Commitment to resting my mind

Like many here, nursing school takes a toll on the amount of rest I get. I am very fortunate to be on a strict 9 hour sleeping schedule, but of course resting is more than just sleeping! Outside of sleeping, I really enjoy reading and cuddling with my dog. At the start of this semester, I set a goal to read at least one book every week. Fortunately for me, my golden loves when I read to him. I commit to resting my mind by reading to my boy every night before bed. Enjoy the picture of my sweet boy. b3f112a29552d30657f811b9a4a0942b-huge-im
Blog Commitment to Rest 03/18/2024 4:57pm CDT

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ChristiM ChristiM Mar '24

@Maci C I love this as a commitment!!!


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Commitment to Rest
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