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HNHN is excited to recognize Florida Atlantic University (FAU) as an outstanding partner, particularly highlighting the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing.  HNHN recently had the opportunity to speak with Rhonda Goodman, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC, AHN-BC, FAANP, Associate Professor, Family Nurse Practitioner, FNSA Faculty Consultant, about how FAU’s students improve their health and wellness while meeting the rigorous demands of nursing school.
Sharing HNHN

FAU joined HNHN as a Champion partner.  Through mass emails and campus website, the college of nursing shares HNHN and its offerings.  Dr. Goodman emphasizes that additional engaged partners on campus are crucial for HNHN to be successful on campus.  These partners include:  local chapters of the National Student Nurses’ Association, Sigma Theta Tau (STTI), and the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA); nurse clubs like Nurses Advocating for Peace & Safety and Nurses Christian Fellowship; psychiatric nurse practitioner program faculty; nutritionist and nursing faculty member-Dr. Gropper, their learning management website, and of course, the student body.

Stressing Less
Nursing school is a confluence of awesome responsibility, constant learning, new experiences, and impending deadlines which all translate into major stress.  Engaging stress relief is a must and FAU excels here.  For example, before nursing finals, the college of nursing offers stress reducing events that include aromatherapy, pet therapy dogs, hand massages, and healing touch modalities.  Each semester, there are co-events with STTI and AHNA-member faculty that teach stress reduction techniques.  Dr. Goodman states that the most popular offerings are those that involve pet therapy dogs and food!  For good measure, FAU has a meditation room and plays relaxing music in their hallways.

Merging Physical Activity with Quality of Life
Since this public university has several campuses on the southeastern coastline of Florida, outdoor recreation is always popular.  In fact, FAU has an outdoor labyrinth for both students and faculty to walk for quiet reflection.  Yoga, Tai Chi, and Reiki are offered in an on-site studio.  Their study abroad program in Guatemala has some very physically active components, such as hiking volcanoes.  Charity walks are sponsored as well.

Access to Healthy Food
Some FAU students are homeless and/or food-insecure, so a food bank is available.  The food court offers plenty of nutritious options including a juice and salad bar.  Professors often provide bins of high protein snacks outside of their offices to enhance the mental focus and acuity of students.  Comfort food, with a nod to wellness, such as vegetarian pizza is often served to nourish the body but also the soul! 

Safety First
Every year they have a Healthy Owl (their mascot) Fair.  Free flu shots, birth control advice, BP screenings, and more are offered.  Security is a priority, so at the fair, whistles are given out and campus security measures are reinforced such as bright light stations, escorts, active shooter drills,  exit awareness, assignment of emergency protocol duties, and being proactive about who is in or on campus buildings and grounds.  Of course, FAU is a smoke-free campus. 

Mental Health is a Priority
Psychiatric services include a university mental health survey and an on-line class to identify depression and other disorders.  Faculty encourage student to take both of these, often awarding extra credit for doing so.  There is assistance available on appropriate ways to assist struggling classmates and grief/bereavement in case of an unexpected death.  Professors have an open door policy and in cases of emergency, deadlines can be flexible

FAU is a leader in novel nursing student wellness activities.  What unique opportunities does your university, college, or school of nursing offer?  Tell us in this discussion.

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Posted by Holly E Carpenter, RN, BSN on Mar 18, 2020 2:40 PM America/Chicago

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This is amazing! I love their opportunities and events they are putting on for their students! FAU sounds like an incredible school!
  • Posted Thu 19 Mar 2020 01:32 PM CDT

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