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Most Recent Comments

This is amazing! I love their opportunities and events they are putting on for their students! FAU sounds like an incredible school!
WAY TO GO UMMC!!!!!!! :)
Thank you, Jenell! We loved having you join us. Yes, next year we plan on getting our zen on to start the day! Namaste. :-)
The MNA conference last week was great, the fruit bars were delicious! Hearing that morning yoga is on the radar for next year is quite exciting! I will definitely plan to be in attendance again next year! 
Wow! Thank you for this post; I honestly knew very little about the INCA. I could relate to so much of the feedback that was expressed! I certainly believe that we can be fully authentic with patients by modeling the behaviors that we want to encourage. For me, the ability to be authentic with patients reduces the tension between their starting point and the...