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My Rest Commitment

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Rest Commitments

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As full-time nursing faculty at a community college, and adjunct online for an MSN program, sleep is at a premium.  As a post-menopausal late middle-aged person, I have issues with getting to sleep and staying asleep.  My commitment to Sleep Health: Improve Sleep Hygiene. The plan: set timer for herbal tea and reading at night (turning screens off), u...
I commit to walking at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes and engaging in Yoga and stretching exercises on a daily basis for 30 minutes  to promote physical health and wellness.
There was an article posted on our intranet recently about better sleep in healthcare workers. As a nightshifter of 5+ years, this is something I'm always trying to improve. I liked this part about napping, as I usually tell myself naps are OK if I'm tired, without thinking of the effects on my sleep later.

"3. Nap strategically:

If you do shift work or face o...
Taking time to make a hot cup of tea makes me go to the next office to use their microwave. The H2O is refrigerated so it takes 3 minutes to heat it. I visit with the other faculty during this time. This doesn't happen every day d/t my class teaching schedule, but it is something I look forward to.