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I have been dealing with depression with SI for 20+ years.  I love to read and sew, I must push myself to do something I enjoy hand stitching like appliqueing with wool. I also journal and write letters to family and friends.  I never send the letters, I either keep them or burn them.  For those that are dealing with depression how do you deal with the bad days?
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Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing @Rhonda Warner . I'm in the same boat with dealing with depression and anxiety since I was in my teens. My mom would always say I was “moody”. ? Thankfully as an adult, I've learned that my “moodiness” is ok and isolating into myself is also ok. 

I've also realized that the weather, sun specifically, is a real aid for my depression. I actually moved to San Diego right out of nursing school because it was a place I knew I wanted to live since getting out of high school and since I had the career that allowed it, I was off. Stayed for 10 years. Now that I'm back in Oregon, I have my SAD lamp. It actually works. I highly recommend one if you have any chance of possibly having “seasonal affect disorder”. 

I got sober before moving back to Oregon because I knew that the weather was already going to be against me and my depression that I sure didn't need my binge drinking and poor copping self medicating alcoholism to add to it. That has been a TREMENDOUS game changer. Wasn't and isn't easy, but its possible. 6 years sober and county- One Day At A Time. So AA meetings, finding my spiritual emotional sobriety has been key along with the serenity prayer. 

Yes, I use prescription medication, more than one, but its not always enough. Life is still hard and things can get overwhelming. So I allow myself to just stop. Stop trying to get things done and stop showing up for other people. If I'm really struggling, like thinking I might drink, I contact a friend. Go visit them in person. Most of the time, just lowering my expectations and taking away the self induced pressure of performing for the world is really all it takes. Time and self compassion….. I deserve it. We all deserve it. 


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