Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - Champion Spotlight Series - ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee 4163

Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™ - Champion Spotlight Series - ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee

Committee encourages employees to take advantage of available wellness opportunities

We are pleased to shine the spotlight on the ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee.

The committee is made up of 14 members with one common goal: The well-being of their colleagues. Each of them attends monthly meetings with an open mind and heart — and a willingness to contribute and share. The result is an array of wellness opportunities that positively impact the lives of ANA Enterprise employees. 

The group works closely with Angela Martin in the Human Resources department to bring many engaging and relevant wellness initiatives to ANA Enterprise. The committee is also fortunate to have great involvement from its Executive Sponsor, Cheryl Peterson, who is VP of Nursing Programs at ANA.

Partnerships with Cigna, Fitbit and Calm provide ANA nurse and nurse advocate employees with opportunities to engage in wellness initiatives on an ongoing basis.  Collectively, these are valuable initiatives that ANA offers to promote self-care as nurses care for so many others. 

Data from the organization’s Wellness Interest Survey helps the committee identify wellness topics, challenges, and incentives that interest employees. Committee members also have their “hearts to the ground” and act as “pulse checks” on how their colleagues are doing.

“We think creatively in our approach to wellness trends that could benefit people as a whole,” says Danielle McClain (pictured above left), Magnet Program Specialist and chair of the ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee. “Many of our ANA Enterprise colleagues are full of information, skills, and talents just waiting to be shared.”

All members are encouraged to contribute their input and insights to help create programs that benefit employees.

38b21d634f4983403e44e21f04353279-huge-ka“We’ve organized yoga sessions, a documentary screening and discussion, and even a beading party utilizing our internal talent,” says Danielle. “It’s great to see the people you work with thrive in other areas and share their talents to benefit others.”

Something For Everyone
Over the past year, the ANA Enterprise Wellness Committee has hosted the following activities and opportunities for employees:
  • Discussion on Quarantine Fatigue: Coping with Burnout from speaker Dr. Clifton
  • Men’s health virtual cooking event and virtual walks
  • Mental health awareness activities including beading, chair yoga, mandala, and Finding a Safe Harbor workshops
  • Onsite flu shot clinic held in October 2021
  • Support for the Heart Health Walk through t-shirts for participants, meals, and resistance band raffle items
  • Video promoting self-care activities shared in the HR newsletter
  • Wellbox Mailing that included a message from the Wellness Committee and available Cigna resources to support a healthy lifestyle

This is a small sampling of what the wellness committee has done over the past year. They also produce internal Weekly Wellness Wednesday posts with encouraging messages, exercises, recipes, and the opportunity for everyone to share with one another.

Always Looking Ahead
Beyond 2021, the committee continues to make more wellness opportunities available to employees. This year’s efforts include a:
  • 2022 Awesome You Wellness Challenge with a focus on heart healthy activity and nutrition
  • 2nd Annual Virtual Heart Walk
  • Power of Self-Compassion webinar (in partnership with Human Resources and Marino Wellness)
  • Virtual Chef Demo (in partnership with Human Resources and Marino Wellness)
  • Wellness Wheel initiative: A long-term wellness plan to help employees keep the various wellness dimensions top of mind

It’s clear the wellness committee is dedicated to overall well-being. This is true not just through what they offer employees, but what the group promotes at its own meetings. The committee begins each monthly meeting with wellness moments that range from breathing exercises to quick stretches or moments of gratitude.

“We encourage everyone to incorporate wellness moments into their team agendas and daily life,” says Danielle. “We hope employees know they can reach out to us with questions, suggestions, and the opportunity to join the committee.”

What does your organization do to promote nurse well-being? Share with us in comments below.

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