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I commit to getting the necessary 8 hours of sleep each night in order for my mind and body to function properly 

Added by Abby Wilder Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/27/2023

I  am committed to rest. I prioritize every aspect of my life over resting so I am committed to getting in bed no later than 10:00pm and taking a glass of water to bed to encourage me to drink more water. I am also committed to turning electronics off 1 hour before I am ready to go to bed which will hopefully improve the quality of my sleep.  

Added by Corinne Dundas Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

I am choosing to commit to taking intentional time to rest every day. This time will be purposeful and will allow a daily reset. It could be taking a nap, listening to music, or just sitting in silence!

Added by brookeb224 Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

I am committed to letting myself enjoy down time. While being in nursing school the feeling of not being “productive” can feel like I’m being lazy, when in reality I am allowed to have down time and enjoy it.

Added by Bianca Ramirez Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

My commitment is to sleep 8 hours every day. Too many days where I have gone into clinicals or class with 5 or less hours of sleep. I will do this by doing my homework and hanging out with friends and having everything done by 10 PM.

Added by pspismyname Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

My commitment is to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and spend time with the people and things I love to decompress after work. 

Added by Claylin.Carter Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

I sleep when I can, nap when I can.

Added by umhb2023 Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/26/2023

I am committing to getting 8 hours of sleep every night by setting screen time limitations on my phone by 10 pm and scheduling downtime on my phone so I do not receive notifications between 10 pm and 7 am.  

Added by audreymos Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/24/2023

Will try to target 8 hours of sleep and sleep early. When you have kids and when they're sleep earlier than you do, you kinda want that peace and time for yourself. But I will try to sleep the same time they sleep because when I get more sleep, I have more energy and my day becomes more productive.

Added by MrsChanRN Blog Community Rest Commitments 03/22/2023

Health and wellness cannot be fully realized until we embrace the idea of sleep

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