Improve on the red areas

After taking this survey I was given a red score for a few areas. One of the areas was related to having verbal aggression towards myself by a professional who was higher than me as well as a patient. Some times in life no matter how much you try to be kind and accommodating someone can still be upset and treat you unkind. For this area I will continue to show kindness to those around me.
Another area in which I received a red score was participating in the wellness program that was provided by work. My current physical schedule takes up a lot of time each week so I would reason that I didn't have enough time. I will make a stronger effort to be involved in the work provided wellness program. It may not only build on my exercise regimen but I will also have time outside of work hours to spend with my coworkers.
I feel as though I have a good mindset and attitude when it comes to safety at work, however, sometimes I do lift/move patients in a way that is probably not the safest. I will make the commitment from here on out to always lift/move patients in the safest way possible not only for my patients but myself as well.
As I can see from this survey, there is always room for improvement. I commit to making improvements in the areas that scored below goal and continue to strive for a healthy work and home life.
Blog Commitment to Safety 08/28/2018 9:31am CDT

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