967

I never sleep!! In order to provide optimum care for my patients and myself, I commit to getting 6 hours of sleep every night to improve my mood and performance at my job, in school, and in my interactions with others. 

Added by Abbie S. Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/13/2019
Rest 2961

I am going to rest more and let my body have time to slow down when needed 

Rest 2958

My commitment is to get more rest, to be better able to focus on myself, my family, and my career.  

Added by JenRN85 Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/12/2019
less naps 2956

I would like to be more proactive and get more sleep throughout the night so that I do not feel like one the days I am off that I need an afternoon nap.

Added by estapel Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/11/2019
Incorporate More Hours of Rest 2941

Sleep for 7 hours a day. 

Added by Ryan Ha Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/09/2019
Sleeep 2932

I will aim to be in bed by 10pm on my nights off work

Added by MHollis Blog Community Rest Commitments 01/08/2019
Rest 2270

I commit to increasing my bedtime resting period and getting quality sleep/rest.

Added by Deborah Mixon Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/31/2018
Sleep 2892

I would like to improve my sleep to 7 hours per night.

Added by Crashcour Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/31/2018
Sleep 2884

Use aids to sleep on the days when it is hard,  good days sleep means less eating, energy to exercise, clear mind and less irritability. Lost 6 pounds already.

Added by SJerseyRN Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/30/2018
Sleep 2883

Commit to making sleep time a high priority -- in bed, lights out by 11 pm 5 nights a week.

Added by Veggie nut Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/29/2018
Sleep 2874

Screens off by 9:30 p.m.

Added by Chrysanne Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/28/2018
Sleep More 2872

I will be in bed, lights out, for at least 7 hours per night, at least 5 nights per week. And will nap when my granddaughter naps, at least once per week.

Added by Kathie Johnston Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/28/2018
Breaking 2835

Stand from your chair every hour!

Added by GoFatima Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/27/2018
Sleep More 2779

I commit to going to bed earlier to get more sleep!

Added by akm612 Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/18/2018
Sleep 2775

I want to sleep 8 hrs a night.

Added by Juliepta Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/18/2018
Rest 2759

I'm committed to increasing time and quality of rest to more than 4 hours/night and learning relaxation techniques

Added by Bev W Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/17/2018
Rest 2744

Decrease computer time and try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Added by Bruce Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/14/2018
Rest and Improved sleep 2727

I will get to bed ready to sleep by 10:00pm 4 nights a week.

Added by Lisa Pillon Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/13/2018
REST 2675

I commit to working on getting more rest and sleep.  I commit to working on relaxation techniques to improve my quality of sleep.

Added by Tetondiva Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/10/2018
Rest 2667

I commit to making more time for rest which means not over extending myself doing other projects during time I am able to rest

Added by Lakisha Bryant Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/09/2018
Sleep time routine 2665

Commit to a set time to prepare for bed. Preparing for bed entails washing face, brushing teeth, face care, changing clothes and taking insulin and other nighttime meds.

Added by Joanne Hair Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/09/2018
sleep! 2647

I aim to have a more regimented sleep schedule to allow for 7-8 hours of sleep nightly.

Added by LCarqueville Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/06/2018
More zzzzzzs 2646

I will sleep at least 7 hours per night.

Added by KatieB Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/06/2018
Sleep 2637

To be more consistent with 7 hours of sleep every day

Added by Maureen Callahan Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/06/2018
Sleep 2633

sleep - need to get better sleep. 

Added by LollyW Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/06/2018
Rest Commitment 2632

Hello everyone!  I am new to this community and desire to reflect on the upcoming Holiday season and the knowledge that it is okay to "not do it all".  Saying No, staying home occasionally and ensuring adequate rest is healthy and should be acceptable!  I commit to listening to my mind/body/self and knowing that is OK to say no to an event or gathering if I ...

Added by Sami Jo Blog Community Rest Commitments 12/06/2018
Rest 2567

I plan to learn mindfulness in order to sleep better more consistently.

Added by Joanne Vogel Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/26/2018
More Rest 824

I will try to get more rest during my 12 hour shifts.

Added by Peggy Morris Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/25/2018
rest 2562

I plan to get to bed earlier.

Added by Janyce Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/24/2018
sleep goals 2558

I am committing to getting 7-9 hours of sleep a day

Added by Jamess5267 Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/23/2018
Sleep Goals 2555

I plan to sleep 7-9 hours per night on my off days

Added by ebrozowski Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/21/2018
Sleep 2553

I will sleep more

Added by Tim O. Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/21/2018
sleep 2543

Commit to increase sleep to 6-7 hrs per night

Added by Cindi Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/19/2018
Sleep 2508

I will sleep 8hrs/night

Added by Debster75 Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/18/2018
rest 2473

I commit to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep instead of 6 to 7

Added by BETTYH Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/16/2018
Sleep 2453

Increase average sleep time to seven hours per night. 

Added by LBryanRNret Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/14/2018
Rest 2437

Plan to rest 7 hours per night as evidenced through fob bit tracking. The nights I do get 7 hours of sleep I am mentally more alert.

Added by Deborah Brown Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/12/2018
Rest 2433

I need to quit smoking and learn to take more time for me!!!!!!

Added by Cy50schaef Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/11/2018
Re-establishing "Bedtime" 2430

Setting a routine helps me stay on track so with building a better nights sleep I decided on the following: In order to be asleep by 11pm at the latest, my goal is to wrap up my evening routines (taking care of pets, clearing the kitchen & setting dishwasher, wrapping up any emails) by 9pm. That leaves me from 9pm-10pm to fit in some stretches, a shower/bath ...

Sleep 2428

I will aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night by being in the bed by 10pm

Sleep more! 2422

8-9 hours of sleep per night!

Added by ASPINA Blog Community Rest Commitments 11/09/2018

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