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I feel I was wrongfully overlooked for a promotion and this is upsetting me. I believe this was age discrimination.
My name is Allan and I am a licensed psychiatric Technician of twenty years. I work for a federal funded health clinic in San Francisco that prides itself on equal opportunity employment.
Recently my supervisor (program supervisor) resigned, leaving the position open and I have haven't seen this position posted nor has anyone approached me regarding a promotion. I have been providing nursing care, case management and training to both the HHOME and GTZ programs. I'm am hearing that someone will be promoted to program supervisor and she has less experience and skill set than I. For example, I have been with the company 18 months and she has been with the company only 9 months. I have twenty years' experience as a nurse and she is working first job and cannot perform many of the skills I possess because am licensed and she is just case manager, for example have written the treatment plans for all the clients in both program, I administer medications, provide wound care and psychiatric support for persons with mental illness. I am forty eight years old and she is twenty-three. I have previous supervisory experience approximately 8 - 10 years supervisor experience and she have zero years supervisor experience. She often addresses him as "Boss", this is not his name or title, it is a term of endearment that solicites favoritism and blurring of boundaries in the workplace.
I don't know how else to explain this, if this were equal opportunity employment, then I should qualify based on my skills and competence and not based on favoritism.

I heard the human resources director Fong say "one CM will promote to PS". So I approach the human resources director Fong March 15th at 1550 pm. I s1tated to her.. "Fong, who is the case manager being promoted to Program supervisor? " Fong responded "I don't know, I don't know" . I then stated to Fong "I'm concerned because I feel I should also have a chance to apply for that position ". Fong walked away from me, shaking her head and spoke "I don't know, I don't know " as she continued into the staircase and walked away. I had more to say, but she left the area.
I felt both sad and disappointed because as an employee of SFCHC I should have an equal opportunity work place whereas I am evaluated for my experience and skill set. I feel the HR director should have taken the time to note my concerns, advise me of the company EEO policies, and investigate. An HR director has responsibilities and the actions or inactions can represent the company's commitment towards an equal opportunity employment as a whole.

So now, Its was finally announce that this other person was promoted, I expressed my final argument to the human resources officer because I had report this concern to her months earlier in March, and tba my concerns were for an equal opportunity workplace where an individual can promote based on skill set and experience, not because of age,, popularity or terms of endearments in the workplace. I was clearly qualified for the position, even more qualifies than the person who was appointed . I have given structure to the program, trained staff and developed all of the treatment plans within our program. I covered and provided nursing services to both programs I told her this was not an example of an equal opportunity workplace, that it was an insult to my professional integrity as a nurse of twenty years to be treated like this. The HR officer did not do her job in noting my concerns when brought to her attention, she should have oriented me to the EEO policies and my rights to an equal opportunity workplace.
The behavior demonstrated by my supervisor in recruitment and filling the position was unethical and demonstrated a lack of managerial experience and business integrity. The adverse is the negative impact on the moral of the employee and workplace culture. If I'm offended by this, I'm sure other people in the company are feeling the same way.
I cannot prove their actions were illegal, but they are certainly unethical in how they treat nurses. Please send email to company CEO Lance Toma with subject line justice for Allan.
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Im really sorry Allan. This sounds like a very distressing situation. I don't even want to imagine how it would be to work in that kind of environment. I hope you get the outcome you're looking for. 


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