My commitment to mental health and personal well-being

Nursing school often causes a lot of stress for me and raises my anxiety , and with being in school many years I can sometimes feel unmotivated and often burnt out . I tend to forget to take time for myself to relax and do things I  enjoy which I feel contributes to feeling stressed or anxious. I commit to prioritizing my mental health by taking at least one day a week to meet my friends for coffee before we go on an evening walk , and to spend time with my man who is also my best friend. 
Blog Commitment to Mental Health 03/24/2024 10:26pm CDT

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ChristiM ChristiM Mar '24

@Alex44 I would recommend scheduling either a specific time each week to make sure you're taking care of yourself or set a goal for how many times to get out and do something you enjoy a month!


Commitment to Mental Health
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Commitment to Mental Health